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Explore Ideal Window Prices and costs on their Majestic, 4500, 5000, and Ideal Platinum 3000 window series.

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5000 Series | Platinum 3000 Series

Duraweld Series | Majestic Series

Ideal UltraTite Windows Prices

-- Estimated Ideal UltraTite Price: $650 to $800 installed --
(assumes medium sized window and normal installation) *

Ideal UltraTite vs. Vytex Potomac hp

We have a home with 18 windows that need replacing. I have a number of bids, all on different windows. Here's what I have so far. All of them include or lead safe installation that was quoted out at roughly $65 per window.

Ideal UltraTite Series: $515
Vytex Potomac-hp Series: $565
Soft-Lite Pro Series: $615
Simonton 6100 Series: $695
Simonton 6500 Series: $800

Gertrude - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Gertrude, of the bids you have, the two I like most are the Vytex Potomac hp: $565 and Soft-Lite Pro: $615. In fact, I would rate the Vytex Potomac hp as the best of the bunch and the price is one of the lowest. I'd say this is the clear winner in my book!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

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Ideal Perfect Fit Windows Prices

-- Estimated Ideal Perfect Fit Price: $600 to $750 installed --
(assumes medium sized window and normal installation) *

Ideal Perfect Fit Price List

Hi Dane and Tim, I just discovered your EXCEPTIONAL web site and really appreciate your taking the time to respond to questions. I am a day away from making a decision and like all others prices and opinions are ALL OVER the place ranging from 14,500 (Ideal) to $48,700 Renewal by Anderson.

That being said: I am replacing 50+ year old 23 original double hung Silverline metal double hung. My plan is to combine three triples into a picture and 2 flanks in each spot and replace the rest. Hence total 14 singles and 3 triples (9 windows):

Here is question I have 3 quotes all from local companies ALL WITH GREAT REVIEWS. Other options in the mid to high 40 K are Okna 5500 ( he wants to use new construction) and Simonton 600 series. One more related question we are contemplating replacing all with Casement MOSTLY because we like the prairie perimeter look Vs the break in the double hung, HOWEVER entire neighborhood is all colonials mostly with 6 over 6 grids. Prices below are for double hung. ALL OPINIONS WELCOME but critical one is, of the below manufactures which do you feel best and is casement increase potentially worth the price but then radical different look

1. Ideal Perfect Fit 14,500

2. Alside Mezzo 19,000

3. Joyce Heritage 23,700

Dennis - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Dennis, Ideal windows makes a very good window, much better than the Alside Mezzo. Probably equal to the Joyce Perfect Fit, so obviously the price difference gives the Ideal a huge advantage. However, that Ideal bid is suspiciously low. The two Ideal windows that I REALLY like are the Majestic and the Platinum 3000 series -- very close to one another. If you are going to go with the Ideal option, these are the two that I would recommend in order to maximize your long term value for the windows.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2022

Ideal Perfect Fit Costs

Hello Tim, I emailed last year with a question about window quotes. I have another quote I wanted to get your thoughts on if you don't mind. I have a quote from a local contractor for the following:

Ideal windows, dark bronze exterior/white interior, internal color grids

Perfect fit series - $695 per window

Platinum series - $725 per window

Ideal Victorian series sliding glass door - $2,779 per door

+$74 for lower pane tempered glass

+$150 for full window tempered glass

For our house, we have 21 windows (1 full window tempered, 4 lower pane tempered) and 2 sliding glass doors, so I'm seeing a total cost of $21,229 for the platinum series and $20,599 for the perfect fit series. My questions are 1) are either of those series of windows good windows you would recommend? 2) does that price seem reasonable for those windows?

Thanks for you time.

