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Vinylmax Windows Reviews And Prices

Vinylmax Windows Reviews

Vinylmax Windows is headquartered in Hamilton, Ohio - the company has a second manufacturing facility in Clifton Park, New York. While Vinylmax may not be well known outside of the window industry, inside they enjoy a good reputation for quality windows and doors. The company continues to be a family run business that has been around since 1982. Scroll down for our Vinylmax windows reviews.

Bottom Line: On the whole, I would say that Vinylmax window and doors are quite good, but not necessarily the best in the business. They are a very solid second tier manufacturer (this is meant as a compliment by the way). I particularly like their premium Newton and Edison window series. I think I would recommend sticking with these premium grade products over their entry level and mid range offerings.

Overall Rating: Vinylmax Windows gets a 4.3 out of 5 stars based on 70 consumer reviews below.

Vinylmax Windows Cost: $$$
(3 out of 5)

Vinylmax Window Series

Vinylmax sells the following models or series: the Newton, Edison, Franklin, Radiance, Radiance Plus, Choice Collection, 4700, Orion, Eclipse, Prestige, and Aurora series. Their replacement patio doors include the High Pointe, Elegance, Inspire, and Equinox series.

New Construction Options: On the new construction side of things, the company offers the Inspire, Horizon, and Solaris window series. Their new construction doors include the High Pointe, Elegance, Inspire, and Equinox series. (At least the doors share the same name between the replacement and new construction).

The company offers a number of window styles/types that includes double and single hungs, casements and awnings, fixed frame (picture windows) and sliders, as well as bow and bay windows. In terms of series/models, Vinylmax offers a lot of options (kind of too many in my opinion - it's confusing the subtle differences between them all).

"Vinylmax is a family run business that has been around since 1982. Many window manufacturers have been getting bought up by larger building companies so it's nice to hear that Vinylmax has stayed true to their roots."

Vinylmax Windows Warranty

Vinylmax offers a limited lifetime warranty on their vinyl windows and doors. It is transferrable to a single owner and it includes a labor warranty for 1 year (the IGU or insulated glass breakage is transferrable to another owner, but is only good for 20 years from the installation date). The warranty does not include accidental glass breakage (few do, but worth knowing). As always, the warranty has its own set of provisions and exclusions - so make sure to read the warranty from the manufacturer's website prior to purchase.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: April 1, 2024

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Vinylmax Window Prices

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Vinylmax Choice Collection

The Choice Collection is one of the company's mid range vinyl window series.

Dane - Site Editor

Choice Collection Review

Good afternoon, I have a contractor who is wanting to install Vinylmax r5 triple pane windows from the choice collection in our home. We have ten windows total, and he's quoting us at $429 a window. The cheapest we've been quoted. But I don't have any knowledge about the window and I was wondering if it's a good quality window and whether it's worth the price?

Tess - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tess, I did a quick search and found a page that talks about the features of this window. I can't say what replacement window this is for sure, but if I had to guess, I'd say its their Franklin model. The Franklin is their drop down or mid range series that incorporates some nice features and options. A very solid mid range vinyl window. Well worth $429 per window installed in my opinion. You might want to consider asking what the foam filled frame upgrade would cost, it might be worth it over the long run.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

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Vinylmax Windows Reviews :: Radiance Series

The Radiance and Radiance Plus are two of the company's mid range vinyl window series.

Dane - Site Editor

Radiance Plus

I have received estimates to replace 6 32x18 inch windows in my basement. The estimates are running higher than I expected based on online research. I am leaning toward the Vinlymax Radiance Plus product but am questioning if $658/ window is a reasonable price for the midrange vinlymax window and installation in south central PA?

Originally my expectations for basement windows was around 300-350/installed window. However my research showed the window pricing for a mid range window ran $150-250 with installation running $250-350. However I could not verify dates when this pricing occurred, maybe 2018. So I increased my expectations to $500-550/installed window.


Jennifer - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Reply]

Jennifer, that seems pretty high for a mid range window in my opinion. I would continue to get some bids to find one that is more in that $500 per window installed. Those are pretty small windows for that price. What about an entry level Okna window? The Precision Weld 400 is a decent window for a basement and those might be in that $500 range. Also look for a Sunrise and Soft-Lite dealer in your area and see how their pricing compares.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2020

Vinylmax Radiance Plus Windows Reviews

Hi Dane, I'm about to purchase 8 vinyl max radiance plus slider windows and I was wondering, what the better up grade would be? To have the frames insulated, or to get the 3rd pane of glass? I live in Minnesota and want to keep the heat in, and the cold out, so your opinion on this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I was told by vinyl max that the radius plus and the Edison are the same across the board, and that the only upgrade to them both is the newton. Do you know that to be true? I've seen you talk about the two of them, but not as equals.

Thanks for your help.

Dylan - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dylan, the insulated frames aren't going to provide as much effect on the efficiency of the window as a third pane. The frame insulation does offer some improved efficiency, but I would say it improves the overall strength of the window, which can extend the life of the window. So the triple pane is going to lock in more heat than doing the frame insulation. Typically, the triple pane will cost more like $75 per window, while the frame insulation will run $20 to $30. These costs differ from company to company, but I'd say this is the industry average.

The Newton is the better of the two windows, but not by much. I know of three upgrades on the Newton: die cast locks, rigid thermal insulation and a cove-crafted sash moulding. Besides that, I believe the Edison has all the same components and features. Both are very good windows in my opinion.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dane, thanks for your insight on my window replacement project. I've decided to go with the triple pane newton, as well as the insulated frame. I didn't think my budget would allow it, but I was able to get my 8 windows, and patio door for just about 5,000 even. From the research I've done, I feel that is a pretty fair price.

Thanks again for your feedback, and please know that your thread had a great impact on my window decision.

Dylan - Homeowner - from 2019

Vinylmax Vinyl Radiance vs. Taylors

Hi, Tim / Dane -

We are preparing to change out 28 M&W wood windows with either Vinylmax Radiance or Taylors. Taylors is fabricated here in Greenville, SC. Vinylmax is fabricated in Hamilton, OH. We are confused with installed prices of $525 ea, for Vinylmax vs. $696 ea. for Taylors.

