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Okna Windows Reviews And Prices

Okna Windows Reviews

Okna Windows sits at the very top of the rather large vinyl window industry as a whole, along with Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Anlin, Polaris, and ProVia. The fact that Okna is often mentioned in this very top tier is impressive given that fact that there are nearly one thousand vinyl window manufacturers in the United States. Okna offers some nice vinyl windows with a wood grain look and consumers would do well to take a look at these. Scroll down or click to start reading our Okna Windows reviews.

Overall Rating: Okna Windows gets a 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 118 consumer reviews below.

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Okna 800 Series Rank: 1st or 2nd
(Amongst All Vinyl Windows)

Okna Windows And Doors

The company manufactures 6 (main) window models, which include their 400 Precision Weld, 500 Insul-Tec, 600 Eco Pro, 700 Casements, 800 Enviro-Star, 900 Starmark, and Elegante patio doors. This is quite an impressive lineup. The company offers two basic packages, their Standard and their Deluxe (DX). The Deluxe is an upgraded glass and performance package that will improve the overall energy efficiency of the window - and you can expect to add $50 per window for this upgrade.

The Okna 500 series, along with the 600 and 800 series, are by far the company's most popular window series. In fact, if someone asked me - what is the best vinyl window on the market, I would answer the 800 EnviroStar DX. However, all of their selections are top performers, and this statement is backed up by impressive performance data/

"Okna's 4 most popular series (by far) are the 500 Insul-Tec, 600 Eco-Pro, 800 Envirostar, and the Starmark composite. These account for 90% of their business and consumers will usually get the best pricing on these models."

Okna Windows Warranty

Okna's company warranty is one of the strongest in the business. It covers the window for the life of the owner and is completely transferable to another homeowner. It's a single page warranty that you can actually read, instead of the some 3 page tiny print warranty that looks like its written by a team of lawyers and full of confusing language.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: April 11, 2024

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400 Series Reviews

The 400 series is one of the best entry level windows on the market. With the Deluxe package, you get a U-value of 0.28, AI of 0.05, and SHGC of 0.30. The Okna 400 uses a thinner extrusion than the 500, but is is still very solid for a vinyl window. The 400 has a couple of other differences in the weatherstripping, color options, and a utility groove that doesn't exist in the 500. The 400 feels a little less substantial when held up side by side against the 500 and 800, but it's still a great window. I would give the Okna 400 Series a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Okna vs Apex Insignia

Dane, what brand do you like better - Apex Energy or Okna. I know you like okna after reading your page on Okna windows reviews, haha. Price quotes are about the same for each of them. It came out to $1K per window...still waiting on the Okna 600 bid.

Frank - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Frank, for me, Okna is the much better window/brand over the Apex Insignia. Apex is not bad in any way though, but that $1K plus per window price quote is steep. Let's see how the Okna bid comes in though before we talk about what is expensive and what is reasonable. Okna is the way to go though is the price is right...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Okna 400 vs 800 Series

Dane, thanks for all the great information you have put out there, I had Anderson & Window nation come out and give me some high prices with the “if you act now I can do this price for you” gimmick and spent hours at my house.

I had a local company in my town come out and give me a price, he was there about 1 hour, went over everything, no this price is only good till I walk out the door games…..They have been in business for about 50 years and are in my town. They are offering OKNA 400 and 800 series, $100 a window more for the 800 series. I have 5 Bedroom windows, 1 full bath window tempered glass, 1 ½ bath window, 1 picture window with a window on each side.

Total of 10 windows, for ONKA 800 Series Deluxe for just under $8100 installed w/ capping, for the 400 series Precision weld deluxe was just under $7100. I know prices have been crazy, just wanted to get an idea if this seems like a good deal. For reading your reviews it seems that the 800 is a good solid window. I live in NJ shore area.

Thanks in advance!

CW - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

CW, the Okna 800 is probably one of the top three windows in the business. I would spend the extra $1000 for the 800 if you plan to be in the home long term, say 8 years as an over under. It's a fair price given the circumstances. The only other bid I would suggest getting is one from an Ideal window dealer. They are made in NJ and the Platinum 3000 and Majestic are both excellent windows.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Okna 400 Window Review

I live in an oceanside coop apartment. I understand that there is wood underneath the replacement windows, and that the wood can sometimes be rotted. There has been rain intrusion around the old windows.

I wanted the company to provide me with a maximum cost per window group (there's one triple, two twins, the rest are singles) for replacing the wood frame, The main office said that it would cost no more than $50 per window set. But the sales agent refuses to set a price for any "change order". I don't like that, because I would be a captive audience and would have to pay whatever the installer wanted me to pay.

I would like to hear your thoughts. (The only reason I am interested in this company is that their price is good.)

Here's a copy of the related email conversation..

Ellen - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ellen, no company would put a cost cap on what they can’t see because if there is extensive damage beneath and inside the existing window they are contractually bound to do work that they didn’t bid on. At the end of the day, you want to find a company with a stellar reputation — if they sell the Okna 400 (a good vinyl window) and they have good to great online reviews, that’s all you can do. You’ve made it clear to them that you don’t want to pay overages, so they know this…however, you want to make sure that if there is anything like rot inside the wall that you get it cleared up now as opposed to later when the damage could be worse and cost you even more money.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Okna 400 Window Bids

Hi Dane, I stumbled upon your site while researching windows and the quotes I have received. I’ve decided on the Okna installer, but wanted to gauge the pricing.

Background on the home. House was built in 1939 and has the original metal windows and metal frames (seemingly steel). We have been told the install will require frame build out due to the old metal framing that will be completely removed. The install is for 20 windows: 11 single double hung, 3 twin double hung, and one triple (two double hung and center picture window). Full colonial grids. White/White.

One Triple: 110x63 (two single double hung, picture window in middle)
One Twin: 68x56
Two Twins: 60x47
Two Singles: 57x33
Nine Singles: 47x30
400 Deluxe Low-E at $14,610

Bobby - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Bobby, the bid isn't bad, but it's also for the 400 model. The Okna 400 is their entry level window, still a good window, but did you get pricing on their 500 series? This is a much better window in my opinion. I think you should get a couple additional bids to see how this pricing compares. Also, a lower bid may help if you want the Okna dealer to lower their price by asking him to match the lower cost bid.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna 400 Series Windows In D.C.

Hi Tim, I was delighted to see your website and all of your Okna windows reviews as I am mulling over purchasing replacement windows.

I live in a 1938 colonial in Wash., DC w very drafty original Windows. This is my question, and I wonder if you'll even respond to it: if you were to choose, with which dealer would you go?

Bette - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Hi Bette, the Okna 500, 600, and 800 series are all fantastic models. The 800 series is the best in the business. These guys are pretty expensive though — they have lots of business, have a great reputation, and stand behind their work. So definitely get a bid here to at least know the high end of the vinyl window market.That’s the only specific company I know in D.C.

If this were my house, I would google “Sunrise windows in Washington D.C.” and see what local companies come up in my search. You can also search on the Sunrise windows website using your zip code to see the closest dealers. I would repeat this for the following brands (in addition to Okna and Sunrise): Soft-Lite, Polaris, Kensington, Vytex, and Zen. These are all first tier vinyl window brands (Zen sells Soft-Lite windows).

Second tier brands you might want to consider include Simonton, Ply Gem, and Wincore. Get three or four quotes and then go over all your options. Feel free to send me your price quotes and I’m happy to let you know what sounds like the best deal.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2020

[Bette's Reply]

Well, Tim, I doubted that you'd even respond, but, not only did you do so, but within an hour no less.

Thank you for your response. I confess that I've never heard of Okna, but shall check that out. I confess I don't want expensive, however. I got a quote from Andersen a few years ago for $36,000 for my 1900 SF house, which I thought was preposterous. Never pursued this again until now.

I read that Windows on "Washington" actually does not serve Washington DC? Has this changed yet?

Bette - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Bette, contact Okna and see if they have a dealer who does service the D.C. area.

But if you are looking for a lower priced alternative, they might not be your best bet, although their entry level 400 series is still a pretty good option. Simonton makes a decent mid range window in their Reflections series.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna 400 Review

Hi Dane, I got a quote from Okna dealer. $11200 for 1 slider door, 1 bow (5 windows) and 11 slider windows. These are all foam filled and triple pane. Among these 11 original Windows, 1 is single casement. rest are all 2 casement with a picture window in the middle. Some are pretty wide. thus he suggest to use slider since double hung will looks strange on some of the wide windows. it is a old brick house with metal frame around it. My house is close to a train station. He also said laminated option will be $250 more per window.

Wonder if this is a fair price? I live in long island not sure if local price is higher than national average.

Thanks so much

Ming - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

I'm going to assume the slider is $2K and the bow is $2.5K, which makes the breakdown for the 11 windows $558. That's a very good price for an Okna 400 window—for the triple pane and foam fill, that's a great price!

In terms of noise reduction, I'm not sure that a laminated glass for $250 per window makes a lot of sense. The biggest factor in noise reduction is the amount of space between the panes of glass. I would think that the triple pane would go a long way towards this. You may want to ask the Okna dealer about different glass thickness between the panes. Using panes of glass that have different thicknesses will reduce different sound frequencies. Also ask if the company sells an NRG or noise reducing glass that isn't a laminated, but will help with the sound.

To be honest, a good Okna window is probably all you need for noise reduction (from a sensible cost perspective). You should probably think about air-sealing your walls, this can make a huge difference. I would get a few estimates on this and get their opinions on how to best reduce the noise.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

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Okna Windows vs Simonton

I need 10 sliders and 5 sliding patio doors. I have narrowed down my bids to two: Sunrise standard windows and Simonton ProFinish Doors. The other option is the Okna 400 series and SoftLite Doors This process has been mind boggling and I'm spinning at the quotes and different options.

Nan - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Nan, I like both these options to tell you the truth. I think I would do the Okna route with the Soft-Lite doors. I like Sunrise windows, but the Soft-Lite door is better in my opinion over the Simonton ProFinish door.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna 400 vs. Simonton 6100

Recently bought a townhouse that needs to facelift, especially the windows. Home Depot gave us a quote on the Simonton 6100 window. For 12 windows it would be $7,500. I live in New Jersey and was wondering if you have any suggestions on this bid, or any others.


Karen - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Karen, the Simonton 6100 is decent, but the bid is pretty high at $625 per window.

Since you are in New Jersey, you should be able to access a bid on Okna windows, which are a full step up from what you have. Also Ideal makes a good premium window in the Majestic series that might be about that same price. However, you would be getting a MUCH better window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Okna 400 Bid In Wisconsin

Dan - I'm interested in pocket replacement windows for 7 of my home's slider windows and the Okna 400 series appeal to me as a good choice. However, how do I locate a dealer in my area of FondduLac, Wisconsin or nearby area who would come to my home for a quote. Any assistance in this matter would be appreciated.

Dick. - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dick, this company looks like it sells windows. I know nothing about them but certainly call them up and get a quote, then make sure they have good reviews!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Okna 400 Windows Reviews

I got quotes from a dealer for both the 400 Precision Weld and the Gorell 5100. I need 4 sliders, 3 of them large ones, and 6 double hungs. The Oknas would be $5750. The Gorells are $5950. The dealer said the Oknas are better, but the price difference is mainly because their sliders are less expensive. My question is, if price is ignored, which is better in quality? Are the prices reasonable, or should I look at something else?

Mary - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

Gorell is a good window, but Oknas are better. They're just a higher class window. The pricing for the Oknas is great, you'll have decent energy efficiency too. If you're install is good, then you won't really do any better than these.

Holland - Contractor - from 2011

[2nd Response]

Okna... although the Gorell is also good. The only thing I'd recommend is looking at the Okna 500s. They're a little more expensive, but not much, and they are a better product. I work with both of these windows, and I have to say the Okna is better all around. There's nothing wrong with Gorell, they just aren't at the same level as the Oknas. That price quote for either one is really good.

John - Installer - from 2011

Okna 400 vs 500 Series

Hi Dane, I am looking to install the OKNA windows and have requested the installer in my area about the 500 series. He told me the 500 is not used for replacement windows but for new construction. Yet I see from a number of reviews this is not so. They only carry the 400 and can obtain the 800 but they informed me there is minimal difference.

From what I read I feel like u am not being provided full disclosure. How do I find an installer who carries the 500 series. I live in Easton PA. Kind regards.

Ann - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Ann, when it comes to the Okna 400 vs 500, there is quite a difference in quality. The Okna 500 Series or Insul Tec is listed right on their website under replacement windows so unless something has changed with their line up that I am unaware of, I don't what he's talking about. Yes, something seems a bit off about the person you are working with.

I tried to contact Okna, but I couldn't get an actual person on the phone to see if anything has changed. I would suggest filling in your information on their website and see what they come back with in terms of installers in your area. I would also suggest getting a couple of additional bids, Sunrise and Soft-Lite should be in your area.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

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Okna 500 Insul-Tec Series

The 500 series (also known as the Insul-tec) is used as a replacement window, but sometimes is seen in new construction as well, with a nailing fin or a flange and J-channel. The efficiency numbers are a little better than the 400, with a U-value of 0.25, AI 0.02, SHGC 0.28, and DP50.

In addition, it has some upgraded features. The sill wall is improved and it comes with a Duralite spacer. The 500 series is an excellent vinyl window that is certainly a window I would have in my own home.

The Okna 500 series differs from the upgraded Okna 800 series in the following ways. The 500 gets a .02 AI (the 800 gets a .01), the 500 does not have a magnetic seal along the bottom of its lower sash (the 800 does), the 500 uses a vinyl lift rail (the 800 uses a metal lift rail), the 500 does not allow consumers to upgrade to a brass or nickel harware (the 800 does), and finally the 500 offers only internal grids (the 800 offers SDL).
I would give the Okna 500 Series a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Okna vs Vytex

I have two bids from good local installers with good reputations. I have 31 double hungs, 2 fixed, and 1 radius window. After reading your extensive Okna windows reviews on your website I feel like I already know the answer.

Vinylmax Newton: $30.5K
Okna 500: $27.5K

Marcus - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Marcus, the Okna-500 is the better window over the Newton. They are close, but because the Okna-500 is less expensive, this is the option I would go with myself. Vinylmax Windows Reviews

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

Okna Windows Reviews

Hi Dane, could you please send me your recommended list of windows? I am located in Point Pleasant, NJ and I need to replace all original builder grade windows (plus sliding patio door) and I have two quotes at this time (Window World of Jersey Coast who proposed their 4000 series, and All County Exteriors who proposed OKNA 500 series). Pricing looks like $27k for Window World and $34k for All County Exteriors/OKNA. Both quotes are for new construction style windows.

Anthony - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Anthony, no problem, here is my list. The Okna 500 is the better window and deal between those two. The upgrade of $7K is worth the cost, but that is assuming your timeline in the home is over say 10 years. If it's under that, then the Window World makes more sense from a return on investment perspective.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

500 Series Windows Cost

Hi Dane, because of the lead time with the windows and not wanting to replace them in the winter, we delayed the window project until now. We were deciding between the Marvins and Okna 500 Insultec and think we've decided on the Okna because the installer - who we got from Okna office in PA - can install them to have the least glass loss for vinyl windows. That was our biggest concern because many vinyl windows you'd lose about 4" of glass. Obviously fiberglass is the least, but we just can't justify the $55k+ price. The Okna also does have a better rating than the Marvins.