Josh - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Josh, the Ideal Platinum series is excellent and well worth the upgrade cost in my opinion. A pretty good price — I can’t remember how it compared to the other bids, but Ideal makes a very good vinyl window and certainly one I would have in my own home. I would strongly consider this bid, especially if it is lower than the other previous bids. I would rate the Ideal Platinum on par with the Okna 500 series.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Ideal Perfect Fit Cost Quote

Hi, I am replacing 21 double hung and 1 picture window along with 2 entry and 2 storm doors. I read the reviews and don't see one for this comparison. I have narrowed the estimates to two:

1. Provia Endure Vinyl double hung and 1 picture windows - $14.004; Provia Legacy fiberglass entry doors ( one plain, one half glass with blind insert);
Provia storm doors ( 1 decorator series no screen and one provia full view spectrum with screen) - $6,638

total of $20,642 for project

2. Ideal Perfect Fit windows ( 21 vinyl double hung and 1 picture) = $12,195
BenBilt Therma Tru Entry fiberglass doors ( 1 plain and one half glass with blind inserts); 1 storm door no screen and one storm door full glass with with roll down hidden screen - $5,520

total of $17,715 for project

Any advice on which windows are better and if the prices are in range with quality of product? Same for doors?

I can divide the work if need be. The Provia estimate is a larger company - delivery date is approx 12 weeks due to availability of Provia product. The Ideal windows are available in 4 weeks and this is a smaller home improvement firm.


Bonnie - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Bonnie, the good news is that both of these bids are well priced and both use high quality products. The bad news is the price difference is just about what I'd expect. So it's tough to say which one offers the better value. If the smaller company offering the Ideal windows has a good reputation and solid online reviews, I would probably go this route. I would also go this route if I planned to stay in my home 15 years or less.

If the ProVia company has the better reputation and/or if I were planning to be in the home for 15 years or more, I would probably opt for this route.

I hope this helps, either way I think from a product stand point, you have already won.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

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Ideal 5000 Windows Prices

-- Estimated Ideal 5000 Price: $550 to $700 installed --
(assumes medium sized window and normal installation) *

Ideal 5000 Window Costs

I live in Eastern Pennsylvania and was quoted on the Ideal 5000 series window at $400 fully installed. The other bid was the Gorell 5100 window that was $572 fully installed. Ideal carries a 20 year warranty, while Gorell carries a 50 year warranty.

Lewis - Homeowner - from 2009

[Site Editor's Response]

The Gorell is the better window for sure, but obviously they are alot more expensive as well. Ideal windows should come with a limited lifetime warranty on all the vinyl parts, btw. The Ideal 5000 window is just okay, but it's probably worth $400 per window installed.

Dan - Contractor - from 2009

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Ideal Platinum 3000 Windows Prices

The Ideal Platinum 3000 is the company's drop down window from their premium Majestic series. However, these two windows are pretty darn close in terms of performance and construction. The frame and sill wall are not as strong in the Platinum 300 series. Performance wise, the Ideal Platinum 3000 still achieves a .23 U-factor and .02 air infiltration. Both strong numbers.

Tim - Site Editor

-- Estimated Ideal Platinum 3000 Price: $650 to $800 installed --
(assumes medium sized window and normal installation) *

Ideal Platinum 3000 Series Cost

Hi I received a quote for 4 DH Idea platinum windows about 42 x 36 and 1 - 3 light sliding window (2 sliding panels ) 9 x 5. The quote was $5,700. I have used the company before but saw your site and wanted another opinion. Thanks!

Lisa - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Lisa, the Ideal Platinum 3000 series window is excellent. The price quoted isn't cheap, but it's certainly within the bounds of a reasonable price given today's environment. I'd say you have quite a good bid. You may want a few more to round out your offerings.

[Email for his recommendations]

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Ideal Platinum Series 3000 Cost

Good afternoon, I would like your list of good and great windows please. I'm trying to determine which windows to buy. I currently have a quote for:

$10,755 for Ideal Platinum Series 3000 and a PHTech Sliding Glass Door
$15,244 for Berkshire Elite Double Hung with Energy Star Glass package and a Sliding Glass Door
$16,227 for Zen Nirvana Low E windows and a Zen Dharma Sliding Glass Door.