We do like Taylors two-tone - ivory interior/tan exterior, vs. Vinylmax two-tone - white interior/tan exterior. We have been told that the foam structure window separator is more energy efficient than aluminum. Both manufacturers offer this feature.

Can you advise why one window is priced $6,000 higher than the other and is it worth the value?

Thank you.

Brad - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Brad, I've never heard of Taylors. I checked their google reviews and was quite impressed. That's a good start. $700 per window sounds a bit pricey, but the Vinylmax Radiance is one of Vinylmax's mid range windows so I'm not sure which Taylor model you are talking about. It looks like they have a Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

$525 for the mid range Vinylmax doesn't sound low, but it it certainly sounds like it's in the range of normal.

I would definitely get two more bids for comparison sake. This will round out your offerings and frame the price better. It also allows you to have a bit better bargaining power if you like the Taylors and want to find out if the dealer will come down from his $700 per window initial price quote.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

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Vinylmax Franklin Series

The Franklin series is the company's mid range vinyl series, but very close to the Edison. In fact, the Franklin and Edison are essentially the same window with the exception of a better lock design on the Edison. This sort of begs the question why make two different series that are soooo close to one another. This is just one more mystery of the window replacement world.

Dane - Site Editor

VinylMax Windows Reviews

Hi Dane, I spoke with the VinylMax rep and they confirmed Franklin and Edison are the same with exception of the lock design. Otherwise, they're the same and both of (generally) the same options.

I think we're going to go with the VinylMax Franklin windows with the standard spacer (Intercept) and Intelliglass X package and with the full FlexScreen upgrade.

Total price comes to $13,850 ($12,910 + $190 for top grids + $740 for screen upgrade) for 22 windows, or approximately $629.50 per window.


Thank you, Dane!

Nathan - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Nathan, that's a great price. Thanks for the heads up on the two windows, very informative. Sounds like you've got a very good deal based on the price quotes I've been seeing.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

Vinylmax Franklin

Dane, I have the following quotes for 23 double hung window replacements

Franklin VinylMax, low E3, contractor indicates that they will be installed with foamwrap insulation in existing wood frames. This quote includes fixing any rotten/damaged window trim prior to capping/cladding $10,189

Great Lakes, Harbor Light, low E3, contractor indicates that there will be no insulation included in installation as they will be custom cut to the size of the windows. There is no fixing of any rotten/damaged window trim, but it does included capping/cladding. $7988.76

Great Lakes Windows Cost - same as above, but just regular glass, NOT low E3 $7243.56

Here are my questions

How important is it that insulation is included with the window, is this something that is normal, as contractor 1 indicates it is done or is it not necessary as contractor #2 is stating. Or are they cutting corners?

Is low E3 that much better than regular glass (it still has two panes). I understand what low E3 is but am a little hesitant as it blocks some light from coming in the house and I love my natural light.

Is capping/cladding necessary? What benefit does it provide? Is it that much better to go with the company that will replace the rotten wood as part of the installation? I'm not sure how much is rotten, if any, but the house is 40 years old if that helps.

We do plan to stay here for about 3-5 more years, but not forever. Currently we have wood windows, they are horrible and we can't get many open.

Thank you for your help.

Vanessa - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Vanessa, if the windows can be ordered to fit in the opening with no insulation required, then they can simply level and caulk them with no need for insulation. Most of the time they will use a low expanding foam to account for any additional space to fill in, but it all depends on the installer. As long as the installation company has good to great reviews I don’t question their methods as different installers have different approaches they like.

In terms of low-e glass, the Great Lake HarborLight should come with a standard low-e glass. If you don’t like the low-e 3 glass tint, then just make sure that you get a standard low-e glass as opposed to a clear glass.

The exterior capping protects the outside trim or surrounds from water damage and makes sure that no more exists. If done well it looks nice — if not it looks a bit chintzy to me. It all depends on the conditions of your outside trim.

Replacing rotten wood is very important in my opinion. They aren’t going to know that until they pull the windows though. The installer is probably just covering for “if they find damage that requires work” scenario.

The bottom line is this: if my timeline in the house was 5 years, I’d go with the lower cost bid. The ROI on this project is not going to be very good anyway.

I hate giving this advice because it isn’t necessarily what’s best for your house long term, but this is the best financial advice for you.

I do have a list of recommended window brands if you would like to see it…

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Franklin Vinylmax vs. Great Lakes Harbor Light

Hi Dane, I took a look at so much of the valuable information on your website! I have a few quotes and some questions.

Quote 1: 23 double hung windows, Franklin Vinylmax windows, Low E and Argon gas. Price of the quote includes capping/cladding and replacing rotten/damaged window trim prior to the capping/cladding. This contractor also installs the window with a foam wrap insulation in the existing wood frames. $10,189

Quote 2: 23 double hung windows, Great Lakes Harbor Light, Low E and Argon gas, Price of the quote does include capping/cladding, but does NOT include any replacing of the rotten/damaged window trim. This contractor does not install the window with any insulation, states that the windows are custom made to fit the openings and it is not needed. $7988.76

Quote 3: Same as quote 2, but clear glass, no argon. $7243.46

My questions:

Which is a better window, the Franklin Vinylmax or the Great Lakes Harbor light? Are they equivalent? Is one extremely better than the other?

Is contractor #2 correct about not needing to install the window with an insulation? Or is this a big red flag?

I don't even know if the wood outside is even rotted, it may not even be. So is it worth having the replacement of rotten wood as part of the deal? Looking at it by eye, it looks fine.

Is cladding an important thing to have done?

I did receive about 2-3 more quotes from other places, but these two were my favorites for many reasons, mostly they are small locally owned businesses.

The house is 40 years old and any window is better than the single pane glass we have right now. Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it!

Vanessa - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Vanessa, I would say that the Vinylmax Franklin gets the edge over the Great Lakes Harbor light by a bit. Not a huge difference in products.

I tend to agree that foam wrap insulation isn't needed, but it's a nice step to take when replacing rotten wood. This bleeds into the next question, which is a definite yes you want to replace rotten wood when replacing the windows. The whole goal is to make sure no moisture is getting behind the windows, which can have some pretty serious consequences over time. The time to do it is when you are replacing windows because you have easy access to the "holes" in your house.