We got a quote from Ace Home Improvements in Manalapan, NJ (originally known as Ace Aluminum), siding and windows is their business. They actually install both Marvin and Oknas and told us everyone gets their Marvins from the same distributor so that's why everyone's price is about the same. Wondered if you could give your thoughts. My feeling to his quote is that because we know how much Marvins are, this price seems great... but could we get them a lot cheaper? Total of 36 windows when you include the 4 basement hoppers. $36,400 for the following:

28 DH500 Deluxe Double hung
2 half rounds
2 triple Casement (larger in kitchen, smaller in master bathroom)
1 Okna Elegante sliding patio (includes footlock and Merit hardware- weren't given choice or options)

Plus an option for a PROVIA single entryway door - half lite with outside grids $2990

Your insight is appreciated! Again love your website, it has been such a great source of information.

Thanks again.

Susan - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Susan, The Okna 500 is the winner in my book over the Marvin Infinity. Okna is just a better and less expensive window in my opinion. You really can't do much better...

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Okna 500 Windows Reviews

I have 2 quotes I'm considering. Willing to try to get Okna price down if you think it's worth it.

Quote is for 10 double hung windows with full screens; 1 window with obscure glass in lower sash. I'm located in central NJ.

Okna 500 Insul-Tec $7,000
Zen Nirvana $6380

I got several other bids but they were all over $8,000 so I'm not even considering them. Thanks for your help.

Francelia - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Francelia, the Okna 500 is the much better window over the Zen Nirvana, or really the Softlie Classic series. No harm in asking for the okna rep to match the zen quote but there is more value in the okna quote even with the current price difference.

One bid you might want to check is with an Ideal Window local company. They are NJ based and basically on par with okna. A good price on the Okna though…and a great window. I would definitely recommend reading our Okna windows reviews for additional consumer opinions.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

[Francelia's Reply]

Hi Dane, could you please send me your good and great windows list. Trying to determine the best windows for our project and there are just so many options. I live in central NJ and am looking to replace 10 double hungs. Considering the Okna 500 and the Soft-Lite Classic. Thank you.

Francelia - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Francelia, the Okna 500 is the much better window over the Zen Nirvana, or really the Softlie Classic series. No harm in asking for the okna rep to match the zen quote but there is more value in the okna quote even with the current price difference.

One bid you might want to check is with an Ideal Window local company. They are NJ based and basically on par with okna. A good price on the Okna though...and a great window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

[Francelia's Reply]

Dane, I contacted Ideal and their quote was for $8000. So I didn't list them in my first email. Thanks for your help. The information provided by your website is invaluable, especially your Okna windows reviews and for someone who knows nothing about replacement windows.

Francelia - Homeowner - from 2021

Okna vs ProVia Windows

Hi guys, I decided on my contractor and he is a dealer of both Okna and ProVia products. For a full frame out install (removing the siding) I have the option of either Okna 550 DX or ProVia Endure. Price is just about the same for either. Which one is best? Thanks.

Bobby - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bobby, both are excellent windows. When it comes to Okna Windows vs ProVia, I would probably choose the Okna over the ProVia only because Okna has been making windows longer. ProVia makes outstanding doors and they have transitioned nicely into the window space, but they are still considered a newcomer...I would ask the contractor what he prefers to install as well, but my choice would probably be the Okna.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Are Okna Windows Good?

Hello Dane, I stumbled upon your reviews and find them helpful. A window dealer that I approached deals in OKNA windows, which seem to be getting good reviews. Here's my issue: I have huge windows to replace. 107x66 and 88x66. Both will have sliders, a stationary window in the middle, and internal grids.

I am extremely concerned about strength and integrity issues with such large windows, and with the idea of vinyl in general. The dealer does not seem concerned. He even said fiberglass is not as strong because it can't be welded, but is screwed instead. That info seems contrary to what I have read about fiberglass. I am aware that OKNA has only vinyl and composite windows, no fiberglass, and wondered if he made that remark fairly, or bc of what he can offer.

He gave me a 500 series catalogue, not mentioning the 600 series. I just see there is a 600 series by exploring the internet. It sounds to me the 600 is stronger. He didn't think composite was necessary for the cost involved. I don't have a definite quote yet, but it sounds like it will be in the range of $3,300 for the two windows, 500 series.

I would like to hear your thoughts.

Also, when I looked at their performance ratings, ie, U-value, (not sure what SHGC,VT,CR mean) etc, they all state, "without grids". Will internal grids affect performance?

The price I stated should be retracted. I think that in includes some sill repair, etc. I will be ironing out the price next week with a customer service employee. What in your opinion is a fair price for straightforward window installation? Per each window 500, and 600 series?

Thanks again.

Lucy - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Lucy, if the span is 107, and you have three Okna windows across the space, you will be fine. Okna windows are going to be some of the strongest in the industry. While it's true that fiberglass is stronger, today's vinyl is super strong. Now, that's not to say that you can't have bowing over time across a large span if you used a poorly made vinyl window. But the fact that you are breaking up the span with multiple windows and using a very well made vinyl window would put my mind at ease.

The 600 window, I'm almost positive, uses the same frame as the 500. It's features, options, and upgrades are where it makes for the better option over the 500. In your case, I would think the 500 series would be a top choice.

Internal grids will have little affect on energy efficiency. Grids will help your numbers a small amount, especially internal grids. I would look at grids as a decorative choice, more than an energy efficiency one.

In terms of price, I can't say whether this is a decent price, escpeailly if you have sill work to do. Large, custom windows can generate all sorts of price bids. Getting a few more bids would be the best way to see how the Okna bid compares.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna 500 In Raleigh NC

Hello there. I just stumbled upon your website as I am looking to find out how okna Windows rate. I do not know yet whether it's a series 500 or what it will be but the installation company in Raleigh NC does not come up as one of the install dealers you have rated. I'd like to ask you if you have ever heard of Westshore in Raleigh North Carolina and if so, what do you think about this company? Thank you so much in advance.

Trip - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Trip, I don’t know anything about Westshore in Raleigh North Carolina. They seem to get good google reviews from what I’ve seen, but I would certainly do a search on “Westshore Raleigh North Carolina reviews” if I were you to double check their reputation.

Okna is a great vinyl window manufacturer and the 500 series is one of their best. Certainly a window I would have in my home.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna 500DX Windows Reviews

Hi Dane- well, the circus continues :).

My Soft-Lite guy backed out because he was too busy. So, I was fortunate enough to find another one in the area and I was also able to find an Okna dealer. Here are my final 4 that I'm considering:

Universal Plus $12,750
Okna 500DX $13,288
Soft-Lite PRO $13,400
Soft-Lite IMP $14,400

I think I will be able to get the Soft-Lite and Okna quotes down a little but not anything appreciable (maybe a couple hundred). I don't know how the Oknas factor into this so I'm wondering if you still think the Imperial is the way to go? Would you rate the Oknas over the PRO? I noticed that Oknas uses a Duralite warm edge spacer vs the Soft-Lite utilizing the super spacer - is that a big difference?


Andy - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Bummer on the Soft-Lite dealer, but kudos for finding an Okna dealer.

This would be my list in order. I love the 500DX, excellent window. I would rate it over the Soft-Lite Pro. The Imperial LS is more on par with the Okna 500 DX, although I might give the nod to the Imperial LS. Both of excellent windows, two of the very best. For me it would come down to the company doing the work and their reputation, ratings, etc.

1. Okna 500DX
2. Soft-Lite IMP
3. Soft-Lite PRO
4. Universal Plus

Virtually no difference in the spacer. Both are excellent.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna Insul-Tec Price

I've narrowed my choices to 2 -either pocket replacement using the Okna Insul-Tec series or do a full replacement using a Great Lakes ecoSmart series. We have 13 windows to replace -- 8 measure 55x69, there is one half moon arch, plus 2 patio sliding doors. I'm worried about water damage over the years.

EcoSmart Price: $27,300

Insul-Tec Price: $24,300


Chris - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Chris, pocket replacement and full frame have good points and bad points. In your case, I'd say the Great Lakes ecoSmart is perhaps the better of the two options. I really like the ecoSmart and the full frame installation allows you to insure that no water damage has occurred to your walls. It also saves you some glass area.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Okna 500 Windows Do-It-Yourself

Hello, I'm trying to find a dealer to get a quote to buy Okna 500 series windows in Harford county md. I called them up and they sent me the service dealers phone number. I called the dealer and they said the will not sell the windows unless I pay to have them installed. Do you know where I can buy these windows and install myself?


Pete - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Pete, yes, this can be tricky to find manufacturers or dealers who will sell you windows for you to do the install themselves. Having said that, I recently talked to someone who found a couple of good manufacturers who sold them the windows for self-installation-- I just can't remember who!

Okay, cut to 30 minutes later, I found the email. It was Okna and Sunrise that sold to this person...ironic, since the Okna dealer won't sell to you. That's the problem, it's sort of dealer specific when it comes to these things. I'd check Polaris, they might sell a ThermalWeld or UltraWeld to you.

Basically, I'd google all the top brands listed in our top windows page and see if any companies or dealers exist in your area. Google "Sunrise windows in [city, state]" and this should bring up any companies who use these windows. Call them up and ask, If they don't, ask them if they know of any dealers who might sell you the window.

You could also buy an Andersen 100 or 400 window from Home Depot -- these are pretty darn good windows that you can obviously do the install yourself.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Okna Window Ratings

Hi Dane, thank you so much for you reply and advice. I will definitely go with Oknas. I did wonder how they improved the window so much but then the Harvey Tributes claim .05 so it didn’t appear out of line.

Our home has a pretty good year-round southern exposure. One option based on a tip I read for the “budget minded” tip is to install triple panes on the south side and the 1 window on the west side where the sun sets which tends to be brighter too and to go with doubles on the north side. That would be 11 TPs and 9 DPs which would save $855.

Would a 0.10 difference (.43/.38 VLT for Okna TPs with no grid/grids vs Okna .53/.47for DPs) be noticeable? My reasoning is that the north side gets almost no direct sun (we also have some trees shading the northeast side of the house) so the higher VLT would be good whereas the sunnier south could afford the lower light pass through. But I know that in the Northeast we want a higher SHGC in the winter. Would .25 SHGC for TP w/grids be good or would the DPs still offer best balance for summer reflection and winter gain?

If you think I am overthinking this please don’t be afraid to tell me :-)

Best regards,

Bob - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bob, yes your reasoning is sound. Would you notice the difference in the visible transmittance? Side by side you would but probably not stand alone. I like your thinking and you should run the idea by the Okna rep since he has seen the property and will have a better grasp on how the differences in his products will play out.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Okna Windows vs Window World

Hi Dane, I have been using the message posts and now realize that I probably should have emailed you and/or Tim directly.

Thank you for all the helpful information you provide on this site. It is greatly appreciated as there are a lot of very biased marketing posts out there.

Here are the my quotes for final consideration (narrowed down to 3 from 7) for replacing 20 double-hung windows with 19 DH plus one casement in a 2-story Colonial (circa 1985) in Connecticut:

Window World Comfort Series 6000 (Triple Pane): $12,861

Revere Berkshire Elite (Window Universe Max Double Pane option: $11,933

Revere Berkshire Elite with Triple Pane option: $12,433

Okna 500 Double Pane with Local installer: $11,700

Okna 500 Triple Pane: $13,600

I pretty much have decided against the Window World option at this point so it's between the Berkshire and Okna 500 window. I was all set to go with the 500 series but then thought maybe I shouldn't overlook the Berkshire Elites especially since I can get the TPs for only a little more than the Okna DPs. I realize it's not quite apples to apples across the board there. For the no grid model specs, I know I can expect the VLTs to drop about .05 with grids and perhaps the SHGC to increase slightly.

Insulation in the rest of the house is probably okay and the Okna dealer recommended double-pane suggesting that triple pane would be in effect "overkill" (my words not his) and TP would be more appropriate for newer construction where the rest of the house is better insulated and air tight. For Oknas it's $95/window ($1,900 total)

If I were to go with Window Universe, then they are recommending that I go with the Triple Pane option as it is the more cost effective option. It's $89 per window which is only $25/window net over the Max Pane Upgrade price ($500 more than the above price) as I indicated.

What do you think of the 500 series pricing? Do most people go with double pane for replacements? Since economics alone can't really justify TP over DP, are there other factors to consider to make upgrading to triple-pane be worth it?

Do you have any feedback on the new Revere Berkshire Elite? Are they nearly as good as the Oknas as it would seem and for the price difference should I go with Elite TP over the Okna DP? Thanks for your help and your wonderful Okna windows reviews - life saver for my wife and myself.

Bob - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bob, the Okna 500 is a much better window than the Revere Berkshire Elite in my opinion. The Berkshire Elite does achieve some impressive numbers, but the window overall is just not as good. In fact, they do a couple of iffy things to get their windows those numbers. I’d say the Berkshire Elite is a solid mid range window, while the Okna 500 is a top tier vinyl window.

It sounds like the 500 series option is the best value compared to the triple pane and I agree that in many cases triple pane is not needed. The price you have been quoted on the Okna 500 is very good. For more on pricing, check out our Window World prices page.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

500 Series vs Berkshire Elite

Hi Tim, I came across your Okna windows reviews and have been getting information to replace 10 windows. All are are pretty much standard sizes. I've had quotes from several contractors from SoftLite, Vytex, Sunrise, and Window World and narrowed it down to 2 quotes.

1) Okna 500 Series (.25 U-factor/.26 SHGC, Air Infiltration .02) $7500 came down from $7800 when I told him the quote for #2. Full frame replacement installation.

2) Berkshire Elite (.28 U-factor/.21 SHGC, Air Infiltration .04) $5131 for an insert replacement. $6631 for full frame replacement. Contractor does not think I need a full frame replacement.

All the contractors (besides Berkshire) that gave me bids have preferred full frame replacement installation. House was built in 2000 with a mixture of brick and vinyl siding with the current windows being vinyl. The Okna dealer said if I was replacing wood windows, then I can do an insert replacement.

Reading pricing reviews on your site, you had replied to a woman named Sue in 2018 who lives in the same area as I do under the headline "Okna 500 InsulTec Deluxe vs. Simonton Relections Berkshire Elite5500", she was quoted $4595 for 9 windows. In this area, there is only 1 Okna dealer that sells the 500 series. Seems my job is pricey compared to that quote but I don't know whether the install methods are the same.

All the quotes for window companies comparable to Okna were at least $800 or more higher. The Okna installer has great reviews on Angie's list so no issues with this installer. Appreciate your thoughts on the two quotes or if you have other recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Michael - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Michael, both the Okna 500 and Revere Berkshire Elite windows are good, but the Okna is the clear winner between the two in my opinion. It sounds like full replacement is probably the safe way to go, especially if you are staying in your home long term. If you don’t plan to stay long term, then the Berkshire with the insert is probably something to consider. If not, I’d definitely say the extra $900 for the Okna option is worth it.

In terms of price, its not cheap, but its the installation method that is adding to that cost. The $5000 for 9 windows was probably an insert installation. It sounds like your insert price for the Berkshire is $5131, so not that far off. The bottom line is if you are staying in your home for awhile, I’d go with the Okna full frame with the great Okna windows reviews. I think its money well spent long term.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Okna Windows Complaints

Good day. I came across your site on Okna reviews and found your information quite useful.

We live in Maryland and had our windows replaced in 2015 with OKNA Insul-Tec replacement windows. 27 windows in all which cost $18, 425 (with discounts). The original quote was $22,746. Here is a breakout of the windows installed:

I was told these are some of the best performing windows for the price. However, I am no longer convinced. We had two windows develop cracks on the inside pane (the half moon and one 24x62 DH w/o grids). Also we just noticed one 32x64 DH w/grids has several areas that are fogged up. I thought the outside glass was dirty but it is not. The issue is between the glass panes. When it is windy out I can feel the cold air come thru where the window sashes meet.