The specs on the Ideal Platinum Series 3000 are better than the other two windows. The other two windows seem to be pretty comparable. All three installers have excellent reviews. I live in the greater DC area in Maryland. Any advice on which window to choose would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Lindsay - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Lindsay, I am happy to send you my list, but the Ideal Platinum 3000 for $4.5K less is the easy call here. It's a very good window. I would endorse that window over the other two even at the same price.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

[Lindsay's Reply]

Thank you very much! I have a quote for Vytex Fortis for $14,945 and ProVia Aspect for $14,080 from the same company.

I also have a quote for the Okna 800 for $21,884. Based on what you said below and what I see in your recommended list below, I think the Ideal Platinum Series 3000 at $10,755 is still the overall winner. Unless the Fortis or Aspect is worth the ~$4k increase.

Fortunately, the reviews are great for the company for the Ideal windows and a few folks in my neighborhood used the company and haven't had issues.

Thank you for your time!

Lindsay - Homeowner - from 2022

Ideal Platinum 3000 Window Cost Quote

Hi Dane, Firstly, thank you so very much for your time! We are looking for maximum noise dampening (highway/road noise) and have received a quote for laminated double pane (Ideal Platinum 3000) windows, and for 2 French patio doors. I wonder if I should continue shopping for a triple paned laminated or would this window give me the max sound dampening offered on the market, at this time?

Secondly, does this quote below look competitive to you, please?

19 windows: $16,530 for Ideal Platinum 3000 with laminated glass option

2 French patio doors: $6925 for ProVia 460 Style Fiberglass, w/.090 PVB, 5/16” Laminate Glass, installed

Connie - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Connie, the bid looks pretty competitive and you have excellent windows and door selections. The best sound windows aren't necessarily triple pane, but they do have maximum space between the panes of glass. (This is where the sound is effectively muted.) The best soundproof window is the Milgard Quiet Line, but it's very expensive. You can check and see if there is a Milgard dealer who services your zip code and carries the Quiet Line, but I think you are well served with the Ideal Platinum 3000 plus laminate glass.

How well insulated are your walls? Many homeowners gloss over this piece when they are looking for noise abatement. You can hire companies to come out and give you an overall assessment of your home from a noise perspective. Might be something to consider...from a window perspective, the Ideal Platinum 3000 with the laminated glass is close to the top as far as I'm concerned.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Ideal Platinum 3000 Costs

Hi, I have quotes from 5 companies for 3 different window brands for a total of 20 mostly DH. All are equivalent in features that I want. I am leaning towards the Ideal Platinum 3000 quote. However, from reading your site it seems that the price for the Okna 500 is very high.

1) Ideal Platinum 3000 - $11.3K
2) ProVia Aspect AP500 - $13.8K, $12.9K, $14.6K
3) Okna 500 $19764

Should I get another quote for the Okna or just go for the Ideal? We are likely to be in the house for less than 10 years. All the contractors come highly recommended.

David - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

David, the Ideal Platinum 3000 is more or less equivalent to the Okna 500 in my opinion. Better than the ProVia Aspect. Take the $8K plus and gto buy yourself something nice! Wow, that price on the Ideal Platinum 3000 is REALLY good, especially given what prices have been lately.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Ideal Platinum 3000 Cost Quote

Hi Tim, we’re replacing 20 original wood windows (15 double hung, 3 casements, 1 picture) in our Northern Virginia home built in 1962. We’re interested in a good quality, energy-efficient vinyl window with a slim profile, and have narrowed our bids down to four window installers offering the following:

Ideal Platinum 3000: $8,330 U: .22 SHG: .20 VT: .44 AI: .02

ProVia Aspect: $11,580 U: .27 SHG: .22 VT: .49

Sunrise Standard $12,900 U: .29 SHG: .28 VT: .53 AI: .02

Simonton 5500: $13,000 U: .30 SHG: .24 VT: .45

What do you think? The Ideal bid is the lowest by far, but we also plan to stay here for another ten years or more, and want a good quality window that lets in plenty of light. I’m glad to have found your website, and appreciate all of the good advice.


David - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

David, first of all kudos to you for getting the four bids and all with companies that offer high quality windows. Honestly, the Ideal Platinum 3000 is better than the ProVia Aspect, Sunrise Standard, and the Simonton 5500. The AI numbers are proof of that. It’s a fantastic window and is often times offered at much lower prices (again as you are seeing).