The aluminum capping protects the external trim, and when done correctly, provides a barrier to any water/moisture getting into the walls. My gut tells me that Quote #1 is going to be much more comprehensive from a long term home maintenance perspective. It is an extra $2.1K, but you might be saving yourself a whole lot more in the long run.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Vinylmax Franklin Windows Reviews

I actually contacted that company back and found out it was a misunderstanding as far as his measurements went. His was for the price quote, found out that someone else would come back out and do the actual measurements if I hire them.

None of the 3 companies I've already talked to appear to be on the list of suggestions that you sent me. The ones i do have are:

Southern Vinyl Siding and Windows - who are offering VinylMax Franklin windows for $5980.

Window World Upstate New York - who are offering 4000 series windows for 9,124

Taylors Windows - who are offering their Platinum series for 8,905.

Taylors is a local company that actually builds their own windows, factory is where their showroom is. Taylors Windows | Premium Vinyl Replacement Windows + Sunrooms if you are unfamiliar with them since they are a local company to my area.

All three quotes are for 13 double hung windows + installation.

I'm leaning towards Taylors since it is a one stop shop, they are the dealer, factory and installer. They also had the best reviews of the 3 companies. 4.7/5 on google with 250+ reviews. In comparison to the other two WIndow World had a 4.0/5 with almost 100 reviews and Southern had a 3.3 rating but only had 6 reviews. Southern is the cheapest of the 3, but the lack of reviews has me more concerned than the 3.3.

Taylors was the one that I initially was concerned about due to the measurement issue, but between me discussing it with them further, clearing up the misunderstanding and seeing their solid reviews, along with there being no middleman again has me leaning in that direction. Any potential feedback on your own thoughts would be appreciated if you are familiar with any or all of these three windows.

Garrie - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Garrie, I like the Vinylmax Franklin bid, but then check the reviews and was not impressed -- I guess if it's too good to be true, there is usually a reason. Taylors gets excellent reviews and this for me is a big deal -- I don't know anything about their windows, but with reviews like that, yes this would be my own call if this were my project.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

[Garrie's Reply]

Thank you for the feedback. Yesterday I visited the Taylor's showroom, and they actually gave me a tour of their factory which was onsite. Seeing how their windows are made, as well as they looked sturdier than the other companies, plus seeing their reviews sealed it for me. I'm going with them.

Again thank you for helping me out with this and thank you for your VinylMax windows reviews - they really helped out.

Garrie - Homeowner - from 2021

Franklin vs. Edison

Hello Dane: I came across this website while doing some research. We had a local Window Replacement company who's owner lives in the town next to us, and on the towns FB page we are part of, the wife posted that they were looking for a few houses to give quotes of at least 6 replacement windows and that if we chose to have them done we would get 30% off and they would also absorb the cost of labor in exchange we would allow a sign for 30 days and provide 2 separate reviews once the work was finished. Company is American Windows and Exteriors in Cincinnati, Ohio.

They came out and gave us a bid for 6, 11 and 20 windows as requested. Of these 11 are on the floor and 9 are on the 2nd story. The 2 oversized are on first floor. He texted me the totals for each. I later texted him and asked if he could send me an itemized quote to my email for the 20 windows. I had that quote within 30 minutes. Below is what we were quoted which I feel is a little high.

Vinylmax Franklin PLUS Triple Pane / white on white / half screen / Low E / Argon and with no grids or any other upgrades

18 regular sized windows (under 101) Retail 1000 each : total 12,600.00
2 oversized windows (over 101) Retail 1350 each : total 1,890.00
Privacy Glass for the bathroom Retail 25.00 X 2 (full window) 50.00

Other line items
Retail total 20,750
Discount total 14,490
Absorbed Labor 3,000
Final Cost 11,540

I ended up calling Vinylmax myself and was able to obtain a list of 3 distributors if these same windows. I called Mueller Distributing and explained I had gotten a quote and wanted to if they could also give me a quote. The quote I got from them was 317.58 for the price tier over the 101 size and that included tax. She said the labor is typically about the same cost as the window itself. So it would be approx 630 per window. I assume that is what I would pay for the windows. The way Mueller works is we would contact an installer to install the windows and I assume they would buy the windows from Mueller and install them. With this amount it would total 12780
I then communicated my findings back to American and questioned how there's were 1000 per window and got a story of overhead and such and that every company buys windows and adds to the cost to pay for overheard and such. They were not willing to budge because after the discount and taking off the labor his quote is lower than Mueller and that the actually order the windows from Mueller.

Just asking for your opinion on the matter to see what your thoughts are. At this point it seems that American jacked the retail prices to recover the discount and absorbtion of labor to make it appear we were getting a deal. I explained that with the pricing I got from Mueller and their 30% offer and labor taken off it should be around 8,800 total for my windows.

Thank You.

Charles - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Charles, every company approach is different. I personally dislike making the price seem high and then discounting it to the actual price that you were always going to give me...I'm less concerned by that however then by the just okay reviews I am finding for American Windows and Exteriors.

The Vinylmax Newton and Edison are the models I would endorse from Vinylmax, but I would definitely search for the online reviews of whomever is installing the windows. I figure the installation is 50% of the equation.

I think you have a couple of okay options now, but I think you should get two more to compare them to myself. I would want to find an install company with a great reputation and offering a good window at a fair price.

Here is my list -- redacted -- email Dane for recommendation.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Franklin Vinylmax Price Bid

Dear Dane and Tim, we got an estimate of Franklin Vinylmax for a 16 window replacement on a 1943 house in Michigan at $11,900 (incl. two larger windows). It seems high in comparison to what I see from others on your website. I assume these prices are with installation?

I need to ask the installer if the higher price is because of lead abatement measures, but still wonder what your opinion is. Thank you for your time, all of the VinylMax windows reviews and assistance.

Christina - Homeowner - from 2020

[Website Editor Reply]

Hi Christina, that estimate on the Franklin Vinylmax seems a bit high to me, although two large windows and lead abatement will certainly add to the cost. Typically lead abatement can add up to $75 per window so a big chunk of change right there. The bid you received is definitely for the windows and installation. I'd be shocked if it didn't include the installation.