Have you come across issues like these regarding these windows? I’m also baffled on how I could be using more energy than my neighbors:

Jesse - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jesse, normally Okna makes a very good window. I would definitely call the local rep and have them come out and look at the windows, which should be under warranty. They should not be fogging up inside the window panes. As a company Okna is alos good, on par, at taking care of their warranty issues.

Every company has some issues and I have heard of Okna windows having problems, but not many. Not as many as most other companies. I would definitely try to get some relief from them first.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

[Jesse's Reply]

Thanks for the reply, Dane. I spoke with the rep and he mentioned that the fogging issue I had was probably due to the drastic changes in temperature and the fact that the windows are filled with argon, however only about 95+% since it’s impossible to fill them up 100%. He did state that if it didn’t go away to let them know and they would have it replaced for free since it is warranted.

Jesse - Homeowner - from 2019

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Okna vs Harvey Classic

Hi, I live in Massachusetts and am debating between the Okna 500 series and the Harvey Classic. I know you like the window, but I didn't like the bid from the Okna guy. I have 16 windows, all of which are sliders, except for two of them, which are XOX. The bid from the Okna guy was 12600, while the Harvey guy was $11,275 with a 20 year warranty on the installation/labor.

Which bid is more reasonable?

Marty - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Marty, it's a sham about the Okna rep and your experience. For the money, the Okna bid is probably better, but I would not advise you to go with someone who gave you a bad feeling when they came out. I might give them one more shot to give you a bid though just to see if your first impression was correct.

The Harvey bid is not bad and they make a solid vinyl window. If you can't change your opinion on the Okna, then the Harvey bid is the place I'd go next.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna Window Reviews

Hi. I am in Cincinnati. I was quoted over $6000, down to $5000 and a final price of $4500 for six hooper basement windows, (two need to be vented, so, a composite vs. glass to be used). My windows are steel encased which I was told encasement has to be removed (adding to the cost, but included). The company is America’s Windows. I was told they use Okna windows, I think the 500.

I’ve received quotes from companies $1800 (for three windows) to over $7500 for these windows, all claiming to use quality windows. Two other makers were Alside and Improveit, LLC (Improvit said they make their own windows?) Is the America’s Windows a fair quote? Another question, are there options other then glass block that can keep the glass and be vented ?

BT - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

BT, I can't quite tell you if that's a fair quote only because this sounds like a pretty specific project. Have you compared your quote with other consumer quotes on our okna windows reviews page? However, if the lowest quote you have is $1800 for 3 windows, then I'll assume the total quote for that bid would be $3600. So going with an Okna 500 window (one of the very best windows around) for an extra $800 sounds like a decent deal to me.

I'm not familiar with America's Windows. I would call up Okna headquarters and ask them to vouch for the company. Not sure how that will play out but it may bear fruit. I quickly looked them up online under the google search "america's windows reviews" and saw that the yelp reviews on them were pretty impressive. Also, Okna is a well respected company so their dealers tend to be pretty good as well -- I'm not saying they are in every case, I'm simply pointing out an industry rule of thumb.

If you aren't satisfied with this bid and the others you have so far, keep getting more until you have your answer. That's the one nice part of this process, its free. It's just a pain in the arse. :)

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna 500 Windows Cost

We have been looking at quotes to replace our vinyl windows in our 1920s home. There are 22 windows and 1 inside and 3 outside storm doors. The quotes have been all over the place. The most recent uses Okna 500 series windows and Larson and ProVia for the doors. The doors are custom sizes, but I believe the windows can use standard sizes, even for the basement. This quote came in at $17,470.

We also have a quote for 22 Ideal Duraweld windows, and doesn’t include the cost of any doors. That was $12,800.

I believe the Okna windows are a better choice, but I don’t have a good idea of what the doors should cost. Should I expect the doors to be $4,500+ for 4 doors?

Thanks for your expertise and input!

Kelley - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Kelley, the Okna quote looks quite solid, lower I would estimate than the Ideal quote. I would say the doors would be $1500 at least, so $6000 for 4 doors. I'm totally speculating here.

The Okna dealer who gave you the bid should be able to break down that bid for you to show you what the windows cost and what the doors cost. It's also worth noting that Larsen and ProVia make very good doors.

The Ideal Duraweld is quite a good vinyl window, but I'd still put the Okna 500 above it. Assuming I felt like the installer was going to do a good job, I would pursue the Okna bid myself.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna 500 Double Hung Deluxe Quote

Hello, I was quoted $11,088 for 13 Okna 500 double hung deluxe 35.75X53.5 , 2 Okna 500 double hung deluxe 35.75X37.5, 2 of the same model with dimensions 23.75X53.5, and 1 picture window insul-tec 510 deluxe 47.75X53.5.

The price includes all installation, labor, and materials. This is for the NC area. Would you be able to tell me if this is a fair price? I feel as if it's a bit high. I can provide more info as needed. Thank you for the help!

Catline - Homeowner - from 2016

[Website Editor Answers]

Catline, at first glance that feels quite high. Is the cost of the installation high? Can you get a bid breakdown of materials and cost?

So you definitely need additional bids to see whether the bid is high or fair. I'm thinking that it's at the top price range of the bids you might get. Now the Okna 500 is a fantastic window, so that's good you got the bid.

I would contact a dealer from Sunrise, Soft-Lite, Zen, Vytex, Polaris, Kensington and possibly Wincore and Simonton. Not all of these of course, but I wanted to give you more options than you might need.

The other reason to get some more comeptitve leads is to use them as a bargaining chip to possibly lower the Okna bid, assuming that's the one you eventually want to go with.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2016

Okna vs Paradigm

I am in the beginning stage of getting information & quotes on replacing 15 windows in my house. I just had a price quote for the Paradigm 8300 ($600 to $650 installed). I also just spoke to a neighbor who has Okna windows and was wondering how the Paradigm 8300 compares to the Okna 500 or other Okna windows. Thanks Brian

Brian - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Brian, while the Paradigm 8300 is a very solid vinyl window, the Okna 500 is better in my opinion. If for no other reason, than the Paradigm 8300 uses a pocket sill, which is a poor sill design that funnels water through the frame and out weep holes that can clog over time with gunk and mold. The Okna 500 is one of my favorite vinyl windows out there and the winner in this head to head match up. I would think the Okna would be in the ballpark price of the Paradigm quote.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna Windows vs Wincore

Hi, I have a 1992 built house with original wood windows, 22 in total. I am looking to replace them all and I saw your advice on replacement windows and I am having a contractor come to me on Thursday to give me a quote.

Meanwhile I have a home depot windows cost quote and other from another local contractor that is planning to install Wincore 7700. The quote is around $16,500 with a patio door installed with aluminum moulding outside and with grills inside.

I was hoping for it to be around 12K-13K for best windows I can get like Okna 500 Delux, is that in the right range or is there some other advice you can give?

I live in Wisconsin.

Thanks in advance for your help.

K - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

K, for simplicity sake, I'll assume that the patio door quote is $2K. That breaks down your per window cost to $650. That doesn't strike me as out of the ballpark of what I'd expect for the Wincore 7700 series. It would feel excessive for the lower end Wincore 5400 windows. The overall bid is perhaps a bit high but that could simply be accounted for based on the size of your windows. Most contractors bid out their windows by the lineal foot, which isn't practical for our cost calculator because its way too complicated and time consuming.

The key to getting the best prices is simply to get a ton of bids. Not only will it give you a better sense of what an appropriate price is for your particular project, it will possibly draw out lower bids from companies who may need the work more. You can also use the bids you get as leverage to find the companies lowest price (which often isn't their initial bid). Also, bids can be all over the boards.

You are correct that the Okna 500 often comes in at the $550 to $650 price range -- get your next bid and see where it is. If you don't like it, get a couple more bids. The process can feel like a lot of work, but it's worth it in the end.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna Insul-tec Window Bid

Hello Dane, got a quote for Okna Insul-tec window from one of the local window installation company. Any comments you may have is appreciated in terms of type of windows and overall if the estimate is fair. The sunseal glass package on some of the window is for the rear of the house which gets quite of bit sun throughout the day in Altanta area.

I am replacing builder installed original wooden windows. The installation will include replacement all Rotten Wood Sills & Trim and Cover with PVC coated Aluminum Trim Coil. Overall is installation considered standard installation? I tried to price it online but it gave me a quite low number, as such the email.

The windows have a u-factor of .25, shgc of .30 and an air leakage of .02.

Here is what the quote came in at -- 28 windows, several of them pretty big - $16,900 but with a cash discount I would pay $15,522.

Arpan - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Arpan, that's a good price for the Insulation-Tec, replacing woods sills/trim and aluminum wrapping. Very good in fact (comes out to $603 on the non-cash price). Great window, great price. If the installer has a solid reputation (many Okna dealers do), then I'd say you are one lucky guy. Now knock on some wood and move forward on your project!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna 500 vs. 800

I just got a bid from Okna on 11 windows total. 8 of them are 36 inches by 58 inches and 3 are 20 inches by 38 inches. The bid came in at $580 per window and that included foam in the frame, some sort of added upgraded. I could also use their better 800 series but that would be $800 per window.

Which is the better option?

Chuck - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Chuck, the Okna 800 window is one of the best out there, but it isn't worth $220 more than the 500 series. The Okna 500 is a very good vinyl window and $580 per window is a very fair price. This would be the option that I would go with.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna 500 Double Pane Glass

Hi Tim, I think I’m going with the Okna 500 double pane glass. Louisville only has one dealer in the area that sell the Okna window. America’s Best Choice windows. I was wondering if you have heard of any complaints about dealers selling a model to a customer but the customer actually gets the next lower product or window model?

Michael - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

I have never heard of a company doing that, but it doesn't mean it can't happen. If the company is reputable, they won't do that. Just double check with the installers when they deliver the window.

The Okna 500 is a fantastic window, good luck to you.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna 500 Deluxe vs. Polaris UniShield Plus

I am looking at 2 replacement windows by Universal Windows Direct but different contractors. One is Okna 500 deluxe (energy saving package). The other is Polaris ( UniShield Plus). In your opinion, which are better? The warranties are the same. Thank you for help.

Robert - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Robert, I would go with the Okna 500 DX over the Polaris Unishield Plus. Universal relabels the Polaris window and sells the Unishield Classic, which is the Polaris ValuSmart window and the UniShield Plus, which is their ThermalWeld. The ThermalWeld is a nice window, but the Okna 500 DX is the much better of the two. You might want to take a look at our page on Okna windows reviews for more consumer opinions just to make sure you know what others think.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

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Okna Window Complaints

I’m down to the provia endure double pane and Okna 500 double pain. Have you heard of many complaints with painted vinyl? I’m favoring the provia that will be painted, does the paint hold up?

Michael - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Michael, I actually don't know what process ProVia uses to paint their vinyl. Most companies will offer a warranty on the a vinyl window that isn't white, i.e. uses an exterior or interior colored.

There are a number of ways to add a color to vinyl -- painting, profile wrapping or laminates, and a co-extrusion process. There isn't one method that is more popular than another.

The ProVia Endure is a very good window.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Vinyl Window Reviews

Good Morning Tim – I have been using your site for the last week, comparing different vinyl window reviews. My question is: We are replacing 17 double hungs and 2 picture windows. We are down to 2 names: Harvey Classic Window and Okna 500 deluxe. They are both with different contractors and comparable in price.

Please advise on which one you think would be the better option. I read your okna windows reviews - thanks, so much info, almost too much :) (we are replacing the original windows with storms on them in our 1968 ranch) Any help/advice you can give, would be great. Thank you.

Vicki - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Hi Vicki, thanks for using the site. Both Harvey and Okna are quite reputable companies. While I find the Harvey Classic to be quite a good window, the Okna 500 Deluxe is an excellent window. Either that or the 800 model is what I'd have in my house if Okna was actually available where I live. Obviously, you want to make sure that the installer is reputable and know what they're doing, but assuming this is true, the Okna is my pick hands down.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna vs Simonton

I've been on your site getting all the information and now have 2 quotes from A-rated contractors for 9 windows installed. I'm in Raleigh, North Carolina where it's hot in the summers.

Simonton Relections 5500 - $4595

Okna 500 InsulTec Deluxe - $4703

Sue - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Sue, both quotes look good, and these are both good window series. However, the Okna 500 is better and is only $100 more. This is the route I would go if I were in your shoes.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna Basement Windows

I am looking to replace 6 basement windows in my home, which was built in the late 1950’s. The windows were installed with steel frames securing the windows to the foundation. A reputable local contractor has suggested the mid-range Okna 500 series vinyl hopper windows.

These seem to be well constructed windows, better than most others that I have seen. The cost of the windows, including installation is a bit over $800 per window. The contractor claims it will take about a half day to remove the old and install the new. Is this a fair cost to pay?

Thank you for your time.

Glenn - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Glenn, the “mid range” Okna 500 is an excellent window – a top tier vinyl window to be sure. The price your contractor quoted sounds quite fair to me given the amount of work entailed.

However, I would get a couple more quotes to confirm this. It might help you sleep better knowing you did your due diligence. If local window companies give you a much better quote, you can then ask why he’s charging more than them for the labor portion for the windows.

Up to you of course, but I tend to think contractors may act like you’re being a pain in the arse, but they respect you more and tend to price out other portions of the remodel lower knowing that you might go out and have independent providers/suppliers confirming the bid.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

[Glenn's Reply]

Tim, Thank you so much for your response. I appreciate your advice. I have asked for 2 more estimates from area contractors to gauge whether the first estimate is reasonable. Interestingly, the first contractor called me back yesterday and left a message saying he had "great news" which was they can do better on price. Of course, the message did not include what the new price would be and I certainly understand that.

It does tell me his price of $800 per window has a lot of fat built into it. I did see a Harvey window on line that would cost approx $500 per window installed. The U factor was 27 versus 25 for the Okna 500. Both are double pane hopper windows and all other specs were similar (insulated frames, metal latches, fiberglass screens).

I will have a conversation with the first contractor to get the details on his so-called great news. I will not make a decision until I have at least 1 other estimate, preferably 2.

Again, thanks for taking the time to respond. It is appreciated more than you know.

Glenn - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Glenn, good to see you getting that cost bid down to its real price. Harvey makes a good window and $500 per for the Harvey is a good price for the Classic model (I'm sort of assuming its for the Classic). The Okna 500 is the better window, but the Harvey is a solid vinyl window. If you had come to me originally with this brand and price, I would have said to go with this. At this point, it's your call on whether you want/need a great vinyl window or you are fine with a good vinyl window.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Okna 500 vs 800

Have trouble comparing: Is the Okna 500 or 800 similar to the Soft-lite Imperial LS. I have quotes as follows for 16 windows:

Okna 500 DS - $523 ea. From ClearView

Soft-lite Imperial LS $531 ea from Window Nation

Vytex Grandview with triple silver glass at $470 each from Window Nation

Any input would be greatly appreciated I am trying to decide today if you could possible respond today.


Sandra - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sandra, those are good prices on the Okna 500 DS and Soft-lite Imperial LS. I think they are definitely worth the extra money from the Vytex Grandview. The Soft-lite Imperial LS is the better window from the Okna 500, but not by much. In fact, I would turn from the windows (unless you have a clear preference for one or the other) to the company doing the installation. This would be the deciding factor for me.