So assuming that the company doing the work has a good reputation for quality installation, the Ideal would be my pick in a heartbeat. How nice is that!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

[David's reply]

Dear Tim, wow, that’s great news when your lowest bid is also the best value! Thanks so much for getting back to me — you truly provide an important service for homeowners like me who can research window ratings, but who don’t have the experience or information to make an informed choice.

The Ideal Platinum 3000 installer is American Home Center out of Beltsville, MD, and they have great reviews (going back 10 years) from our local Consumer Checkbook site, and their prices are on average 37% lower than their competitors. We visited their showroom recently, and liked the window and the knowledgeable owner, Robert Willett.

Thanks again.

David - Homeowner - from 2021

Ideal Platinum Series Quote

Hi I have a bid for 23 windows in NJ: 20 are double hung with colonial grids. that include 2 basement windows and 1 picture window, the other

Bid 1- Ideal Platinum Series for $11,800
Bid 2- Okna 500/insul-Tec for $15,000
Bid 3- We got another quote for Simonton windows for $14500 but they didn’t appear to give us a model

Since ideal and okna companies seem relatively smaller and we obviously want to make a good investment do you have any advice on which to choose? I don’t want to cheap out but a few thousand dollar difference might be worth it .

Thank you.

Christina - Homeowner - from 2020

Ideal Platinum 3000 Price Quote

I live in VA and have received bids to replace windows (mostly double-hung, with a casement) in my colonial-style home.

Bid #1
Ideal Platinum 3000 $20,320

Bid #2
Soft-lite Pro $24,832

Bid #3
Simonton 5500 Reflections $34,304

Bid #4
Okna 500 $29,400. I could upgrade to the 800 for about $1,200 more total, but I like the idea that the 500 has more glass and I'm not sure I get that much more with the upgrade.

All bids include removal, wrapping, etc. If price were no object, I would rank them thus: Okna, Soft-lite, Ideal and Simonton. I know you're keen on Oknas, and my gut is leaning in that direction--but price is an object and that's a huge step from the Soft-lites to the Oknas. Any guidance?

Wallis - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Wallis, so I would say the Okna 500 is on par with the Ideal Platinum 3000. Both are excellent windows -- I'd probably put them in my top 10 list (for sure my top 15 list). While Ideal is a smaller and more regional manufacturer, it's Majestic and Platinum 3000 series windows are both excellent. Assuming you like this window and the company doing the work, this is what I would choose without question.

Ideal windows are often priced so much better than these "larger" companies. You save $9000 and you get a great quality product!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Ideal Platinum Series 3000 Quote

Looking to replace 12 double hung vinyl windows. 32x48 size.

Have it down to two quotes. Wondered your thoughts:

Vinylmax Edison series: $5,350
Ideal Platinum Series 3000: $4,440

Thanks for having such a helpful site!

Cathy - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Wow, Cathy, two great bids! If this were mine, I’d go with the Ideal Platinum series. Great window and great price. Assuming the installation company is solid, I would go with this one.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Ideal Platinum 3000 Series Price Bid

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the email. Very helpful. Your feedback on us not noticing the difference between 0.45 and 0.55 is very helpful as that was the latest factor giving us pause. We heard from someone else that we would notice a difference in a 0.44 vs a 0.50 (this was coming from one of the window installers we talked to). We'd like to go with an energy star package and are on board with a low e coating; we'd just also like to ensure that we have a good amount of actual light coming through too.