I'd get some more bids and see if you can have them break it down by window, installation and lead abatement. This will give you some more insight into the pricing, but also provide you some specific areas where you might go back to the dealer or bid you really like and see if you can get them to sweeten/lower their price by comparing the install or abatement cost from a competitor's bid.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

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Vinylmax Windows Reviews :: Edison Series

The Vinylmax Edison series is the company's second best vinyl window behind the Newton model (but the series they sell the most of). The window has some nice features and components, including the fusion-welded frame, triple weatherstripping, extruded lift rails, an Intercept spacer, composite cam locks and shadow-grooved sash. I would recommend going with the foam/graphite frame fills that will help with the performance and durability of the window. The Edison and Franklin models are very close to one another, with the only appreciable difference being the better lock design on the Edison.

The Edison series can be ordered as a double hung (4600 series), a slider (4650 series), or a a picture window (4670). Performance wise, the Edison is not bad: .12 air infiltration, .28 U-factor, .50 VT, and 60 CR. All in all, a good second tier vinyl window.

Dane - Site Editor

Vinylmax Edison Windows Reviews

Hi Dane, I spoke with the VinylMax rep and they confirmed Franklin and Edison are the same with exception of the lock design. Otherwise, they're the same and both of (generally) the same options.

I think we're going to go with the VinylMax Franklin windows with the standard spacer (Intercept) and Intelliglass X package and with the full FlexScreen upgrade.

Total price comes to $13,850 ($12,910 + $190 for top grids + $740 for screen upgrade) for 22 windows, or approximately $629.50 per window.


Thank you, Dane! - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Nathan, that's a great price. Thanks for the heads up on the two windows, very informative. Sounds like you've got a very good deal based on the price quotes I've been seeing.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Edison Series Cost

Hi, Dane! I'm replacing two 26" x 60" windows in a bedroom and two 36" x 36" windows in a basement. Do these prices seem fair? And which would you select? I got the following quotes.

Vinylmax Edison Series from Windows for America:

2 bedroom windows, 4600 double hung Intelliglass Low E / Argon $979.00 each

2 basement windows, 4650/4653 double sliders Intelliglass Low E / Argon $949.00 each

Total: $3856

Barrington Softlite from K&H Home Solutions:

2 bedroom windows double hung and 2 basement double sliders, with Low-E NEZ Glass with Intercept Stainless Steel Spacer for a total of $3479. That was the "discounted price", original was $6690

Thank you so much.

Pamela - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Pamela, I'm leaning towards the Vinylmax Edison in this head to head match up. I think this is the better window between the two. It's not that much more expensive and the Edison is a good window -- Windows for America in Colorado Springs seems to get the better reviews (not by much) so that would be the lock for me.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

VinylMax Edison Cost vs. Ply Gem

Hi Dane, after your advice, we've secured several quotes from different window companies from your list of mid range vinyl windows. We have 27 windows in our 1905 home. We've received 5 quotes thus far since our original Renewal By Anderson quote. They are all for double hung, double pane windows. My wife is having some priced for both white/white and white/black exterior as black is her preference, if affordable. All include labor except for the VinylMax. Here they are...

Polaris - They also were too high for us

ProVia Aspect - Was $28,650 for white. Kind of high for us. Black $39,000 Definitely too high.

Plygem - White Windows: $20,100 (Windows $14,500 / Labor $5600. Total of $20,114.49) This is getting more affordable for us. (He said that the black would add an additional 60%) The rep said that the Plygem and Simonton 5500 were basically the same, but Plygem was able to mass produce and were cheaper. However, he has now come back to us and said that Simonton has a special until March 31st for the same price as the Plygem.

Simonton 5500 - Same as Plygem quote IF purchased before the end of March. Again, would you recommend Simonton 5500 over Plygem or vice-versa?

VinylMax Edison with Neopor Foam Filled Frame - $11,196 for the white and for the black about $16,000. We don't have the labor on this yet as we haven't heard back from the contractor we would be using, but believe that he would be competitive with the other labor quotes, if not cheaper.

VinylMax was not on the list you gave us, so we are wondering what you thought about them? We had these windows put into our Ohio home (though they were tripled pane windows), and we were overall pleased with them. We requested this quote to include Neopor Foam Filled Frames as we had read that this would help with the structural integrity.

Again we thank you for your time in answering our queries about this huge project we hope to have done. You have been so helpful and we appreciate your guidance.

Richard - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Richard, my choice would probably be the >Vinylmax Edison option. It's quite a good window, I would say comparable to the Simonton 5500 series, which I might put slightly over the Ply Gem Pro series. All at the top of the mid range vinyl window list (which if combined with quality installation should serve you well). If you are getting triple pane and the Neopor foam fills, I would bump this window into the top tier...

Seems like a good price if the installation cost comes in at around $150 to $200 per window and the installer has worked with this window and receives good to excellent reviews.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Edison 4600 Window vs Georgetown Series

Happy Friday Tom, I hope this email finds you well. I am located on the eastern coast.

What do you think about Georgetown windows and Edison 4600 series windows?

Which one would you recommend me? Thank you for your advice.

Dre - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dre, those two windows are very close in terms of quality and construction. Maybe the Edison over the Georgetown, but not by much. I would be much more focused on the company doing the work than the small differences between the windows themselves. In the long run, that will be the much more important factor. Both quality windows --

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Vinylmax Edison vs. Trends

Hello Dane, I am not sure if my first email went through but loving the Vinylmax Windows Reviews, so gracias on that. I'm sorry you are getting it two times. I have a bid for vinylmax and it semms to me to be high. Of course everything has gone up in price:

Vinylmax Trends - single hung - 6 windows - 4,988.00

Vinylmax Edison - double hung - 6 windows - 5,298.00

Patio door 72x80x6 - Elegance - White - 2,398.00

Have the performance data for the Edison and not for Trends:

IntelliGlass Low E/Argon, with Grids with two panes.

intercept U-Value - .28, super spacer U-Value - .27, For both of the above: SHGC - .34, For both of the above: VLT- .47, For both of the above: Energy Star - N NC

Currently I have single hung. Please explain the benefits of double hung

There are also higher end Intelliglass selections - could you please comment if that needs to be upgraded Please advise on the pricing above -- I need windows low to mid range.