The two windows you have quotes on are excellent.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Okna vs Gentek

We had researched windows and decided on the Okna Deluxe 500DX insultec only to find out there are no dealers in our area to install them. We live in the Midwest-KC area. In our search we found a company that carries a different window called Gentek. The specific Model is the Sequoia Select BarrierXP TG2. This window has a U-factor 0.23 and SHGC 0.25. This is a triple glass with two surfaces of of low-e glass and two air spaces of argon. Of course, the company owner believes this is the best window on the market.

However we cannot find a lot of current reviews on this window. The cost is $750 per window installed with colonial grids. We have 11 windows total 8 double hung, 1 large picture window and 2 casement windows. This price also includes wood rot repair on several of the windows. Before committing have you had any experience or heard current reviews on the Gentek windows?

Rachel - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rachel, you are correct that there is precious little information on Gentek replacement windows, possibly because they are a Canadian based company. Or because they are a building company that sells most of their windows to big builders and not so much through smaller distributors. Whatever the case, I have heard good things about the Gentek Sequoia Select window. However, paying $750 per window for a vinyl window is at the upper end of the cost spectrum.

If it were me, I would keep looking for a couple of reasons. One, you want to get a few bids to see what's out there and what sort of price range you're looking at. Two, it's nice to see, touch and feel different windows to know how sturdy they feel and how well they open, which hardware you like the best etc. And to see if their is a particular installer who has good reviews that may be the best for your project.

Finally, you can use the bids (particularly the lower priced ones) to negotiate the best price possible on the Gentek windows if you want to go that route. Here's an article that suggest how to negotiate with a window salesperson.

I would look at our page on the best replacement windows and then google "sunrise windows Kansas City" etc. to see if there are any local companies who service your area.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Okna 500 Windows Reviews

I have bids for 24 replacement windows - one for Vytex GrandView windows from Window Nation and the other for Okna 500 windows. Both prices are approximately $15,000. Can you tell me whether one window is significantly better than the other and whether I am getting a fair price? Thanks for your help.

John - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

John, the Grandview window is from Vytex and then relabeled by Window Nation. It's a good window for sure. .26 U-factor and .08 air infiltration rating. Window Nation has a good reputation and sells a good product.

The Okna 500 is an excellent vinyl window, one of the best out there.

If the prices are the same, I would go with the Okna 500 from WoW in a heartbeat. Great window, great installation as far as I've heard.

You should hear some of the horror stories I hear from consumers getting poor windows or poor installs -- issues and headaches for years. Consider yourself lucky or just smart :)

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Okna vs Ply Gem

I’m trying to evaluate some of the major brands available in the Kansas City area by their NFRC data on U-Factor and SHGC. I was surprised when I rank ordered data on PlyGem PremiumEP, Soft-Lite Imperial LS and Elements, and Okna 500 and 800, that the Plygem Premium has significantly better U and SHGC ratings than any of the other brands.

Given that Plygem is considered a mid-grade vinyl window and the others are Tier 1, how can this be explained? Should I really be considering a Plygem Premium over these other brands?

I don’t have pricing on any of them yet, that’s coming next week.

In trying to find a quality local installer that could obtain OKNA windows in Kansas City (no dealers locally), I found one that has very high install ratings, but installs solely Plygem. He is willing to look into obtaining Okna product, but is very high on Plygem. Is Plygem really better than your reviews might lead one to believe relative to Okna, Soft-Lite, Sunrise? Or should I really exclude Plygem from my serious consideration and only look at this installer for any Okna opportunities?

Bob - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bob, thanks for the question, it is an EXCELLENT one. The nfrc data is difficult to wade through and can be confusing because there are so many ways to slice and dice the numbers. For instance, the Ply Gem Premium window with clear glass gets a .39 U-value, with the HP 2 gets .27, with the Max glass gets down to a .25, and the HP 3 delivers a .22. All based on glass, but no changes to the window frame itself. I try to always compare windows with a basic low-e glass and grids as a way to do an apples-to-apples comparison, but even then sometimes that comparisons are a bit off.

SHGC is the amount of solar heat that is allowed through the window, so this is more a function of your location (you want a higher shgc in cold locations and less shgc in warm climates) and also the direction the window faces -- both places where a good contractor or window company should be able to help you out.

Vinyl windows are tricky because they often look the same and, as you noted, the NFRC values can be very similar depending on the glass packages. Where the differences lie is with the the manufacturing tolerances, the rigidity and overall strength of the extrusion, as well as the long term manufacturer's reliability.

Ultimately, I think the best performance number to compare is air infiltration or air leakage. The Ply Gem Premium is a good window, but I believe their air infiltration is something like .08 to .12 (I may be a bit off, if you know the exact number do let me know). The Soft-Lite Imperial LS is .02 and the Elements is .01, the Okna 500 is .02 and the 800 is .01. I typically say .10 or lower is good, .05 or lower is great.

The bottom line is that the Ply Gem Premium is a good window and I like the fact that the local installer has a good history with the window, installs it a lot, knows who to contact if their are issues etc. I still think that most industry experts would rate the high end series of Soft-Lite and Okna above the Ply Gem Premium and I feel that the AI number bears witness to that. Quality of the installer though has to play an important role in your decision as well.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Okna Windows vs Thermal Industries

Hi - my builder - who I completely trust and over all the years working with contractors on many houses I've owned he is one of the most thorough and detailed I've found. He takes care of all my siding and wood replacement and installed new roof and has built new porch and deck and many things. When any wood rots on the house he replaces with non rot pvc. (Like the Masonite siding to hardie plank)

The house was built in 1991 and I have replaced nearly everything on the house now. The last big thing I have now is all the windows. Due to money I will have do the windows in stages doing 6 or 7 at a time. The existing windows are double hung wood windows with 1 inch old style pull out grills and exterior wood trim. Scott said the best route is to replace all exterior trim to pvc and use ply gym vinyl sash replacement kits. (They can do 1 inch contoured grills) that way I won't get any glass loss compared to using pocket replacement windows. Cost per window for all that is around $600.

I don't like the idea of pocket replacement windows and have had many estimates from contractors for those. My favorite of those is a guy who will replace all exterior trim to pvc and use Thermal Industries 5000 series 1 inch grills. Cost is around $450 per window all in.

The best window guy I've found though is a window contractor who refuses to do pocket replacements...he will only price for full frame and believes that pocket replacements are bad news. He replaces all exterior wood trim to pvc and also does all new interior wood trim. This looks like a great thorough job but it will be more mess on the inside of the house than using my builders method. He proposes to use Okna 500 series and for all exterior and interior trim with window it's $660 per window. Many thanks .

Rowland - Homeowner - from 2016

[Website Editor Answers]

Rowland, sash replacements can be a mess, unless the installer really knows what they are doing and has some experience putting in sash replacement. If it were me, I would go with the full frame and the best window in the bunch -- the Okna 500. At $660 per window, that's a pretty great price for all that that entails.

I did take a look at the performance numbers of the Thermal Industries and I was impressed with those, but again I think it's worth the extra money to go with the more thorough approach, especially considering it sounds like you will be living here for a long long time. Although I have to say that $450 per window is a pretty good price :)

Ply Gem makes a pretty good window -- they make a number of models so I'm not sure which is offered in the bid. I think I'd put the Ply Gem below the other two options you have though.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2016

Okna Insul-Tec vs Soft-Lite Elements

My neighbors have chosen Okna Insul-Tec for replacement windows in their 20-year old homes. We live in the south central region of the U.S. The same company offers Soft-Lite Elements for a few hundred dollars more. I'm confused with all the numbers, ratings and online rants. What's the best choice? I'm only doing the front of the house at this time. Thanks for your guidance. Enjoying the read.

Natalie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Website Editor Answers]

Natalie, the Okna Insul Tec is quite a good vinyl window, but not as good as the Soft-Lite Elements in my opinion. The Elements is more or less the best vinyl window out there (the Okna EnviroStar or 800 series is equal to the Elements). If the Elements is only a few hundred more, I think it's worth it. The bottom line is that either way, you are buying an excellent product and assuming you have good installation, you should be well served for a couple of decades at least!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2016

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Okna vs Sunrise Windows

I have quotes on Sunrise windows classic and Okna windows 500. The Oknas are $300 cheaper. The Sunrise guy told me that the glass they use is better than Oknas. Is that true? (Click to explore Sunrise window reviews.)

Nat - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Nat, off hand I don't know what glass Okna uses, but I've never heard it pitched as better than Sunrise. I would assume that pound for pound the Okna 500 would perform a bit better than the Sunrise "Classic." The bottom line is you have to very good windows to choose from. I would choose the company that I thought was going to do the better install instead of selecting based on the window.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

Okna 500 Windows Reviews

I'm currently looking to replace some old steel casement windows in my home, which was built in 1950. I was interested in the Okna 500 series in the double hung style, but the only local dealer in my area which carries Okna windows only seems to deal the 400 and 800 series. While looking at the 400 series display in their showroom, it looked to me that the 400 series features an interior weeping system, but the brochure they gave me on the 400 series features a picture of the double hung which appears to have holes in the exterior sill for external weeping (not sure if that's the correct terminology) and it doesn't explicitly state anything about the weeping system. I'm thinking either the dealer's display model was old/outdated or that the picture in the brochure was not of an actual window.

Does anyone know which type of weeping system the Okna 400 windows use?

Jason - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Jason, it's interesting you are having an issue finding the 500 Series, someone else just mentioned having the same problem, not sure why the local rep would not carry their most popular replacement window model. You may want to submit your information to their website and see if any additional dealers are available in your area. The best way that I can explain this is that the weep holes on the 400 Series are secondary drain paths.

The window has a 1 piece sloped sill that properly drains most or all of the water and is the best sill system on the market. The weep holes on the 400 are there as a sort of conduit for water in the event of sustained rain.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Okna Windows vs Harvey

We're replacing 35 windows in our PA home. My contractor is pushing the Harvey Tribute, but I like the Okna 500s and 800s. I think they're better as far as performance, ratings, and looks too. Then today I saw a Tribute that was loaded with options and features, grids, triple pane, self cleaning, krypton, etc. I was quoted $390 installed, which seemed like a fantastic price. Some of the windows are smaller, and would be a little cheaper. I want a good window, not just a cheap one, but I don't want to spend more if it isn't a lot better. By the way, what is the average cost of a replacement window?

Max - Homeowner in Pennsylvania - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

The 500 is one of the best windows out there. I wouldn't call the Harvey bad, exactly, but they aren't even close to the Okna 500. Your price is going to vary a lot from dealer to dealer and installer to installer. I'd find the dealer that offers you the best deal, but you don't want an installer that's going to cut corners and do a slapdash job. You have to be willing to pay a decent price for the install. A great window put in badly will be a mediocre window in terms of energy efficiency.

Harry - Contractor in Wisconsin - from 2012

[2nd Response]

The Harvey Tribute is a decent window, but it can't compare to the Okna. The Okna 500 has a U-factor of .25, DP structural rating of 50, and air leakage is somewhere around .02. The Harvey has just OK numbers - U-factor .30, DP 30, and over 0.1 for air leakage. The Harvey loses in every way.

Michael - Contractor in New Jersey - from 2012

Okna 500 vs Soft-Lite

I've looked at so many windows I'm sick of them. I have 16 windows to replace and I've managed to narrow it down to the Okna 500 Insul-Tec and Softlite Imperial LS. The quotes I got were $9680 for the Oknas and $9920 for Softlites. Any opinions on which is better?

Rob - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

They are both great options that will last a long time. With a fairly close match I would probably let the installer be the deciding factor. Either window should last a long time and not give you any problems.

Holland - Contractor - from 2012

[2nd Response]

Both of them are great choices. The Soft-lite is always a good deal, they're a good company and have some good options, I realty like their Edgetech Super Spacer. They are also simple to reglaze if you need it. The Oknas are also really good, reliable and nice. I'd pick the one whose installer you like best.

Matt - Contractor - from 2012

Read additional Soft-Lite Windows Reviews.

Okna 500 Windows Reviews

I've been looking into Oknas and I've found out a lot of info. The Starmark has a thicker frame and I don't like that so much. The Okna 500 vs 800 are very similar as far as the frame goes. The 800 has smaller lifting rails (I think they look nicer than the 500) and it has a magnetic seal which I like. My biggest problem with the 500 is that you can see from the outside if it's locked or not. Basically, I like the 800 better, but it is also more expensive. It isn't much in terms of cost and I think the difference is worth it. Also, the 800 I was looking at qualified for a tax credit, but the 500 didn't, which kind of makes up for the higher cost.

Steven - Homeowner - from 2009

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Okna Windows Reviews :: 600 Series

The 600 Eco Pro is the company's newest window that uses a slightly more robust extrusion than the Okna 500. Specifically, the 600 series includes a sill interlock and structural reinforcement not present with the 500 Insul-Tec series. Combine this with the other bells and whistles, and the 600 series is close in quality and craftsmanship with the Okna 800 series. I would give the Okna 600 Series Window a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

600 Series Windows Cost

Just got a bid for Okna 600 windows. From what I’ve been getting this seems like a really good deal. In addition, the reviews (on-line, referrals) are really good.

I’ve read where you really like the Okna 600 windows. Any feedback is appreciated.
5 casements
10 Pictures
1 specialty (half circle)
5 DHs
2 Sliders

Total cost is $22,275

John - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

John, love the window and love the fact that the company doing the work gets really good reviews and referrals. Price looks very solid -- the trifecta! Congrats, that's what you're looking for. I hope this project goes well and feel free to reach out in the future!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Okna 500 vs 600 Series

Hey guys, do you think that the Okna 600 is worth $75 more than the Okna 500 series. I really like both of these and I understand that the 600 is the better of the two, but I just can’t decide whether the upgrade cost is worth it. Love to hear your thoughts.

Owen - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Owen, I definitely think that the Okna 600 series is worth a $75 upgrade cost over the 500 series. The 600 is a great vinyl window. How, I typically decide whether the upgrade cost is worth it by looking at my projected timeline in the home. If you’re gonna be living in the home for seven years or more, upgrade to the 600. If not, stick with the 500, which is also an excellent option. As always, I would advise to get a couple more bids to compare this with - I'm becoming a broken record in my "old" age :)

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Home Exteriors vs Window Universe

Dane, hi, we are looking at replacing 22 windows and 2 patio doors in northeast Ohio. We obtained quotes from 4 suppliers. I’ve narrowed it down to 2 and would really appreciate some input. Here are the details:

Supplier – Home Exteriors
Vytex Fortis
20 double hung
1 picture window
1 half round window
2 custom size patio doors – Vytex 7000
Cost = $22k

Supplier – Window Universe
Okna Eco-Pro 600
20 double hung
1 picture window
1 half round window
2 custom size patio doors – Okna Elegante
Cost = $27k

I’ve researched a bit and it seems that Okna is a better rated product. I’m just not sure how much better than the vytex fortis. The Okna/window universe warranty covers labor. Home ext/vytex does not.
Is the Okna product worth the extra $? We likely plan to stay in the home for at least 15 years.

Rich - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rich, I hate these tricky questions :) Your price spread makes it so tough for me to pick the winner here. Both very good windows so that's the silver lining as far as I'm concerned. Always recommend you look at our Okna windows reviews page for homeowner perspective as this is such unbiased advice.

15 years in the home...I think if it were me, I'd probably go for the Okna. The $5K would hurt in the short term, but I just think it's the better window and worth it over that stretch of years. The labor warranty doesn't hurt either.

I think what might sway me the other way is if the ratings/reviews of Home Exteriors was better than your Window Universe branch. These would be the factors I would look at. Pretty solid pricing on both from what I've seen lately.