Here's the pricing we are seeing for 12 double hungs and 2 awnings in the Northern VA area. Maybe you can share your recommendation out of the 3:

Ideal Platinum 3000 Series
U-factor: 0.22
SHGC: 0.20
VT: 0.44
Glass package: ESM+ Package. Dual pane, 7/8” double strength I.G with two surfaces of Triple Silver LowE, Argon Gas, Foam filled Frame and Sashes and Duralite Spacer.
Quote: $5,040

Ideal Majestic
U-factor: 0.27
SHGC: 0.28
VT: 0.50
Glass package: Energy Green package. A dual pane, double strength 7/8″ I.G. unit featuring a softcoat LowE Glass, Argon Gas, Foam Filled Frame and Sashes and an Ultra Intercept® Spacer.
Quote: $7,320

Okna 500
U-factor: 0.25
SHGC: 0.29
VT: 0.53
Glass package: Deluxe. Heat seal glass system (double pane glass unit). Foam filled extrusions. Locking screen.
Quote: $9,723

From talking to the Ideal Majestic and Okna 500 folks, they indicate their NFRC values are best for our northern va climate (vs the Ideal Platinum 3000 ratings). Is that true?

Given the details and quotes above, which would be your pick? We are trying to figure out if it is worth paying an extra $2,300 to $4,700 for the Ideal Majestic or Okna 500 over the Ideal Platinum 3000 series?

Thanks again for your insight and feedback!!

Rob - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Hi Rob. Here is what I'd say. One, that is very good pricing you have on all three. In answer to your statement below, I'd say go with the Ideal Majestic. Good SHGC and VT numbers with a low-e glass and foam filled frame and sash. A good strong frame with a .02 air infiltration in a window that is being priced out at $500 per window. You can't really ask for more than this.
"We'd like to go with an energy star package and are on board with a low e coating; we'd just also like to ensure that we have a good amount of actual light coming through too."
In terms of the best NFRC numbers for northern VA, I'm going to have to defer to the local guys. They know what numbers are the best and this should be bourne out in their online reviews so I'd make sure they have good track records.
I say you save the $2400 and go with the Majestic.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Ideal Platinum Price Bid

Dane – I have received 5 quotes on replacing 15 windows; Okna 500 Deluxe $12,500, Okna Deluxe 400 $11,500, Softlite Nirvana $8,325, Ideal Platinum $6,885 and Alside Mezzo $6,720. I live in PA. I am between the Okna and Softlite. Based on the price/quality/installer I am leaning towards the Softlite. What is your opinion? Thank you.

Nancy - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Answers]

Nancy, I agree with you completely, the Soft-Lite Classic or Nirvana is probably the best value of the bunch. Quite a good window. Assuming you feel comfortable with the installer, then i think you have your winner.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Ideal Platinum 3000 Window Costs

I recently got 2 bids, one on the Ideal Platinum 3000 for $6600 and the other for Sunshine Restoration window at $9200. I've read that the Restorations is a great window, but is it worth that much more than the Platinum 3000?

Jene - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Jene, the Restorations is certainly one of the better vinyl windows, but it's unclear whether it's $2700 better that the Platinum 3000, which delivers a .02 air infiltration and a .22 U-factor. I might have to give the nod to the Ideal Platinum 3000 on this one. This may be a first that I didn't recommend the Sunrise Restorations window!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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Ideal Duraweld Windows Prices

Ideal Duraweld Pricing Bid

I'm replacing 15 wood windows in south eastern Pennsylvania. My choices are:

Alside Fusion Series: $7215

OKNA 500 Series: $7815

Berkshire Elite Series: $8080

Ideal Duraweld Series: $8365

Ideal Majestic Series: $9456

Tracy - Homeowner - from 2020

Ideal Duraweld Quote

We are thinking about switching our windows (22 in total) and doors (4 storms). These are the two options I'm considering.

Ideal Duraweld (just for windows) $12.8K

Okna 500 (with ProVia doors): $17.4K ProVia Doors Reviews

Kellen - Homeowner - from 2018

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Ideal Majestic Windows Prices

The Ideal Majestic series is the company's premium vinyl window and has a .02 air infiltration rating and a .23 u-factor. These are impressive performance numbers that rival some of the top tier vinyl windows out there. The Majestic has a more durable frame and sill wall compared to the Platinum 3000 series.

I've noticed that the Majestic is often priced twenty to thirty percent lower than similar quality windows. The bottom line is the Ideal Majestic is a top performing vinyl window that can offer some great value to consumers given the right price point.