I need a couple more quotes. Can you advise your thoughts on other windows to get quoted. Thanks for your time. since I have never purchased windows.

Ellen - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ellen, hi, I'm happy to help out if I can. So those prices sound like about what I would expect from a quality installation company (please check the online reviews of the company to confirm).
I would spring for the Edison over the Trends myself, I think that upgrade cost is worth it there. I might consider the glass upgrade as well if you are planning to be in the home for many years. I think a single step up on the glass is usually the way to go, but you don't have to get the very best.

Here is my list of windows...

[List Redacted -- contact us directly (Dane or Tim) for our good and great windows list.]

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Vinylmax Edison Window Review

Tim, thank you for the site. It is very helpful. I'm looking to replace my old single-pane windows in a suburb of Atlanta. I have been following your recommendation by collecting as many bids as possible based on your top list. However, I'm still having difficulty comparing apples to apples. Sometimes, there is only one dealer in the area which makes it even harder to compare.

I came across another website, Efficient Windows Collaborative, powered by NFRC. I was wondering if you have heard of it and if you have, then what do you think of it. I used their selection tool and received interesting suggestions like Norandex, Atrium, Reliabilt, Vinylmax, Great Lakes, Plym Gem, NT window, etc. Most of the suggestions are not on your top list. Being that it "powered by NFRC" and the suggestions are based on criteria like location, house type, the direction of my home, and shades, maybe should I trust it more.

Let me know what you think.

Thank you.

Patrick - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Patrick, I have heard of the site and the NFRC is a trusted resource for windows. I would say that Vinylmax, Great Lakes and NT all have quality products in their higher end vinyl windows. The Vinylmax Edison and Newton are both decent windows, along with the Great Lakes EcoSmart series and the NT Presidential series.

In and around Atlanta, you actually have some quality dealers — Sunrise, Soft-Lite, and Okna all have dealers there I believe. If you google “Sunrise windows in Atlanta Georgia” you should find the company that sells that brand. I don’t know the names of the companies off hand, but I know from other homeowners that they are there. Send me the quotes you receive and I’m happy to give you my two cents!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2021

Edison vs. Okna 500

Hi, Tim, I'm considering a couple of bids for our windows. One that uses the Vinylmax Edison and the other on the Okna 500. What's your take on these two windows?

Carman - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Carman, the Vinylmax Edison is a good mid range window, definitely one I would take a look at if the price was right. The Okna 500 is an excellent vinyl windows, definitely in my top ten. The question becomes the price difference between these two. If they are close, the Okna wins out. If there is a big price spread, then you have a much tougher question on your plate.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Vinylmax Edison Bid vs. Richlin from Hayfield

I have quotes on replacing 13 double hung and two sliding glass windows. The Pella quote was $38,000 and I don't see energy efficiency or warranty differences that make any sense at all to pay this kind of money.

The other two quotes are on Vinylmax Edison ($14,000). I like the triple pane Vinylmax, sliding screen so I don't have to look through screen on the bottom and top of the window and the double bolt on the sliding glass door.

The last was Richlin from Hayfield ($19,000). A double pane with a good warranty but you do have to pay labor for warranty work - this isn't the case with the Vinylmax Edison.

Is there any reason I should pay more for Richlin when I see so many options that I like in the Vinylmax Edision? This is a big investment and decision to make so any comments that you can make will help me. Thanks.

Pam - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Pam, the Vinylmax Edison is a good vinyl window, especially with the triple pane glass. Vinylmax is a good company and that bid is excellent -- at least compared with the Pella and Richlin bids.

No there is no reason to pay an extra $5K for a Richlin window over the triple pane Vinylmax Edison series. My only advise would be to make sure that the Vinylmax dealer has a good reputation and track record for their installation work. Assuming that is solid, then I think the Vinylmax option is definitely the way to go.

Let me know how the project goes!

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Edison Windows Bid

I have been given a quote to install 9 Vinylmax Edison windows (standard sized guidelines) for $5500 in Northern Virginia by the Home Doctor. That price is $611 per window including installation. That seems high to me after reading he comments on your website. What do you think? Thanks for your reply.

Ted - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Ted, the Vinylmax Edison is quite a good vinyl window, maybe not a top ten window, but a good one nonetheless. It is very possibly high in terms of the per window cost, but its impossible to say without some other bids to compare it to. Can you google Northern Virginia sunrise windows (then do the same searches for Okna, Soft-Lite, Vytex, Polaris) and see if there are dealers in your area.

Collect 3 or 4 bids and then you will have the info you need to make the judgement on the Vinylmax bid, but also you will have the ammo you need to negotiate the price down.

How to negotiate a bid.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Vinylmax Edison vs. Berkshire Elite vs. Okna 500

Hope you are doing well! Your website gives a lot of insight to consumers like me. Thanks for an excellent job!

I am looking to change 17 double hung windows. Got quote for Okna 500 series with deluxe glass package, no grids for $7820. How important is it to get the grids in terms of curb appeal? How much more do you think the price should be to get the grids?

Got another quote for MI windows for $6940 and Vinylmax Edison for $5870 with siding. Will appreciate your expert suggestion here please.

The installer who does Okna also has SoftLite windows. I haven't got a quote on that yet. Is that a better option in comparison to Okna?

Thanks a lot for your advice!

Virginia - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Virginia, ok so grids are simple a look, they perform no real function other than that. Some homeowners like the more traditional look of grids, I personally don't like them because it takes away from the viewing area of the window. Totally your call. Hop in the car and drive around your neighborhood/town for an hour and you'll probably come up with the answer that suits you.

The price you were quoted on the Okna 500 seems very good to me. $460 with installation is a great deal. The window is fantastic and you have been quote a good price. This would be my choice without a question.

The Vinylmax Edison is a very solid middle of the road window and a very good deal in its own right. I'm not a fan of MI windows and I would suggest not going in this direction.