(Vytex Windows Cost)

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Eco Pro vs Ideal Platinum 3000

Hi Dane, thanks again for all your help. I really like the Ideal Platinum 3000 and was going to have them installed since the price can't be beat for the quality. However, there is one issue that is making me hesitant to have them installed since the frame from the top sash is ticker/Wider from the bottom sash by about 1/2 inch on the left and right side. I understand all replacement windows reduce the amount of visible glass in each sash compared to new construction. Ideal Windows Prices

Normally, I would not care about this but the issue is that the window does not look symmetrical when looking at the sides of the sash since the top is smaller than the bottom (I was told that the Ideal Platinum 3000 bottom sash actually is thinner on purpose since they manufacturer did not want to make the bottom bigger just to match the top frame/sash but not sure what to believe). I understand the Okna 600 Series has a narrow frame/sash which allows for more visible glass in the same 36"x64" double hungs.

Is the Oakna 600 series or 800 series a better option than the Ideal Platinum 3000 if I want to have the largest visible glass?

PS: I'm located in Rockville, Maryland.

Fernando - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Fernando, I'm not sure if I've ever looked at the Okna 600 and an Ideal Platinum 3000 side by side -- I want to say that the two windows are pretty equal to one another in terms of how thick the frames are -- the one window that I like and uses a thinner frame is the Sunrise Restorations -- maybe check this one out from a local dealer...that's where I'd start.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Okna 600 Series vs Soft-Lite

Hi Dane, have narrowed down to DH Okna vs DH Soft-Lite just to sorta simplify the process.

Trying to find the comparables of OKNA to SOFT-LITE:
Okna 800 is comparable to Soft-Lite Elements
Okna 600 is comparable to Soft-Lite [?????? Is there one?]
Okna 500DX is comparable to Soft-Lite Imperial LS

Would you also have rough cost estimates for these OKNA & SOFT-LITE window models?

Chris - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Chris, the Okna 800 and Elements are comparable. I might say the Okna 600 is comparable to the Imperial LS and the 500 model is comparable to the Soft-Lite Pro model. 500 is a bit better in my opinion though…

Cost estimates are always tricky — the Okna 800 might be in that $1K range in todays prices, while the 500 might be in that $800 to $850 range.

The problem with trying to price everything out without specific project details is there are too many factors that go into it — grids, no grids, size of windows, DX upgrade, no DX upgrade, retrofit install, full frame install…the list is long…best to get the bids on your specific project and then compare the quotes from there…

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

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Okna Eco-Pro 60 Cost vs Reliabilt 3900 Quote

Hi Tim, here are my other quotes that I am considering...

Wincore 5400 Cost $23553

Reliabilt 3900 Cost $24318

Great Lakes Window by PlyGem Harborlight Classic $19250

Softlite Pro Cost $24650

Eco-Pro 600 $25388

Please suggest you order of recommendations.

Do you wanted me to get quotes for Sunrise also? They said Sunrise basic entry level is expensive than the GreatLakes option

Sam - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Sam, value wise (price compared to quality) I would rank the windows as such

Okna Eco-Pro 600 $25388 (this is the best deal by far -- the Okna 600 is one of the best windows on the market)

Softlite Pro $24650 (a good window and what I would say is second on your list)

The Harborlight Classic, Reliabilt 3900, and the Wincore 5400 are all just okay windows, but they can't hold a candle to the Okna 600.

I would go back to the Okna dealer and ask if he can match the Soft-Lite bid -- if so, you will sign the work order that day. May work...see what he says - he just might knock a bit off the price.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2022

Okna Windows vs Zen Windows

Hi Dane, first of all, thank you so much for sharing your insight with people like me, who are overwhelmed with this process of purchasing replacement windows. I have learned so much from your site. I am looking to replace 13 double hungs in my home built in 1974. We plan on being here a long time, so we'd like to invest in something higher quality, but without getting too fancy/expensive.

We've received a quote from Zen Windows - $9,500 for their Nirvana model - and from another company for Okna Windows - $14,500 for the Okna 600 Eco Pro. We already signed a contract for the Okna Windows last night (the salesman convinced us that prices would be going up the next day due to being a new month and that he was inclined to give us a better deal because we would be his last sale of the month. We were aware of his salesman tactics, but at the same time, had a very hard time knowing whether we were actually getting a good deal that we shouldn't pass up.)

We feel more comfortable with the warranty and the installer for Okna, but the price difference is significant. Almost everything I've read (and maybe these numbers are now outdated) would lead me to believe I shouldn't be paying more than $1,000 per window for an Okna 600. What are your thoughts on these quotes? Thank you so much for your input!

Jolyn - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Jolyn, thanks for the nice words about the site. So...two good bids. The Okna 600 Eco Pro is the much better window of the two, but you are correct that that is a significant price difference. You are also correct in saying that paying over $1000 a window is "super hefty" -- however, lately I'm not sure that holds true any longer. Prices have really shot up during the last two years.

You could either get another bid or two and see how they compare. Or you could go with the Okna bid.

Since you are staying in the home a long time, the Okna would be my choice...but I would love for you to get it at a lower price point. I'm assuming that's total b.s. that the prices are going up February -- can the Okna dealer really charge you more than he is right now? I might be tempted to pull the contract and tell the Okna dealer that you are ready to sign the work order when they can do the job for $13K or $1000 a window. Then let that lie and see if he calls back in a week or two.

Just in case you wanted to continue your search, here is my list of good and great windows -- contact us for our window list.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Okna Windows vs Alside

Dane, I live in Raleigh, NC and replacing 25 year old windows as follows:

Replacing 19 single hungs with double hung and 1 picture window. 5 are double hungs so there 15 openings for the 20 windows. One double hung is on a wall with brick veneer.

The fixed frame is part of a bay window with two side windows. The picture window in the bay we are replacing without the grills. All the others we are keeping the grills in the windows. Bay Window Prices I have received the following 4 quotes from 3 companies (includes install cost).

1) LEI Home Enhancements

a) Alside Revelation (triple pane) insert windows quote at $16,500 - $818 average.

2) Aluminum Company of NC

a) 600 series Full Frame (HeatSeal or Sunseal Glass Package)–
quote at $18,250 - $912 average
With tax $19,573 - $978 average

b) Interstate InVue 5200 Full Frame
quote at $16,250 - $812 average

With tax $17,428 - $871 average

The rep said unless there was a reason we liked a style or color of the Okna window he would recommend the Interstate. Since for Raleigh the Okna 600 didn’t provide much of a performance reason to choose them for $100 more a window.

Window on brick would be Insert window fit to current opening.
They would do a full frame window for about $3000 more to cover masonry work. Would this be worth it?

3) Raleigh Window and Siding

a) Okna 500 series Full Frame (SunSeal Glass package) –
quote at $16,170 - $835 average
With tax $17,342 - $867 average

Rep said that the Okna 500 and 600 series sold by Aluminum Company were very similar windows and that different companies usually carry one or the other but not both.
Window on brick would be new full frame installation involving cutting out brick. They won’t do a Insert window for the brick. Still need to get additional cost for brick work.

We're leaning heavily towards the Okna windows. Just debating between the two companies and install method on brick wall.

Reggie - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Reggie, I'm leaning heavily toward the Okna options myself as well :) The Okna 500 is an excellent window. As to the installation method, it can get tricky with brick -- I guess I would trust their judgement, but it would be a tough pill to swallow with that extra cost...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Okna 600 Windows Reviews

Good Evening, I have narrow my search down to 3 and would like your opinion. I am replacing 2 pic windows 64" X 66", I do like the Okna 600 but they had no info (they don't sell) on the 500 can you tell me the difference and which is the better of the 2? and what is the energy option and the deluxe option?

I was also looking at the Polaris Thermalweld Plus, what is the better window. I did get a price on the Okna 2745 or 2045 if I don't get the woodgrain on the interior. (guess I'll have to get use to a different color window and frame) he won't negoiate. Thanks for your help.

Ethel - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Hi Ethel, so the Okna 600 Eco Pro is their newest window and I'll include a link the description. It's the better window over the 500 series.

The Okna 500, 600, and 800 are the better windows over the Polaris ThermalWeld. The ThermalWeld however is quite a good window, just not as good as the Okna models.

That Okna 600 is a fantastic window btw, one of my favorites.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna 600 vs. Sunrise V Class

Hi Dane, I got quote for Sunrise standard quote for $17692 included the sliding door, the boss told me he will upgrade me to the V class for the same cost.

What is your thought compare the V class and a Okna 600, this contract give some reference they did around my area they look very good.

Please advise your thought.

Really appreciate your site give a lot of knowledge. Had many other window people came but No quote yet, I think I will try to stick with this 2 people, but which one?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Malie - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Malie, so the Okna 600 is $15.4K with the door and the Sunrise V Class cost is $17.7K with the . Both are good windows, but I definitely think the Okna is the better deal. I actually the Okna 600 is the better window over the Sunrise with the V class glass. If the Sunrise dealer is rated better than the Okna, then that's something to consider. However, most Okna dealers are pretty darn good.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna 600 vs. Soft-Lite Imperial LS

Looks like a great web site for detailed information. Have learned a good bit over this past week.

We are replacing MI Vinyl Windows Series 8500 which are 23 years old. Mainly because the seals are breaking down in the windows.

Built the house in 97 and that's what was installed.

I do have several quotes, the two I'm interested in are.

The Okna Eco-Pro vs The Soft-Lite Imperial LS.

Hoping the Okna or the Soft Lite will be much better. The MI windows have done relatively well.

What difference will I see from the MI 8500 VS the Okna and Soft-Lite.

The two quotes are pretty close with a total of 27 windows being replaced.

The Okna quote from the installer company with a great reputation is 21,249

The Soft-Lite LS Imperial is 20,000 and the company is solid.

My question besides which one you would go with, is what are the main differences in these windows. Reading all the specs and they seem close in overall features.

Thanks for any information you can supply.

Jim - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Jim, the Okna 600 and the Soft-Lite Imperial LS are both excellent windows. They are better made -- fit, tolerance, and components than an MI window. They will provide better energy efficiency and break down less as well.

Honestly, I'd probably go with the lower quote or the installation company I liked more and had better confidence in. The windows are comparable to one another.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2020

OKNA 600 Eco-Pro Cost

I live on top of a mountain and need to replace my windows. I'm in the middle New Hampshire. I just got a quote for OKNA 00 eco-pro for $1000 per double hung fully installed.

$1k for all size windows was a joke as was the salesman's knowledge of building practices. I contacted a neighbor(contractor) to see who he deals with. Thanx for the help...my wife said keep our windows as is and buy a boat!!

Wayne - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Quite a good window, but quite a steep price tag. I'm not quite sure which companies are available in your area but I'd suggest you google, "sunrise windows in [your town], new hampshire" and see if any local companies come up. Do this for Sunrise, Okna (which you already did), Soft-Lite, HiMark, Kensington, Vytex, Zen, and Polaris.

Hopefully, you can get three bids to actually compare because you need to see if the $1K per window is because of how complex your project or if it's just an Okna rep trying to see how much you're willing to pay.

I went to the Sunrise website and did a zip code search and came up with a company on the Mass border. You might want to call them up and see if they'll give you a bid or if you're outside their area.

To answer your Window World question, they are on the lower end of the spectrum, both quality and price wise. Some WW brancehs have good reputations and others have very poor reputations. I would tred lightly when it comes to WW myself, lots of things can go wrong with the windows come years 7 and beyond.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna 600 Windows Cost

Getting 10 normal windows and 2 sliders. One for kitchen sink window and 1 3 slider replacing bay window. The bid on the 600 series is $12,250.

I'm feeling that's even high if they were 800 series! Please help me.

Steven - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Steven, that does potentially sound high, although the XOX slider would obviously run quite a bit. However, I can't honestly tell you whether the bid is definitely too high or not. The only way to tell is to get a couple more bids. Comparable companies to Okna include Soft-lite, Sunrise, Polaris, Zen, HiMark, Kensington, Alpen, and Vytex.

If you still like the Okna window after you get the other bids, take a lower priced bid to them and ask them to match it. Also here is an article that talks about how to negotiate a window bid to find the best price.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2018

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Okna 600 Windows Reviews

Hi, We just bought a historic home with 38 beautiful wood, lead lined, windows (most are casement, with just a few double hung). Unfortunately, they have not been cared for, and most of the wood is rotted. This is our first home, and we don’t really know where to start. We are planning on just replacing the ones in the back to begin with, so don’t necessarily have to replicate the look exactly.

And we have been given quotes that span the prices - from Renewal by Anderson at $80,000 to Alside Mezza for about $15,000 (keeping some casement and doing double hung for the rest). With the Alside, the double hung are quoted at $375 a window, including full grid pattern and installation.

At this point we are completely lost as to what to do. We were leaning towards just going with the Alside Mezza and doing the back of the house to begin with. The company (NewVue) and their installers have great reviews in the Cincinnati area, and they have lifetime installation warranty. However, after doing research, it seems that most people do not have great reviews of Alside Mezza.

Are we naive going for the Alside Mezza because of what feels like a great price? We haven’t seen it in person, and are also nervous about ruining the look of the house by just going with a window that will look cheap.

Do you have recommendations for reasonably priced windows that look good in historic houses? We can’t seem to find a middle ground in terms of aesthetic and pricing.

Catherine - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Catherine, so your two bids are more or less on the opposite sides of the window price spectrum. The Renewal bid is at $2K per window and the Alside Mezzo is $375 per window. I think you need to keep looking. The Mezzo isn't a bad window, but I'm not a fan of the pocket sill or the overall strength of the frame. I think you can get a MUCH better window for $500 to $600 per window.

On the plus side, Ohio has lots of options that will offer better energy efficiency and durability at a competitive price -- again, I'm hoping in the $500 to $600 installed range. So Okna windows should have a local dealer in the Cincinnati area. They have a 600 series that is not quite as good as their 500 series but might work price wise. Their 500 series Insultec option is quite good and their premium 800 series is one of the best vinyl windows on the market. Each of these models comes in an interior wood laminate that is pretty tough to tell apart from real wood except at close range. The performance data on any of these is going to be far superior to any wood clad window.

Sunrise and Soft-Lite also should have dealers in your area and these two companies, along with Okna, are the three best vinyl window companies out there (in my opinion). So they all carry a number of different window series from entry level to premium. With Soft-Lite and Sunrise, I would love to see you NOT go with their entry level series, but their mid range offerings are very good and the dealers should be able to order all of them in an interior wood laminate that hopefully will work with your historic house requirements and aesthetics.

If and when you do get bids from them, send them over to me and I'll be happy to take a look and tell you which one is offering the best deal.

Good luck and congratulations on the new purchase!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna Windows Reviews Cincinnati

Dane,I need some direction. I should replace my Anderson wood windows, barely double pane windows original to my Cincinnati, OH, 1982 home as I notice some dampness in the more SW facing windows near the glass. They also create a lot of heat in the summer, and I’m sure AI in the winter. I’m looking to replace them with vinyl windows as my home is mid-range not high end.

I have 18 windows. 6@ 32”x67” and 7@32”x50,” and the remaining are smaller sized.

I received a quote for Prolite Elements windows for $11,886. I don’t know if that’s a good quote? I’m not sure I want to spend that much. I don’t know if I’ll be in the home for more than 5-10 yrs.

Which mid-range window would be the best value to investigate? I think I have several options here such as Polaris, Zen, and others.

Thank you.

Melissa - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Melissa, so the Soft-Lite Elements is an excellent vinyl window, one of the very best on the market. $660 per window for the Elements is a very fair price. However, if you are only going to be in the house for 5 to 10 years, you probably don't need to get a premium vinyl window. For instance, you could go back to the Soft-Lite dealer and see what he would charge for the Classic or Pro models. These are both good vinyl windows, great for your purposes, but should be more in the $500 to $550 per window price range.

