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Window Capping Cost

Explore window capping cost and installation pricing on this very common process during a replacement project.

Dane - Site Editor - Updated in October, 2023

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Window Capping Cost

Dane and Tim, thank you for the helpful information and site. I was wondering what you thought of the following bids I received in NE Ohio for Okna windows. This is from a contractor we've previously worked with on entry doors, patio door, and roof replacement so I am comfortable they'll do a proper install.

18 (7 mulled/twin units, 4 single units) Double hung Okna 500 Series Deluxe package with grids, white inside, standard exterior color. Pocket install including insulation around window frame, exterior aluminum capping and interior trim as needed, complete clean up and haul away: $19546

Same as above but for the Okna 800 series: $21,564

Do you think this is a fair price for Okna 500 vs 800 series in today's market? Do you think given the small difference in price the 800 series will be worth the difference? We plan to stay in this house for 25-30 years at least.

Rick - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Rick, this is always a tricky question for me to say whether a contractor's price is fair or not. It's probably fair given the exterior capping and interior trim work. If he showed you what his cost on the window is and what his typical markup is, then you would know, but contractors don't always want to provide that.

The only real way to know how it compares to other quotes is to have one or two local window companies who carry a similar quality product come in and give you a bid for the same scope of work. Logistically, this is always tricky since you probably have workers and the contractors in everyday.

I do have a list of quality brands I'm happy to send your way if you'd like to check it out.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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