Soft-Lite is a very good manufacturer, on par with Okna, but they make a lot of different models. I would say the Okna 500 is on par with the Soft-Lite Imperial LS.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

[Virginia's Reply]

We also got a quote from Berkshire Elite with sustain-a-view glass package for $7500. Can you please advise on this model compared to OKNA?

Thank you! Have a great day!

Virginia - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Virginia, the Berkshire Elite is a good window, but I'm not sure I would rate it much above the Vinylmax Edison. Perhaps a bit, but not by much. Certainly not better than the Okna 500 model.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Edison 4600 vs. Simonton 5050

I do not see an air filtration value for Vinylmax Edison. I live in Ohio and have all seasons but not as extreme as some states. I have no clue what value we need. Any info. on this? We were looking at double pane with Argon.

Also, my contractor (who uses Simonton but will do Edison if I prefer) says the Simonton 5050 and 5500 are energy star. I cannot see that the Edison has that rating unless I use triple pane. Is that correct?

Mary - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mary, the Vinylmax company page has some great information on the window, including the Energy Star certification. An energy star symbol is a generic branding. Any window like the Vinylmax Edison that has better performance data will be Energy Star compliant. They offer a nice upgrade to the neopor insulation that I would seriously consider if it was my project (assuming my pocketbook could take the hit.)

The Vinylmax Edison 4600 double hung has a .12 air infiltration rating. A good number, not a great one, but quite solid. Vinylmax has a great data sheet for you and your contractor to look at. Have him provide you with a data sheet for the 5050 and then do an impartial analysis of the windows' performance.

The information I have on the Simonton 5050 is as follows: 5050 double hung has a .37 U-value, .45 VT and .21 air infiltration.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Vinylmax vs Pella

Hi Dane, my husband and I are looking for replacement windows for our home in St Paul, Minnesota. We have 15 windows to replace- 2 are large picture windows and the others are sliders (6) or casements (7). We are looking at vinyl windows & full frame replacements. We've gotten window + installation quotes from Pella for the 250/350 series (just over $30k), Home Depot for the Andersen 100 series ($20k), and a local company for the Vinylmax Edison series ($23k).

We've ruled out Pella (too expensive, don't like the windows) and Home Depot (don't like the windows). We were very impressed with the company who quoted us on the Vinylmax windows & we like the window itself, but the price seems steep compared to other quotes we've seen online. In your opinion, is $23k way too expensive for this project?

Thanks for the gut check. Your site has been super helpful as we have been going through this process.

Laura - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Laura, I agree that the Pella quote is way too high, especially considering that the Vinylmax Edison is better than the Pella 350 window, in my opinion. The Andersen 100 is a decent window, but I would rate the Edison as better. In terms of a fair price, I can't say. But I can offer a couple of suggestions to help you find out.

One, are the bids broken out between the windows and the labor? This can help you separate how much the companies are charging for the install and should give you an overall idea of what the market price is for the installation.

Two, get a few more bids and compare these, asking for the bids to be broken down into windows and labor. (Some companies will do this, and some won't, but it's always good to ask.) I have a feeling that the Edison quote is probably right on, but you won't know until you get one or two more. The HD bid is probably lower on the install and you are right to toss it because HD typically pays such a bad rate to their subs that they aren't giving you a proper and thorough installation in some cases.

Three, you will want to see if the Edison bid can go any lower. Here's an article that may be helpful.

Four, you could always buy the Andersen 100 at HD and find your own installer. Someone who is local and has a great reputation for quality installs. This is often the cheapest approach but its a bit more hands on. There is a lot of transparency here because HD tells you exactly what they charge for the window and so you are getting only HD's markup, not the contractor's mark up (assuming they are marking it up).

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Vinylmax Edison vs Amerimax and Champion

Hello Dane,

I'm looking to replace the windows in my 1979 condo in Colorado. A few are the originals show the wear from the years in the sun and snow. I've received so many different quotes that my head is swimming. Originally I was going to just replace the two sliders (68 x 80) and two windows (42x70 - tempered and a trapezoid approx 42 x68) that were failing. Then I realized they all had seal failure. The quotes with an * are with these 2 doors and 2 windows and the other quotes include the rest of the windows ( 30 x 70; 30 x 18 triangle; 30 x 48; 60 x 36). All windows are double hung.

Champion Vinyl Windows: $8,500 *

Colorado Windo source (Amerimax vinyl): $5,500 *

Renewal by Andersen: $16,000

Windows of America Vinylmax Edison: $10,300

I'm thinking the Edisons are the best option. Will you opine please and by the way love the vinylmax windows reviews page.

Big thanks.

Joni - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joni, I'll try my best here, but it's difficult with two bids being for the truncated number of windows. Of the Champion vs. Amerimax, I would easily go with Amerimax and save yourself $3K, although I wouldn't recommend going with the entry level Amerimax window. I would upgrade into the Craftsman Portrait or Aristocrat models.

I think I agree with you on the Vinylmax Edison though. It's a good vinyl window and the price you are getting for everything is quite competitive. I would have the Champion and Amerimax companies bid out the job for the whole thing though and see how it compares. I would think the Edison would still be the best price. Assuming you like the installer(s) and they get good reviews, I'd say you have a clear winner.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

[Joni's Answer]

Thanks for your speedy reply.

If you say the Edison windows are good then I'll go with them. The Customer Service reviews for the company installing these had amazing reviews and they are were an Angie's List winner a few years ago. They also are accredited by the BBB. The Customer service with the others seemed to be not as highly recommended online and my experience with them has been not that positive.

Just a quick question about the Edison, does it matter which model I purchase (4600, etc) or are they all good vinyl windows?

Thanks again.

Joni - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Joni, it won't matter which model you purchase. Usually the different models refer to the style of window you are buying (double hung, casement, etc.) This might not be true for the Edison, but I thought it was. Ask the sales rep -- they will certainly know the answer to this.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Edison vs Advanced Windows Corp

We have 3 bids for 7 double hung vinyl replacement windows. Here they are followed by their ufactor, shgc, vlt & air leakage.