You could also get a bid from an Okna dealer on their 600 series, which is a very solid vinyl window that should be in that same range. You should also consider Sunrise windows as well, their Standard series is quite a nice unit. You are correct that Zen (they sell Soft-Lite relabeled windows) and Polaris Windows also make a good product.

The bottom line is this: a good solid mid range vinyl window from one of these brands should be perfect for your window replacement project. Get a couple of bids and see how they stack up to one another. I'm happy to take a look and give you my opinion on what your have.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna vs ProVia Windows

Hello, which is a better double hung ...OKNA Eco-Pro 600 series or the ProVia Endure?

It is going to be very expensive. Six of them are large...35 by 70. Eight are 35 by 58. Three are 34 by 50. Two are 33 by 40. Three are 33 by 70. Three are 21 by 43. One is 31 by 52..........26 windows all together. Provia Endure series cost estimate is $19,491. The OKNA Series 600 Eco-Pro estimate is $20,544.

I am still waiting for the estimate on the Okna 500 series to come in ( also how the 3rd company will install the windows). I do want them to remove the siding and remove the old flange and install new and then replace the siding. What do you think. Right now I have builder grade windows (Farley windows).

Mary - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Mary, those bids are pretty good considering all of the siding work that is involved. You are right to do the job correctly and get it done properly. I think I would pay the extra for the Okna 600. I like the Okna 500 more but 600 is still quite a good window. Let me know how the project turns out and good luck!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna 600 Windows Reviews

I have a quote for Okna ECO-PRO 600 series. It is for 10 windows including installation for $9,9093.30. Is this a reasonable quote or do you think this is high for 9 windows.

Mary - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Mary, this is an expensive quote, although I don't have any information on the details. I would absolutely recommend getting a few more bids to see how they compare.

Search for Sunrise, Soft-lite, Polaris, Zen, Vytex, and Wincore. I listed these vinyl window manufacturers in order from best reputation to good reputation. Find the local companies that carry these brands, call them up, and get a few free bids. Make sure to tell each one that you are comparing bids and that you would appreciate their best bid at the start.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2018

Okna 600 Windows Reviews

How does Okna 600 replacement windows compare to Trustguard?

Jackie - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Jackie, the NEBP Trustguard window is decent; it's essentially the drop down or step down from the Crusader series that they sell. All in all, a decent but not great vinyl window.

The Okna 600 Eco Pro is an excellent window, with performance numbers to back it up. The Okna is the better brand and the better window. Now, how do the installers match up? Okna usually uses well respected local dealers, but NEBP's has a solid reputation as well. Assuming the installation quality is the same, the Okna 600 wins hands down.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

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700 Series Reviews

The 700 series is the company's casement and awning vinyl window styles. Essentially, the 700 series uses the same mainframe, parts, and hardware as the Okna 800 series. One of the best casement/awning options on the market as far as I am concerned. I would give the Okna 700 Series a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Okna Windows Reviews

Hi Dane, we will few bids that we are considering. One is on the MI the 5500 series and the other is on the Okna 700 casement series. The price is roughly the same at $920 per window. So since that is a head to head matchup, what would be your recommendation?

Sammy - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sammy, these are both fantastic window options. I’m not even sure I can choose one over the other. But if I had to, I guess I would save the oak 700. I think the smarter advice I can give you this to save this: go with the company that has the better online ratings. This will make a much bigger difference to the overall quality of your investment over which of these two amazing windows you choose. The looks of it, the price seems about fair for both of these top tier final witness

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

Okna Windows Complaint

I also wanted to ad I was in favor of Okna casement windows but the only company selling them in eastern ks is Continental Siding out of KC. They quoted me over $41,000 for them and the Sunrise & soft-lite window bids were a little over $21k as you could see in the attached bids on my email. When visiting with my neighbor about windows who is also my insurance agent, he mentioned another customer of his that had CS install windows and have had many ongoing problems with the install. Hearing that, I marked them off my list although it was one of my favorites.

Pat - Homeowner - from 2023

Connect with Local Window Companies

Casement 700 Series Bid

Hi Dane, So, I got a quote from Homesealed. Maybe my thinking on the cost of windows is off, so, please help me to understand and figure out whether this cost is exuberant or not. I need a total of 32 windows. This includes 26 "full sized" windows and 4 inoperable octagon, all casements.

3 21 1/2 x 70
12 27 1/2 x 63 1/2
1 57 x 63 1/2
1 69 1/2 x 63 1/2
6 27 1/2 x 51 1/2
2 27 7/16 x 51 1/2
2 28 1/2 x 64 1/2
1 28 1/2 x 52 1/2
4 20 1/4 octagon

Homesealed's quote is for casement 700 series, SDL grids-priced optional, colonial, bronze outside-stock priced, melrose cherry laminate inside-stock priced, and matte bronze hardware-stock priced. Quote is slightly above $40,000, which is approximately 1,250.00 per window.

There is nothing unusual or special about my project. In addition-if rotten wood is found, cost of wood is 12.00 per ft, not a major concern because we don't expect to find much at all. This price seems a bit high. Do you think this is because Homesealed seems to be the only dealer in the area? I have an upcoming consultation with a Sunrise Dealer. Please help.

Johnnie - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Johnnie, that price sure seems high to me. I think you are right that his pricing is high because he's the only Okna dealer. I'd lover for you to go take a look at the page on our site with Okna Windows reviews for some addl info. I'd like to see what the Sunrise dealer comes in at. Any luck with Polaris, Soft-Lite, or Kensington options? Zen might have a branch near you as well -- they sell Soft-Lite windows.

I think you need to get two more bids to see how Homesealed's price compares...I'm thinking way high...that outside frame color can add quite a bit to the price, as well as the laminate and bronze hardware. What was his price just on a white 700 series?

Tim - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna 700 Series Reviews

Trying to decide on replacement windows in our home. We need full frame replacement to replace our old Andersen wood window. Looking at either fiberglass or vinyl. So far, the three best options we have include the Zen Lotus series, the Okna 700 series, and the Marvin Infinity series. This is our last term house so we want to get the best.

We need to get a cost effective window that can handle our difficult winters. I'd love to get your two cents on our situation. Thanks in advance!

Thank you.

Jon - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jon, you don't mention pricing so I have to answer the question without the costs to compare them to. The Okna 700 would be my first pick, followed by the Marvin Infinity, and finally the Zen Lotus. I have to say these are three excellent options. The other thing to look closely at is the company doing the installation. This will make a big difference.

Let me know.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Okna Casement Reviews

We have 14 windows that need to be replaced. I looked at the Simonton 5500, which was nice, but really bulky. I looked at Okna casements, but they are $12,500, which is way over my $10K budget.

I'm waiting to get a bid from Ply Gem and Sunrise windows.

Jeff - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Jeff, the price quoted on those Okna casements is pretty darn high. I agree with you that Simonton Windows are fairly bulky.

Sunrise makes a good vinyl window that is slimmer, but is going to be similarly priced to the Okna.

Ply Gem windows are on par with Simonton and the Ply Gem premium window is a good option that should be less expensive. Not sure how it compares frame thickness wise, but definitely worth a look.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Connect with Local Window Companies

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Okna 800 Windows Reviews And Prices

The 800 EnviroStar series is regarded as one of the top vinyl windows available. The Envirostar is very popular, with a frame thickness of 0.80, which makes it very durable and strong. The U-value is 0.25, SHGC .30 (without grids), condensation resistance 62, and air infiltration is 0.01. This AI cannot be beat -- literally it's as low as you can get.

The Okna 800 series differs from the Okna 500 series in the following ways. The 800 gets a .01 AI (the 500 gets a .02), the 800 has a magnetic seal along the bottom of its lower sash (the 500 does not), the 800 uses a metal lift rail (the 500 uses a vinyl lift rail), the 800 allows consumers to upgrade to a brass or nickel harware (the 500 does not), and finally the 800 offers SDL (simulated divided light) while the 500 offers only internal grids.

Okna 800 is one of the highest priced vinyl windows on the market and with good reason. This is the window I would put in my house if I could afford it. The Okna 800 is available in a variety of colors and finishes for both the interior and exterior, plus some excellent hardware options including brass.
I would give the Okna 800 Series a 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Okna 800 Series Reviews

Thank you for the window recommendation list for Wisconsin! We certainly get plenty of cold weather and hot weather and everything in between! I am attaching a copy of the quote I received from Jordan for the Okna 800 series. This is for replacing every window in my house. Plus it adds two new ones to the west side of my house to bring in some additional natural light. And it includes replacing one door to my deck where the glass has failed. I think my windows are pretty large? I am not sure the average sizes! ( Jordan Windows Reviews )

I would appreciate any comments or suggestion you have and would love to hear your opinion. The company giving me the quote has an excellent reputation for installation and customer service which is why I asked for a quote from them.

Work involved: furnish and install 15 double hung, 3 double casement, (1) 3-lite double hung, (5) 3-lite casement, 2 pictures, 2 casement, 1 bay in Okna 700/800 series white in and out, white hardware, contoured GBG upper/lower sash. Albany door #90, SB, HR in, clear glass, white in and out, white jamb in and out, double bore, satin nickel hinges, z-sill threshold

This is in Wisconsin and the total cost was $55.3K.

Sheryl - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sheryl, I have heard of Jordan and yes they get great reviews. Not a cheap bid, but a fair bid from what I saw in the estimate. I'd probably still collect a few more if you haven't already, but it's a solid bid for the work being done!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

Okna 800 Reviews 2023

Hi Dane, I was hoping you could take a look at our quote for OKNA windows. Our whole house needs to be done but we are starting with 5 dormers, a two wide double hung and a casement. Below are the specifics. What are your thoughts? Many thanks for the information you provide on this site. I had not heard of OKNA before we started this project and your information on your site is very helpful. All new construction, 800 series double hung 11/16 contoured grilles. low e/argon gas filled. sliding 1/2 screens fine mesh, foam filled frames. 5- 29x63 double hung with 1/2 circles mulled to the top. - $2,400x5= $12,000. 1- 59x55.75 double hung 2 wide. $2,300. 1- Casement 2 wide, Great Lakes Comfort Smart casements. No grills, tempered glass required. $2,500.

Total $16,800.

I think I would prefer full screens on the double hungs if available? Also not sure about the great lakes casement. I think it may have been because of the tempered glass requirement. I would prefer to stay with one brand house wide for window tint color uniformity. Again, appreciate your thoughts.

Mike - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor Answers]

Mike, I think the bid looks pretty fair given the series, configurations, and the installation requirements. (I always suggest getting 3 to 4 bids just to see if you can't find a better bid or can use a cheaper bid as leverage, but that is totally up to you.)

I agree with you on the Great Lakes casements -- that seems odd for an Okna dealer to suggest mixing and matching -- the Okna 800 can be ordered in tempered glass...I would ask for clarification on this. I agree that you want the same look on all the windows if possible.

I personally like the full screens and think it's a nice upgrade to have.

How does the installer/installation company do on online reviews???

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

OKNA 800DX Or Composite???

HI Dane, I used your website and had a couple good dealers come by and was wanting to pick your brain.

The salesman showed us some OKNA 800DX windows and felt the composite window was a better bet for our climate in Wisconsin and character of our house. Not sure if that was just blowing smoke. We also need the exterior of the window painted and are having grids placed in the top pane.

They were also going to insulate the weight pockets of our old windows and do some extra insulation work around them. Would be a pocket style replacement. The quote for 11 windows was $22,000. If we did the top tier Vinyl Window option it would be about 3k cheaper, and if we didn't have exterior color it would be 3k cheaper than that. Wondering if that all sounds reasonable. Overall they came in 10k less than RBA, and 6k more than a mid-level Alside vinyl window.

Thank you for any insight you may have.

Demetri - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Demetri, I know that for those cold climates that many installers like the composite over the vinyl. I never installed in cold climates, but lots of guys preferred the composite so yes that sounds right. He was talking about the Okna Starmark Evo yes? It is an excellent window, but it is expensive -- not nearly as expensive as the RBA though and it blows the door off the RBA window. All of that pricing sounds correct to me. And going with the Okna over the Alside is the right move for sure. Most of those Okna dealers are really good though -- not inexpensive but probably the best windows out there in my opinion!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Connect with Local Window Companies

800DX Envirostar Bid

I have received several window quotes and am beginning to feel lost in the process given every product is vastly different. We are doing a total of 14 windows all of which are fairly large. We are planning on staying in our home for another 40 years so I want to make a good decision. Given the expense I want to make sure we make a good decision.

My original top runners were between the okna 800dx and starmark. Starmark was the composite option but I'm not sure if it is worth the extra money when the 800 seems to preform well also. I did notice yesterday that moving parts were not included in the okna warranty which is now making me second guess the choice to go with one of those two okna options. I liked the sunrise restoration on paper but we had an extremely awkward salesman so I didn't get much good information from his pitch.

Renewal by Andersen, although having a good reputation in our area, is the lowest on my list as I am not impressed by their warranty and they were the highest bid without including our ideal features (they were all white where all the others were a wood look). Our quotes are as follows:

800dx envirostar: 20655

Starmark evo 7500: 23562

Sunrise restoration: 19407

Apex energy solutions insignia (made by alside): 14950

Renewal by Andersen: 25326

Any advice you can give is welcome!

Kim - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kim, if you are staying in the home long term, which it sounds like you are, I would rank the bids as such: 800dx envirostar: 20655, Sunrise restoration: 19407, Starmark evo 7500: 23562. The Sunrise Restorations is a great window, but the Okna 800DX is the best out there in my opinion.

If you were staying in the home 10 years or less, I would probably take a hard look at the Apex bid, which is a good window, but can't compete with the Okna or Sunrise.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Okna 800 Super Deluxe Window Quote

Hello Tim, I happen to come across your website while searching for window reviews and it has been very helpful to say the least. We have 42 windows to replace (11 half rounds, 2 sliding, and 29 double hungs).

Currently we have two quotes:

Okna 800 Super Deluxe (triple pane) for $33,000

Restoration Sunrise (upgrade to triple pane promotion) for $36,500

Any thoughts on the quotes we received and which one you'd prefer. Thanks for the help and your site is a great read.

Marc - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Marc, I'm assuming the prices are generally fair given the relative closeness of the bids. These windows are very comparable. The Okna is the better performer and the Restorations is the thinner window frame. I personally think the Okna 800 is the best vinyl window on the market. So to save $3K and get the best of the best would be my call, assuming the Okna dealer has a good online reputation and solid reviews.

I think you could always get more bids to see if a better option is out there, but that's totally up to you.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna Enviro-Star Windows Cost

Hello Dane & Tim,

Thank you for providing this website. It has helped me immensely in trying to wade through all the replacement window choices. I would appreciate any guidance you can provide on my replacement window project.

I am replacing all 25 of my 1983 builder grade, single pane, wood windows with all white vinyl windows. There will be 23 typically sized double hungs and 2 picture windows sized 36"x54" and 48"x54". My wife and I are in our early 70's and plan to live out our remaining years here.

The quotes I received are all from local window companies I found on Angie's list or through neighbor's recommendations. I realize there are a lot of quotes here but in this day of the Coronavirus I simply emailed each company a list of my window sizes and they responded quickly with quotes.