Tim - Site Editor

-- Estimated Ideal Majestic Price: $700 to $850 installed --
(assumes medium sized window and normal installation) *

Ideal Majestic Windows Cost

Hi Dane, was wondering if this quote I got for Ideal majestic Double Hung window (ESM PACKAGE) & a Provia slider model is Endure with double glaze low e argon gas.

8 windows = $9,751 ( with install)

Slider = $4,613 (with install)

Total cost = $14,364

I know everything is higher in price latley

I'm wondering if this is a fair price? compared to some of the prices I've seen on these reviews from last year 2021 compared to this year.

Thank you for your help

David - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

David, the advise I have been giving homeowners lately is that any bid over $1000 a window should probably be questioned. Not to say it's not a good price, but you should really get more bids to compare it with in order to see the fair market price. Anything over $1K seems excessive to me --

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Ideal Majestic Cost Quote

We're replacing six windows and have received a total of 6 bids. These are our three "finalists."

Bid #1 Ideal Majestic: $5120

Bid #2 KHPP Genesis: $4190

Bid #3: United Windows: $3825

Lisa - Homeowner - from 2021

Ideal Majestic Windows vs. Okna 500

Hi Tim, I wanted your opinion on two quotes for 10 double hung windows and a bay window.

My two quotes are $12,700 for the Ideal Majestic or $13,000 for the Okna 500. From the stats on quality, it seems like a toss up. Any inclination towards one over the other?


Kevin - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kevin, I don’t think I have an inclination from one to the other. Both are excellent! I would switch my focus from the windows themselves to the company doing the install. This is going to be the bigger factor then which great window you have installed. Find the company with the better reviews and reputation and go with that!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Ideal Majestic Window Costs

Hey Jon, I got an estimate below from a local NJ installer for Ideal Majestic below, is that a good price or high ?

qty replacement windows

(22)Double Hungs, White, with grids X 675 = $14850

(1) Picture Window, White, with grids. X 705 = 705

(1) Double Casement, White, no grids. X 725 = 725

(1) Double slider, White, no grids. x 675 = 725

(2) Hoppers, White, no grids. x 375 = 750

qty patio door

(1) 6ft patio door,white, no grids (new installation)= $2050 for the door ADD $1100 for installation if I need to create the Opening since I need to put a header in .

Discount $700 off entire order if you do all of it

Steve - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Steve, I would say the Ideal Majestic is definitely worth $675 per double hung. Great price on the double casement.

I would get an estimate on the Okna 500 myself to see how the pricing compares. Typically, Ideal is much more affordable than Okna, but that's the funny thing about the window industry, you just never know what kind of a pricing you're going to get. That's the whole reason for multiple bids.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Ideal Majestic Windows Price

Hi Tim, I'm comparing an Ideal Majestic quote for $13,250, and an Okna 500 quote for $14,500.

Both the installers and companies and installers have great reputations.

Thanks so much!

Justin - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Answers]

Justin, the window quality between these two is the same. If the installers are equally good, then I'd got with the Ideal Majestic.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Ideal Majestic vs. Okna Insultec

H, I have received an estimate of $21,000 for Okna Insultec windows. The price includes: 28 double hung vinyl , 3 picture windows and 1 8' sliding door. Do you think that is a good price? I live in NJ if that makes a difference! Thank you for your thoughts!

Laura - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Laura, that is a very good price for the 31 windows and a sliding glass door. If you are in New Jersey, I would definitely get a bid on the Ideal Majestic window series and doors. It’s a great window, definitely comparable to the Okna 500, and often the price quotes are very competitive. The company is located in New Jersey so there will certainly be a dealer in your area. Worth getting a quote to see how it compares to the Okna bid!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Ideal Majestic Price Quote

I have price bids on 11 large double hungs, 5 that are transom. Mostly larger than normal windows, thus the expense -- 27 windows in all.

Option 1: Vinyl-lite - $16.3K

Option 2: Vytex Fortis - $17.2K

Option 3: Kensington Kingston - $14.8K

Option 4: Ideal Majestic - $17.2K

Thank you.