Vinylmax Edison $3080, .28, .39, 56% air leakage unknown (this installer is doing siding for our entire condo project & supposedly giving a good price for windows). We have limited info on the Vinylmax installer ratings.

Soft-Lite Imperial LS with Super spacer $3565 .27, .28, 51, .02 (yes, .02) &

Advanced Window 6300 series for $2800, .24, .28, 52, <=.30.

The installers for the Soft lite & Advanced each have good reviews on line.

We live in the western suburbs of Chicago. Would you have any advice to help us decide the better among these three? And is the Super Spacer usually good quality & any better than Intercept spacer?

Kathy - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kathy, the Vinylmax Edison is a good window, a very solid mid range vinyl option. I would imagine the air infiltration on that window to be in the .08 to .10 range, not bad at all.

The Soft-Lite Imperial LS is one of the best vinyl windows on the market and this is reflected in the .02 air infiltration ratings.

I know nothing about Advanced Window Corp, so I can’t speak to the product. However, the <=.30 air infiltration does not give me a lot of confidence.

One thing I will say about the U-factor is to be careful putting TOO much stock in this – the glass used to test can have a big impact on how well this number turns out. Air infiltration is a better predictor of overall quality (there is a way to manipulate this number, but for the most part, companies don’t do this often).

If this were my house, I would go with the Soft-Lite Imperial LS. It is without a doubt the best vinyl window in your list. You have a good price quote, but you may be able to shave a little off it – or at least try. If you were to go back to the SL dealer and tell him the Vinylmax quote and say that you want to go with him, but the price is just out of reach in terms of budget – if he could match that Vinylmax quote you would be ready to sign today. See what he says…

The Super Spacer and Intercept Spacer are both popular and well made spacers, no practical difference in terms of overall performance.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Vinylmax Window Replacement Quality

Have you heard anything about Vinylmax out of Hamilton Ohio? I have had someone suggest them and so far I haven't been able to find much but I thought you might know something. Thanks in advance.

Mark - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mark, Vinylmax is a decent vinyl window manufacturer that is more of a regional manufacturer so they don't get the amount of attention as say a Simonton or Jeld Wen. In terms of qualtiy, I would put them above the middle of the pack of hundreds of vinyl window manufacturers across the nation. I think their premium and mid range windows are going to perform well and I would avoid their entry level windows. FYI, I would say this about the majority of vinyl window companies out there.

I think Vinylmax is one of those companies where you can find some nice value for your money if you are looking for a decent vinyl window at an affordable price point. The actual price will depend on the particular distributor who gives you a quote, so I would make sure to get a few bids to compare it to. All in all, I think they are a decent vinyl window manufacturer and I would have their mid to higher end windows in my house -- assuming of course that the installler was thorough and didn't cut any corners.

Feel free to send me any bids you receive and I'll throw in my 2 cents!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Vinylmax Edison Windows

Dane, the brochure I have says the Edison is made by vinylmax. The glass is called IntelliGlass Plus Triple Pane Low E/Argon with a U-factor of .20, SHGC of .27, DP35 and VLT of 44. Are these any good?

Cathy - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

The Edison Window, which is promoted on their site as the Idea Window, looks to be one of their upgraded models. The triple pane numbers look good - do you need triple pane windows, I would be curious how the double pane window numbers compare. In general, vinylmax is a solid mid range manufacturer that makes good straight forward vinyl windows.

I think in terms of the actual window, you should be good to go with the Edison model. Now, what about installation? Make sure to find a good company that you feel comfortable with and who is going to provide you with quality installation, a fair price and provides a 1 or 2 year labor warranty on the work.

Good luck and let me know how it all goes!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

Vinylmax vs. PlyGem Windows

I was looking at Plygems and Vinylmax, the Vinylmax seems stronger and the welds look nicer, plus it has a lifetime warranty vs 25 for Plygem. The Vinylmax is $60 more each window, and I'm not sure if they are worth that much more? I don't mind paying it if they're worth it but I hate wasting money.

Peter - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

What are the numbers? You want to compare SHGC, u-values, and the DP and AI ratings. I don't know much about Vinylmax. They look like they have some nice features, but I know Plygems and I'd feel more comfortable recommending a company I know well than one I don't. Also, I don't know where you got your warranty info but Plygem has a lifetime transferable warranty.

Harry - Contractor - from 2012

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Vinylmax Newton Series

The Newton Series is the company's premium vinyl window series. I would rate this window a 8.5 out of 10.

Dane - Site Editor

Newton vs Okna 500

Hello, I submitted the quote form on your website a few weeks ago - thanks for that I got two great ones and one that was so-so. I am deciding between two local installers which both seem to have strong installation reputations. I am replacing 34 total windows (31 double hung, 2 fixed, 1 radius). I requested a mix of grids and no-grids for front/back of house.

Installer 1 is quoting Vinylmax Newton windows with installation for $30,520.40.
Installer 2 is quoting Okna 500 windows with installation for $27, 495.56.
I have found far more information about Okna windows than I have Vinylmax on the internet.

Would you mind sharing your opinion on the quality of these two windows? Is the top of the line Vinylmax worth $3000 more than the mid-range Okna? Are there any questions I should be asking the installers to make sure I get the best job possible? Thank you for your help.

Mark - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mark, thanks for filling out the form that definitely helps us. So the Okna 500 is the better window over the Newton -- not by much, a slightly better AI rating and a better overall brand - they are both excellent by the way. I would put each in that to tier category, but the edge to the Okna 500 series.

Based on the fact that the Okna is the cheaper of the two bids, this is a no brainer for me. Okna all the way...but still worth a look at our Vinylmax Windows reviews page to see what other consumers think.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

Vinylmax Newton Windows Reviews

Dane, I think I am finally down to the end. I have two quotes for the Provia Endure at $37,840 and $37,330 and one quote for the Vinylmax Newton at $23,200. This is for a total of 15 double hungs, 1 small awning, and two large (about 9 feet) 25/50/25 casements as well as a glass patio door. I should also mention that all of the contractors come recommended from friends who have used them, and they all carry the expected certifications/endorsements.