Alside Mezzo $9,885

Simonton Reflections $10,985

Soft-Lite Barrington $11,645

Soft-Lite Bainbridge $11,810

Insul-Tec 500 $12,433

Enviro-Star 800 $13,788

Soft-Lite Pro $14,302

MI 1555 $14,145

Sunrise Essentials $14.907

Soft-Lite Elements $15,277

Your comments on your favorite choice(s) and the corresponding price(s) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Tom - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Tom, I understand your reticence to have the companies come out and give you quotes. You have some excellent quotes there. So you are staying in your home for a long time and want a good window at a reasonable price. I will put my top four choices (in terms of window and price taken together) from best to less best.

1. OKNA Insul-Tec $12,433

2. OKNA Enviro-Star $13,788

3. Soft-Lite Pro $14,302

4. Soft-Lite Elements $15,277

The only thing that would change this is if the Simonton quote is for the Reflections 5500 series, which is quite a good vinyl window. If so, I might slot this one in second or third. The window isn't as good as the others, but that price quote is quite good. I'm not a huge fan of the Alside Mezzo, the Barrington and Bainbridge are decent windows, but the Okna 500 at that price is really good.

Essentially $500 for the Okna 500 installed is REALLY hard to beat. Great window at a great price. The Okna 800 is an even better window, but that's your call if you want to upgrade for an extra $1.4K.

Stay healthy during these trying times.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2020

Okna 800 Vinyl Windows

Good morning, I received a bid for 25 full frame replacement Okna 800 vinyl windows. The bid is $23,600. Most of the windows are approx. 30X72.

My current wood windows are 30 year old MW windows with 20% of the window sashes losing their seal. Can I expect more of them to lose their seal over the next 10-20 years if I only go with partial replacement at this time?

Thanks very much for your site. It's great!

Joe - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joe, the Okna 800 is a fantastic window. Seal failure shouldn't happen with a top notch window like Okna, but in the span of 20 years, it could happen to one of the windows. Partial or full replacement shouldn't affect seal failure. Pocket replacement is a self contained unit that only lacks the nailing fin of a new construction window. The difference between the two is in the installation process itself.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Okna 800 Series Deluxe vs. Thermal 9000

Dane, we have 23 large windows to replace and want an oak interior. The triple pane Thermal 9000 window with pocket replacement was bid out at $18562, while the double pane Okna 800 series deluxe was bid out at $18380. We live near Cleveland, Ohio. Also, is pocket replacement or full frame replacement the better option?

Jane - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Thermal Industries manufactures a good vinyl window, but Okna manufactures a much better vinyl window. I personally would go with a double pane Okna 800 than the triple pane Thermal Industries triple pane. Okna just makes a better window.

In terms of installation, full frame replacement is the more thorough approach than pocket. With pocket, you lose glass area. Since the costs are comparable, I'd do the full frame Okna option myself.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

OKNA 800 vs. Harvey Tribute

Hi, I'm looking at the Okna 500 and Harvey Tribute series for our colonial comeback east. I was wondering which window you would recommend between these two. Would you recommend I upgrade to the 800 if I do go with the Okna option?

Thanks for your time!

Jim - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

James, between the Okna 500 and Harvey Tribute, my pick would be the Okna 500. It's the better window in my opinion. The Okna 800 is an excellent window, with a few nice upgrades. I would get a bid on both and have the sales person point out the little differences between the windows. Once you see them and the price difference, you can make the decision on whether you want the upgrade or not. The 500 is an excellent window though. The 800 is even better.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Okna 800 vs 500

Dear Tim, I am replacing 9 double hungs i have a price that is $50 a window higher for the 800 than the 500. Is the $450 worth paying for the 800? Please advise as to your thoughts. Thanks.

Rick - Homeowner - from 2016

[Website Editor Answers]

Rick, $450 for the Okna 800 is kind of ridiculously low. I usually expect this window to run more like $650 to $700 per window. Yes, the 800 model is worth an additional $50 over the Okna 500 model. Both are excellent vinyl windows, some of the best in the business.

I almost hate posting this to the website because other consumers might expect to get Okna windows at this price. If the deal is from a reputable dealer with a good track record for installation, I would jump on it!

Tim - Website Editor - from 2016

Okna 800 vs Marvin Integrity

Hi Dane, Love your website! It is very helpful. Question: Would you go with >Marvin Integrity over one of the high end vinyl replacement options from Okna? Even though Integrity only has a 10 year warranty (from what the salesman told me) I am leaning toward it. I live in Washington DC where we get both warm and cold weather. Maybe that is crazy and I should just choose the one with the lifetime warranty like the Okna.

I would love to buy Infinity (life of the home warranty) but the Marvin Infinity price quote is $48,000 versus $28,000 for Integrity.

Angela - Homeowner - from 2016

[Website Editor Answers]

Hi Angela, I would go with high end vinyl window like Okna over the Integrity. The performance data is going to be much better on the Okna 800 than the Integrity or Infinity. I agree that the Marvin Infinity window is the better of the two, but not for almost double the price. That's crazy. If it were me, I'd get a bid on one or two of the high end vinyl windows like Okna 800 and Soft-Lite Imperial LS or Restorations and compare the cost, overall look, and all of the performance data to the Integrity. This should give you enough information to make a much more informed decision.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2016

Okna Windows vs Marvin

I have found your website very helpful, and appreciate the advice you offer. We are in a traditional colonial with wooden (1990's) oriel windows. One broken window, a few difficult to open, and no tilt in feature have me in the market to replace. I have narrowed to Okna 800 series for high end vinyl, and Marvin Infinity...both are highly rated on this site. Cost is significantly higher with the Marvin (9K for 8 double hung) vs under 5K using Okna. I'm sold that Okna is an efficient window, and it is nice looking with an upgrade to metal hardware. I am simply concerned about losing glass space and overall appearance in comparison to my existing wood.

Of course the Marvin rep says his window would outperform vinyl in resale, appearance and durability. I know that windows are a great and worthwhile investment, but I am still undecided if better to invest in the much more expensive Marvin Infinity line or in the very highly rated Okna vinyl. Both seem to have solid warranties. Any input on these...or would you steer me to another brand that supplies northeast Ohio?

Lisa - Homeowner - from 2016

[Website Editor Answers]

Hi Lisa, I think you have two very good options here in the Marvin Infinity window and the Okna 800 window. I would say that the price difference definitely warrants going with the Okna -- I think the loss of glass area would be very minimal between the two. One option you may want to ask the Okna rep about is an upgrade to an interior wood grain laminate -- Okna makes a very nice one that looks quite similar to wood, but without the requirements of wood.

In terms of performance, the 800 series is superior to the Infinity by far. The Infinity is quite a nice looking window in my opinion, but the 800 series with the interior laminate and the metal hardware is pretty tough to beat.

As far as resale value, I can't see that being much of a factor. Keep the performance numbers handy on the Okna (especially the .01 air infiltration number) and hand it to the potential owners and tell them that they are buying a house with the most energy efficient windows on the market -- just leave out the vinyl part, it's got to one of the least sexiest words in the english language!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2016

Okna vs Soft-Lite

I have been looking for replacement windows for a vacation home I have in Franklin, NC. I do not want to buy them at a big box store. And I have my own installer. I am considering the Affinity Elite series, Soft-Light Pro series or a similarly quality product. I need excellent protection from the cold. I have been unable to find where to purchase them from directly. Could you please help me with information of where to purchase a good window? Thank you for your help

Cynthia - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Cynthia, the Soft-Lite Pro is a very good window. Can I ask you about the Affinity Elite, because the company is now out of business and if you have access to their windows, I'd love to hear about it because I have a homeowner who wants to finish up her house with these windows (she used them for ½ and then stopped the project) but now can't find them. Having said that, if I were you, I would NOT use the Affinity Windows, although your contractor may be giving you a great deal because the company is no longer making the windows (obviously I don't know the details).

If you already have an installer, have him call up Okna and see if he can get the 500 series or the 800 series. Or call up Sunrise and see if he can get their standard Sunrise window shipped to you. Some companies are willing to ship like this. Polaris also makes a great window.

It is true that many window companies may not be willing to do this and go around their reps, but it doesn't hurt to ask. I know out here on the West Coast, Home Depot carries the Andersen 100 composite window, which I think is a decent window, almost on par with the Soft-Lite Pro. They sell it for a very good price and with a meeting rail reinforcement and glass upgrade, I'd certainly consider this for my house. Especially if you have an installer that you like.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2016

Okna 800 Series Enviro-Star

On the 800 Series Enviro-Star are they Foam Filled? Do they make custom size windows? Does the customer have to ask if they want foam filled Vinyl windows? Are the 800 series argon filled?

Raymond - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Raymond, the 800 series is a fantastic vinyl window, probably the best there is. The company offers a Deluxe option on any of their window models that includes the foam fills and a locking screen. Probably worth the extra money, perhaps an extra $50 to $75 per window.

You should be able to custom order your windows for the local Okna rep, who will come to your home, measure all your windows, and order each window to fit your existing openings.

Good luck and if you think about it, get back to us after your windows are replaced and let us know how your project went so we can report back to other consumers!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Okna 800 Windows Reviews

I don't think there's much question that the 800 is one of the best. I'd certainly consider it among the top 4 or 5 vinyl windows out there. The double pane window has a U-value of .25, air infiltration .01, and DP of 60. That beats pretty much any of their competitors. They definitely beat Simonton, although Simonton has really good customer service. The Simonton is a solid window that won't give you any trouble, but they aren't exciting. Oknas have the features and options to push it up to a higher class. They are more like the >Sunrise, Gorell, and SoftLite.

Wayne - Industry Expert - from 2009

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Okna 1800 Triple Pane Series

The 1800 series is the top-of-the-line 800 series in a triple pane glass. The low-e glass it comes with contains 22 layers as opposed to 11 with the 800 series. It has a U-factor if .18 (the 800 has a .26 U-value), a .25 SHGC, an air leakage of .01, and a condensation resistance of 75 (up from 62). It is truly an exceptional vinyl window. Expect to pay $100 more for this upgrade per window. I would give the Okna 1800 Series a 5 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Okna 1800 Bid Review

Hey Tim, thanks for running such a great website! After buying my parents home from them, I’m tasked with replacing their 20 year old windows. I received the attached bid for replacement in the northern VA area. The salesman educated me on all the window rating factors and since I’ll be in this home for the next 20-30 years, was leaning toward the 1800 series. Any thoughts on this and the pricing?

Many thanks!

Brian - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Hey Brian, thanks for the kind words. So the company you got the bid from is a well known company with great reviews and a great track record...so they aren't going to be the cheapest in town. But they are going to give you great service, a really great window, and they'll be there for you if something happens down the road. Trade offs, right?

So $700 per window for the Okna 500 is a decent price. $778 for the 800 series is a decent price and same goes for the triple pane 1800. You definitely are not getting taken to the cleaners as they say.

You might ask if they'd be willing to give you the Okna 800 for the $19140 that they offered you for the 500 series. Or the 1800 for the 800 price. I'm not quite sure how willing these guys are to negotiate, but it can't hurt to try. I think if they had a gap in their schedule they wanted to fill it. I'd ask for it and if they say no, thank them and wait for a few days to see if they change their mind.

I'd love to hear what happens so please let me know how it goes!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

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Okna Starmark Series Reviews And Prices

The Starmark series is a composite frame that tends to be thicker than vinyl, which makes for a strong and durable window, but also means less glass area. It is considered one of the best composite frames, but home owners with smaller window openings might prefer something with more glass. This model is comparable to a Renewal By Andersen, although the Okna often gets better reviews at a lower price. See more Renewal By Andersen reviews. I would give the Okna Starmark Series a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Starmark Project

Hi Tim, last year I replaced 7 windows in my 2 yr old townhome in Gilbertsville, PA. Original PlyGem windows were OK but the install was terrible...drafty, etc. The Volpe Enterprise installers removed all of the siding, removed the PlyGem window, installed the replacement (not new construction) OKNA Starmarks, put ‘pink’ insulation around the frame and caulked inside and out. The windows were installed from the outside making sure that the house wrap was completely taped off. Only inside work involved caulking. The first winter proved that OKNA was a good investment as my home was draft free and comfortable. I paid, on average $850 per window.

I have 5 remaining windows needing replacement. However, the original installer just gave me a written quote of $5756. OUCH!

Last week, another independent installer quoted me $3835, however the quote specifies that the windows are installed from inside the house. They do not remove the siding; they use spray foam as insulation.

Although the pricing difference is significant, my fear is that the independent installer is cutting corners by his installation method. He too quoted replacement, not new construction, windows.

My question for you: what installation method is more effective and why?

I appreciate your response. Thanking you in advance.

Clare - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Clare, there is no single answer to your question, "what installation method is more effective and why?"

Full replacement is a more complete method and more expensive and often saves a little glass area. The siding removal and replacement makes this a more expensive process.

Retrofit is a less invasive method, but you will lose some glass area.

I think the real question is the condition of the frames of the original windows. If they are in decent shape then you can do retrofit and it can be a good method.

>It's hard to sort of diagnose through the internet. Best way to know what the proper method is -- get more installers to come out and give you their opinions. At some point, you will have enough opinions where a consensus is formed as to what method you should use. Then pick the best installer of the bunch :)

Tim - Website Editor - from 2018

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Starmark vs. Sunrise Restorations

Hi, we have a 30 year old home that needs 36 replacement windows and one sliding patio door. We have four bids that are all over the place.

Okna 500: $28,600

Okna Starmark: $33,000

Soft-Lite Imperial LS: $46,550

Sunrise Restorations: $53,000

Is there one quote that stands out from the others?

Kristen - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Kristen, the Okna bids are less expensive and still provide you with an excellent window. The only question you have to decide is whether the composite frame is worth an extra $4400. The Okna 500 is very good and the Okna Starmark is the best composite frame on the market. Either way you can't go wrong!

Tim - Website Editor - from 2018

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Okna Windows Reviews :: Starmark Evo Series

The Starmark Evo or 7500 series is the updated Starmark composite model from Okna. The 7500 Evo looks to have made some nice improvements to the original Starmark and the air infiltration improvement from .05 to .03 seems to bear this out. I would give the Okna Starmark Evo Series a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Thanks for these comments, Dane. The rep who sells Okna also is putting together a quote for Evo (7500) which is their "newest series, beautifully crafted with advanced polymeric composite (APC)". Any thoughts here?

Derrick - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Yes, he is correct in that statement -- but I also think he's buttering you up for when he gives you the estimate -- I'm assuming that statement means he's going to charge a lot. He's really good and knowledgeable (I've seen a lot of his stuff on other forums), but you definitely pay for the privilege...let's see what it comes to and go from there...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Okna Starmark In California

Hi Dane and Tim, we are in Santa Barbara CA and in the process of building a home. We will be off grid using solar power and need thermally efficient doors and windows.

I called Starmark Evo to ask if they had a dealer in CA and they told me they do not service CA.

We need to be title 24 compliant and need to have tempered glass on the exterior with annealed or tempered glass on the inside as we are in a high fire risk zone.

The prices for wood, Aluminum and Aluminum clad windows and doors are ridiculous.

I am looking for high quality vinyl or composite doors and windows and was hoping you can suggest a few names.

Also we are looking for bi-fold patio doors in preferably the same make and brand as the windows.

Thank you.

Protima - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Protima, unfortunately Okna doesn't have any windows out here in California. I will send you my list of best California replacement window options for you to take a look at.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

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Okna Starmark vs. 500

The two choices the company I’m dealing with gave me is okna 500 insultec or Star Mark (I didn’t see you mention star Mark) is there another name for it? Or is star Mark just one of the other series numbers? I’m sorry I’m trying to understand and figure out what this star Mark is. Thank you for this site. You are so helpful.

