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Jordan Windows Reviews And Prices

Read Jordan Windows Reviews from consumers and industry experts alike. Unfortunately, Jordan is no longer in business. I believe they went out of business sometime back in 2009. We still get the occasional question about the company though - mostly about replacing glass etc. We will try our best to help where we can.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated in December, 2023

"Although Jordan Windows went out of business over a decade ago, we still get a questions on them from time to time. We always try to help out where we can."

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Aluminum Windows Replacements

Dane, I came across your site and have a question. Has anyone ever asked you if you could replace your 30 yr. old double pane Jordon aluminum windows with vinyl or just upgrade the glass to Cardinal 366? Also curious about per window costs by size.

I have over 30 windows most are in brick. The front of my house has the old EFIS stucco. What I want to do is replace the stucco with real and install new aluminum windows and replace the glass in the rest of the house. I would also repaint the aluminum frames.

Thanks for your help,

Anthony - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Anthony, everything you just mentioned is certainly doable -- replacing the glass only simply requires that the existing frames are in good shape. I really think you just need to get some quality local window companies out to your place and begin to price out your project. Aluminum clad windows can be much pricier than vinyl windows and less efficient, but they are strong as heck.

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Tim - Site Editor - from 2022

Jordan Windows Reviews

Hi Tim, thanks for your helpful assistance in the past - I really appreciate your website.

I am still trying to replace my windows in Panama City FL from hurricane Michael (2018).

My insurance is saying I am trying to get an upgrade by wanting to replace my 2002 aluminum Jordan windows (2112 series) with Pella 350 series replacements. Words that describe the Jordan windows in my records show "2112", "insulated" and "colonial". We have read on blogs that the Jordan 1800 was their contractor series. Since Jordan went out of business in 2009, it is difficult for me to "compare" against the vinyl Pella 350's.

Insurance is telling me there are many other less expensive lines that perform better than my original Jordan's and still meet code. My contractor recommends the 350 to get DP-50 (slightly higher than code) on my many large windows.


Thanks so much.

Joe - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Reply]

Joe, the Pella 350 window tends to be quite expensive. Mostly because of the name. I think you can find a less expensive (and better) vinyl window that still might meet code. Most don't come with a DP50, but you may be able to inquire about upgrades that would meet that requirement.

In Florida, I would look at Custom Window Systems, PGT, and Sunrise (if available). Zen might have a branch near you. Also, a high end Simonton in the Reflections 5500 series should do the trick.

Not all will have dealers in your zip code, but a google search for "Zen windows in [your city, state]" (as an example) should bring up local companies who carry the brand. Do this for each brand you are interested in searching. Call them up, get the bid, and compare. Feel free to shoot your bids over to me and I'm more than happy to provide you with my take on what you have.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

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