Jeff - Homeowner - from 2019

Ideal Majestic Cost vs. Provia Aspect

I just received two bids, one on the Provia Aspect with Comfort Tech DLA and the other for the Ideal Majestic Energy Elite. Both are for 9 double hung windows.

Ideal Majestic (Energy Elite): $4675

Provia Aspect (Comfort Tech DLA): $5500

Anna - Homeowner - from 2018

Ideal Majestic Window Costs vs Pella Impervia And Okna

We have talked to 5 window replacement businesses and are down to choosing between three. We live in DC suburbs, and based on what I am reading, we apparently pay a different price than other areas (i.e. much higher). The job is 13 windows and one 6 foot slider. Townhouse is contemporary, wood siding, with SW exposure and wonderful light in the living room. Current windows are original to 1981, metal, double pane but the wind blows through.

Windows include seven 30.5 X 70 windows. There is conflicting information on whether four of these need tempered glass on the bottom Four are 10 ? from the floor, 2 of these are in a second story BR. One company says we don?t need the tempered glass because the total area of the bottom window is less than 9 sq ft. Two suggested we have the tempered glass for safety, regardless of the area. One slider over the bathtub will be tempered glass

Estimates include the following:

Company 1: Okna 500 $15,516, installed (with additional discounts for cash, putting up a sign, signing day he came out... we didn't)

Okna 800 $16, 491 (same discounts) Very busy molding on the outside of this one, though ratings are excellent.

Tempered glass in Bathroom only

Company 2: Soft-Lite Pro $12,665 (haven't asked him re: additional discounts yet for the Pro or the LS)

Soft-Lite LS $13,725

Pella Impervia $13,995 (we saw Pella windows, didn't care for them, and energy ratings are better for the vinyl)

Tempered glass in four bottom windows

This company was the only one that got that I want to maximize the glass opening to maintain the light in our home. The other two kept telling me to compare the VT, which is part but not all of it. He is going to come out again with his installer to see if they can use a dremel saw to open a bit more of the inside frame allowing a larger window insert and larger glass area.

Company 3: Ideal Majestic Energy Green Package $11,160 (check or credit card price $10,335)

Tempered glass in four bottom windows.

All companies to cap exterior wood around windows with aluminum, all include the thruvision screens.

I have a spreadsheet to compare the energy ratings, warranties, etc. but may have overdone this and we may be in the area of overthinking this. Any of these will be so much better than what we have now, but we hope to be here at least 10 more years or longer. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Ruth - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ruth, company 1 and 2 are offering some great windows. The Ideal Majestic is just an okay window, while the other windows are excellent.

If it were me, I would go with the Imperial LS. The Pella Impervia isn't a very good fiberglass window in my opinion.

Okna is a great window but the Soft-Lite is comparable. The Imperial LS is an excellent window and seems like the best priced of the bunch.

The bid is hopefully negotiable, so perhaps use the Ideal bid to see if you can get company 2 to come down on their price. Something like if you can come close to this other bid for $11,136, I will sign today. Take a bit of time and see if you can find the floor of the quote.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Ideal Majestic Windows Costs

Please compare and rate Ideal Majestic windows with Viwinco Cambridge. Installer is quoting $1,300 more for 11 windows ($2,900 vs $4,200). We had 19 windows replaced seven years ago with Viwinco and are very pleased with them.

Bill - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Bill, I would probably put these two windows in the same category; they are both the mid range vinyl window in each company's line up. Those are excellent prices you were quoted. If you like the Viwinco and are pleased with their durability and performance, then I don't see why you wouldn't go with them again. Assuming that the installation team is as thorough as they were last time, you should be well served.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Ideal Majestic Signature Window Cost

I'm in Pennsylvania and just got a bid on the Majestic Signature series, which they priced out at $450 per window.

Thank you.

Bobbi - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Bobbi, Ideal is not a bad window and that is actually a nice competitive price. Since you said you live in Pennsylvania, I'd consider a few more brands such as Okna, Zen, Sunrise and Soft-Lite. This will help you see whether the bid you have really is competititve or not.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

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