Sharon - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Sharon, yes the Starmark is the company's composite frame, the best composite on the market in my opinion, but a bit bulkier than their other models. I would definitely go with the 500 Insultec if you want to keep the frame on the thinner side.

You just can't go wrong with the Okna 500 series. One of the best.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Evo Starmark Composite vs. Renewal

Hi Dane, we have 11 windows that we need to replace on Cape Cod, definitely a Northern climate. I’d like to get ones that will withstand the northern maritime climate there, and ones that will not need paint once installed. We’ll need frames and all to be replaced.

We have already hired a contractor, so i did not finish the forms that you supply. I’m inclined toward composite but recently read that, at least with Andersen, both of its components are soft materials (yellow pine and plastic), therefore the author expects them to warp over time. Do you have similar concerns? Also, I’d like them to be energy star rated.

I know that Andersen has a good reputation but I’m not opposed to going with another company that has a good product but might be less expensive.

Your thoughts?

Thank you very much.

Elizabeth - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Elizabeth, I've never heard of the composite frame warping over time. Wood, yes, but the composite process is totally different. That said, I'm not a huge fan of the composites like Renewal By Andersen over a top tier vinyl window. Okna makes the best composite window in the Okna Evo Starmark series.

Yes, Andersen is a big name, but Andersen mostly makes wood clad windows, which are not ideal for a home close to the water. I would stick to a high quality vinyl window myself. Or the Starmark if available. Here is my list of good and great window series to consider.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Starmark Evo Composite Series

Dane, so sorry to bother you again. We got a hold of the Okna dealer in Iowa. He is really pushing Okna composite. What’s your opinion on this vs the 500 or 800 Okna? Thank you so much for your opinion. There is so much out there too many choices- confusing. Your site is great help. Thank you very much!

Have you heard of Dharma. Patio slider that is what Zen has on quote?

Scott - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Scott, the Dharma patio slider is a Soft-Lite patio sliding door. Very nice and one that I would have in my own house.

Okna makes the Starmark composite window and the newer Starmark Evo or 7500 series. The newer version is very good -- the old version was one of the best composite windows on the market, but a bit bulky for my tastes. I've always been a big fan of both the Okna 500 vs 800 series, but the Evo composite is nice as well. The energy efficiency of the composite is not quite as good as the 500 and 800, but it's a long lasting window.

My advice would be to have the dealer come out and bring samples of each so you can pick each one up, compare sight lines, frame thickness, and overall aesthetics of the windows. Then make your choice based on what you feel most comfortable with. You're the one who has to look at it everyday (or through it).

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

[Scott's Reply

Thanks Dane, we have the sales rep coming out this week so we will ask him to bring it all. He was bragging up their (Okna)slider quite a bit. Once again we value your opinion it’s been very helpful with all the info out there —-gets quite confusing.

The rep who is coming on Thursday said he doesn't handle the series 500, but does handle a series 600 (all vinyl) which he says is competes in price with the composite. Is the 600 a higher end vinyl? He says because they are nearly the same price, he highly recommends the composite over the vinyl?


Scott - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Scott, both of these windows are great in my opinion. Personally, I would probably go with the 600 vinyl series, but I haven't seen the newer composite from Okna. The hands on test would be the make or break moment for me. Honestly, the installation quality is going to mean more than which of these two quality windows you choose...

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

[Scott's Reply

Thanks Dane, we have down-selected to the Starmark EVO 7500 Composite window. In addition, we are going with the Okna Elegante sliding Patio doors, with heavy duty rollers and Heatseal glass. We are about 8 weeks away from getting them in, but can let you know our thoughts on them, as we get them installed.

Best Regards.

Scott - Homeowner - from 2020

Starmark vs. Marvin Infinity

Hi Dane, are you familiar with the differences in these products. Did the 7500 series come out after you did your review online? Do you think the Starmark 7500 window is comparable to the Marvin infinity product. We live 20 miles north of NYC and have cold winters in a 1980s built house with many windows.

Thank you.

Robert - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Robert, my understanding is that the Okna 900 or Starmark is now being marketed by some dealers as the newest line called the Starmark Evo or 7500 series. So the Okna 900 was the normal Starmark and their newest offering is the 7500. Both excellent composite windows and the one I would pick if they actually sold in my area. The Evo looks to have made some nice improvements to the window and the AI drop from .05 to .03 seems to bear this out.

The Marvin Infinity is a nice fiberglass window and somewhere close to the top of my list when it comes to fiberglass windows. For my money, the clear winner in this head to head is the Starmark 7500. It's a bulky window, but a very nice composite window. Their wood laminates are also some of the best in the business.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

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Elegante Door Reviews

The Elegante series is another great product from a quality window and door company. The Elegante sliding glass door is one of the best vinyl sliding patio door on the market. I would give the Okna Elegante Door a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating.

Dane - Site Editor

Okna Elegante Patio Doors

Thank you for all the information on your website! I am looking to replace a sliding glass patio door and have received 3 quotes (ours is a custom 5.5 ft door) - $4500 was the Renewal by Andersen Cost, $1900 for an Alside (he simply referred to it as "turnkey"), and $1998 for an Okna Elegante. Does a company's reputation/reviews on their windows translate to the quality of their doors? Do you have any thoughts on these three companies regarding their door quality and these prices? Based on my own research Okna seems like the best value, but there is so much information overload out there I'd love to hear your input! Thank you!

Sara - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Sara, while window quality does not always translate to doors, although generally it does. Let's start with the Renewal quote. Renewal makes a good door but as you have probably surmised it's expensive. In my opinion the renewal windows and doors are too expensive for what you get. Especially with the Okna Bid.

Alside manufactures an okay patio door but at the same price as the Okna Elegante, it really isn't a contender in my opinion.

Okna manufactures very good windows and doors and this is the option I would go with. Without hesitation.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2016

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General Okna Windows Reviews

Okna In Atlanta Georgia

We are looking for an Okna dealer in NW Atlanta and am having a hard time finding one. Specifically, we are looking to replace 23 windows in our home. We found one company but they stated that they only will do typical replacement windows.

As well, we are looking for full frame replacements due to known water damage and are planning on doing siding at the same time. Could any contractor order them or can they only be purchased through authorized dealers? Any other suggestions on quality full frame window options in our neck of the woods. Thank you!

Julie - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Julie, I thought Atlanta had an Okna dealer — but they don’t do full tear outs??? That seems weird — maybe they are super busy and being lazy. Whatever the case, here are some other options.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Window King Installation

I can't thank you enough for doing what you do for us homeowners that are just trying to get a good product at a fair price to improve/maintain our homes.

I do feel like the contract with Window King is light on details in terms of general installation. For example shouldn't labor include "flashing" or is that just understood. They made it a point to say caulking inside and out, but why not flashing. Our current windows are original to the house so we believe they are new construction nail flange windows.

Therefore, I'm concerned that nothing is documented by Window King in the contract I shared with you about the general installation process. It could be that I've just been traumatized by the whole window shopping experience so I just instantly think the company is trying to pull a fast one over us.

During our discussion with Window King it was said that the windows would be installed from the interior. Also on the OKNA 500 sample we saw there was foam type insultation around exterior parameter of the window. What's the honest answer on what we should expect in terms of an replacement window install of an existing new construction nail flange window?

Once again thanks for you input and the service your site offers.

Diane - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Diane, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t mention flashing, but most consumers don’t know what that entails. I would call them up and ask them to take you through the process of installing their new construction windows. Ask about the flashing and see what they say. They might just not go through the entire process — I usually let their reviews tell me whether an operation is shady or not…

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

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Okna Recommendations In Phoenix

Tim, your guys site is amazing. I was pretty clueless going into the window buying process and your reviews and answers have helped a lot. I live in Phoenix and have single pane windows from the 1950s. The real thing I care about is efficiency. Keeping the heat out. After doing reading it looks like OKNA windows look to be good value because or price and efficiency. Would that be your recommendation is OKNA windows or do you have other suggestions? Also if the OKNA are good do you recommend the 400 series or what?

Travis - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Travis, unfortunately you aren't going to be able to find Okna in Phoenix. The west doesn't have most of my real top vinyl window producers. Anlin is available in Arizona, so is Milgard, whose new Trinsic line is nice looking and relatively energy efficient. Amerimax Windows might have a presence in Phoenix, as well as Marvin windows (fiberglass). These are the top manufacturers out west I'd say. An upgrade to a top end glass package would be something to consider if energy efficiency is your top concern.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

Okna vs Alside Fairfield 80 Series

Just found your website. We are replacing 8 aluminum framed single paned windows. They are all 48 x 72 inches. The top part are picture windows with an 18 inch awning type window on the bottom. 5 are second story windows above a large deck with 3 windows at deck level.

We have a quote from an Alside dealer using Fairfield 80 triple pane windows with a bottom slider. The quote is $8730 complete with installation. That seems very high to me so I am doing some further research.

You seem to like Okna windows. Don’t know if they are available in Oregon. Would you have any suggestion for our project. From online searching it appears that Alside windows are not highly regarded. Thanks for any help.

Chris - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Chris, I am not a huge fan of Alside windows, but some people think they are decent. I feel like they are more of a builder grade window and paying over a $1000 per seems a bit crazy to me -- although the awning window at the bottom throws a pretty big monkey wrench into that calculation.

Okna is definitely not available in Oregon. Milgard vinyl windows are a good quality and they should be available. Marvin as well, but they aren't cheap.

Amerimax may be available and they are solid for vinyl. Jeld Wen makes a wood clad window with an Aurlast wood treatment that comes with a lifetime warranty that I've heard good things about. I normally don't recommend Jeld Wen or wood, but the lifetime warranty is impressive.

To be honest, the west coast doesn't have the same quality vinyl window manufacturers as the east coast. However, we also don't have the extreme weather that they do there -- although Oregon obviously gets cold and wet in the winter.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Okna Windows vs Sunrise Verde

I live in New Jersey and need new windows and good ones at that. There are two options we are looking at, the Okna 800 and Sunrise Verde. There are some subtle differences between these windows and was wondering if you have any advice or suggestions.

We 1 octagon shaped window and 6 other double hungs. Both quotes are $3800. Thanks in advance.

Sonnie - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Sonnie, you have two excellent vinyl windows. Honestly, yes there are differences between these two windows, but both are very good. The quotes sound very fair. I would turn to the question of installation at this point as my deciding factor.

Tim - Website Editor - from 2016

Okna Windows vs Harvey Classic

I bought an old house in Boston that we are working with a contractor to renovate. We're hoping to move in this fall. Half of the house has been gutted.

The original part of the house is ~1850, and later additions seem to be 1880s-1910s. There are about 26 windows in the original part of the house that match in style but are slightly different sizes in different rooms. Then there are another dozen windows throughout in the newer parts of the house of varying sizes and styles. Almost all seem to be original to their time periods. About 80% are 6 over 6. They are all covered with aluminum triple track storms that are in fair to poor condition.

We were going to restore the windows ourselves, but it has turned into too big of a job with the time available before we can move in. We have removed all of the windows already. Our contractor says he can teach us to install replacements so we can save on installation costs.

I am disappointed to lose the the original windows, which are part of the charm of such an old house. But I am excited to get rid of the ugly aluminum storms and have a window I don't have to maintain. I looked around but the prices I'm getting for historically accurate simulated divided light windows are pretty high. Heirloom windows makes a very accurate window that has the efficiency and maintenance benefits of a modern clad window, but we got quoted $1000 per window.

Our contractor wants us to buy Harvey windows at $290 per opening. I'm assuming these are the Harvey Classics, but he hasn't said.

There's a nonprofit building services place down the street that also recommended Harvey. They have the Classics at $300 per opening and the Tribute at $352 per opening. They've suggested we upgrade to new construction windows in the part of the house that has been demo'd, which adds $40 per window. Harvey can add 3-part SDL for $119 per sash, but that's quite a lot of money for a purely aesthetic touch. If I buy from them this month I'll get 5% off.

Overall, I'd like to keep the price to $300-$400 per window if I am going to do the installation ourselves under our contractor's guidance.

My questions:

1. At this price range, should we go with Harvey or get something else? Is the extra $60 per window to go from the Classic to the Tribute worth it?

2. Is my contractor marking up the windows? I don't mind, since he needs to make a profit and is cutting us a lot of slack. I just want to know before I shop around since if I buy elsewhere I might end up taking money from his pocket and may need to work that back into the budget elsewhere.

3. Does it make sense to do the new construction windows where we're down to the studs anyway? What exactly is the difference? Do we get new jambs, sill, stoop, etc.?

4. Is there a decent simulated divided light window with a true 3-part muntin profile available in my price range?

Jason - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Jason, the Harvey Classic series and Harvey Tribute are both very solid mid range vinyl windows and the price you are getting quoted is very good. I can't say whether your contractor is marking them up, if he is, not by much. I think it makes sense to do the new construction where possible, the only real difference is the nail fin that comes with it and allows for more secure installation along the header and sides.

Are there better windows out there? Absolutely, but not many in the $300 to $400 range. This is actually a pretty low price range for replacement windows. One option you can consider is looking at Sunrise or Okna windows that use a laminate woodgrain on the interior - both of these companies make excellent vinyl windows and their laminates are pretty realistic looking. The two problems I see with this though is finding someone who will sell you just the window (without the installation) and the cost. These windows are going to be in the $400 to $600 range just for the window itself, depending on the glass, interior options, hardware, SDLs etc.

The reason I suggest at least taking a look is that you live in an area that gets some pretty severe weather and long term I think you would save more by going with a top end vinyl window that offers better energy efficiency.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2016

Okna Windows vs Simonton

I have gotten bids from OKNA and Simonton dealers, but the Okna rep wants to do pocket replacement and the Simonton guy wants to do a full frame replacement. Which is the best?

Eleanor - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Eleanor, I would get more bids and see what other installers have to say. The bids are free opinions and there is no right answer, it is completely dependent on your project particulars.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2016

Okna Windows Warranty

I liked the Okna windows really well, but the Wingler Window company sales person is what shot them down. I did not like games and he was playing with the prices. He tells me I need all the windows in rooms with water with tempered glass, I know that drives the prices up. He gives me a $25,000 price. Leaves and takes the fliers with him, then calls me back in about 20 minutes with my price down to about $22,000 without tempered glass in the windows and a company discount included. Then I get a price later that day of over $28,000, no tempered glass.

Then a few days later I get a $1500 discount and I hope that helps your price. I do not know what I was getting! Those windows were 36" x 60" (the ones he missed). I am only adding grids has an option. The glass was supposed to be upgraded and these windows were their ones with wood veneer, so their top of the line windows.

Robin - Homeowner - from 2015

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Okna Windows vs Andersen

How do these two companies stack up? This is a tricky question to answer for the following reason - I never know whether users are interested in finding out about Okna vs Andersen Windows or Okna vs Renewal By Andersen. I’m going to assume it’s Andersen Windows for the sake of argument here.

Okna and Andersen both sell their windows primarily through dealers (local window companies), although Andersen does sell certain series such as the 100 through the big box stores. While Andersen has dealers in all 50 states (I’m assuming Alaska, but I could be wrong), Okna covers much less geographic representation - they are currently unavailable in the western states, as well as in many of the southern states.

Okna sells mostly vinyl windows and doors, along with a composite Starmark series. All of their products are considered excellent. Andersen sells composite and wood clad windows. I would say Andersen makes very good windows - the 100 series is, I would say, decent.

Cost wise, Okna is an expensive brand for vinyl windows. Andersen is an expensive brand for composite and wood clad windows. Andersen Windows as a whole are quite a bit more expensive than Okna.

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Dane - Site Editor

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