I know you put Provia Endure in your top tier and the Vinylmax Newton between the top tier and second tier. My question is whether there is enough difference between them to justify the $14k price difference? Are their quality/service/durability issues I will regret if I go with the Vinylmax Newtons?

Chris - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Man, that is a big price difference. The Vinylmax Newton is a solid window, but the Provia Endure is such a great window. I'm torn here...what's your timeline in the home? If it's under say 10 years, then I say stick with the Vinylmax. If it's over 15 years, then go with the ProVia. In between, it's a toss up for me. If you could get that ProVia bid down to $30K or somewhere in that neighborhood, then I'd say just go with the Endure.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Newton vs. Provia Aspect 5100 Series

Dane, Great website. Am looking for good vinyl replacement windows. Choosing between:

Pella 150 Series
Provia Aspect 5100 series
Vinylmax Newton
OKNA Insul-Tec 500 series

Any thoughts are welcome!

Michael - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Michael, all prices being even (which I'm sure they are not) this would be my list in order from best to worst. The OKNA Insul-Tec 500 series at the top by a lot. Then the Provia Aspect 5100 series and Vinylmax Newton tie for second -- both solid windows. Then the Pella 150 Series at the bottom.

The company doing the work and their reputation should definitely factor in here as well so make sure to look up their reviews...let me know if you have any additional questions or bids you would like me to review for you!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2022

Vinylmax Newton Weep Holes

Hi Dane. We emailed a couple months back when I was choosing replacement windows for my house, I went with Newton windows from vinylmax.

Well, I've had the windows installed and love them, but I've ran into a scenario that I'm not sure about, and would like to see what your thoughts are on it. I have double slider's, not my first Choice but they were in the house when we bought it, so that is what I replaced.

Well, every time it has rained since our install, water has gotten in the inside track on at least one window every time. It runs down the sash, goes through the fuzzy seal on the bottom, and into the track in the house.

I've contacted vinylmax's warranty department, first they said that's not right and wanted pictures of the windows to look over the install. After reviewing the pictures they agreed install looked good, and said that, the windows are designed to take water on in the inner track because of the weeping system they have. Does this sound right to you?

My older windows never let water in the inner track like these do. Your thoughts and knowledge on this will be more than appreciated

Thank you for your time.

Dylan - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dylan, most sliders rely of some sort of weep hole drainage since they need to contend with the rail system, which can't drain with a sloped sill. I understand it's not ideal.

If the weep holes are unobstructed, they should work as designed, which would funnel the water through the frame and outside. Is there something blocking the channel that is inside of the window frame, then that can cause the "back up."

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

[Dylan's Reply]

Hi Dane, no, there is nothing blocking the weep system. My stomach just dropped after getting brand new windows and seeing water in the track inside the house, after the first rain. I didn't know that was considered normal, since I never saw that with the old windows. I know water is very damaging, so that is what has me uneasy.

You know more about the window world than I do, so if that's how you know it to be, I feel a bit more comfortable about it. Thanks again for your time, and for sharing your window knowledge with me.

Dylan - Homeowner - from 2019

Vinylmax Windows Reviews

I'm in Kansas and have had 3 companies out so far to show me their vinyl windows, window world, vinylmaxx, and preservation windows by associated materials. All seem very similar but I'm looking for reviews or comparisons of these three, do you have any info?

Ken - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ken, in regards to the three bids you currently have, I would say this: Window World sells two models of vinyl windows that I would not have in my home based on the overall design and construction of the windows. The only caveat to this (and I always include this because it seems fair) is that some WW franchises have really good reputations and they service the windows whenever someone needs fixing -- which I assume happens with considerable frequency. If this was the case in my hometown, I suppose I would have to consider them.

Vinylmax sells a good vinyl window, particularly their top two window series, the Newton and Edison models. This would be my pick of the three bids you have so far.

Preservation by Alside is a very decent vinyl window, but it is often sold at a top-tier cost that I simply don't think is worth it for what you're shelling out.

I think you have one good bid, but it wouldn't hurt to get at least one more decent bid (I think Zen Windows is available in KC) to compare it to.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Vinlymax Newton vs Sunrise Verde Windows

Hey Dane, you guys seem to answer these pretty often and do a good job of doing so! Between Vinlymax's Newton windows and Sunrise's Verde windows, which are better? Are they even in the same class of window? Any help appreciated!

Paul - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Paul, thanks for the kudos, we do are best to answer questions within 2 to 3 days of receiving them. The Vinylmax Newton is a good vinyl window, but the Sunrise Verde would be my pick. The Newton gets some nice numbers on the website, better than what I was expecting. The Verde would be on my top 10 list of replacement windows. I would be curious to know how the prices compare on these two options.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

[Consumer's Response]

I can tell you that the newton I was quoted ~$392/window installed, all under 101 UI and with standard flat grids. The verde was ~$642/window. I ended up signing with the Verde, though the dramatic price difference gave me some pause. I was having trouble really finding comparison numbers on the two especially because Verde is such a limited distribution product from Sunrise.

I did however stumble upon Verde's manufacturer pricing sheet which listed my window and options somewhere between $290 - $330 a window. Sunrise also had a nifty spreadsheet where you can enter your business variables like markup and overhead percentages then spitting out your suggested price. Let me know if you want to take a look, pretty neat. In the end it still kind of hurts to pay $640 a window but I too felt it was a stronger window than the vinylmax.

Paul - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Paul, the price you're paying for the Verde sounds pretty fair to me. It definitely hurts paying that much for windows, but in the long run it should be worth it. The Sunrise Verde is a great window.

I'd love to check out the pricing sheet on the Sunrise!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

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Vinylmax Highpointe Patio Door Reviews

Highpointe vs Alside Promenade

Dane we live in Brecksvile, Ohio in a condo development on a pond. We have an upper and lower deck. The upper is 12X8 with three four foot panels, the middle of which is a sliding patio door. The lower is 8x8 with two four foot sliding doors one of which is the slider. We are trying to compare these two options each with triple pane enclosed mullions. How do you view these options.

Bob - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Bob, honestly without seeing the job, I can't give you a very professional opinion, I'd only be guessing. I would suggest getting a bunch of bids from local companies and contractors. They're free and you can pick the brain of each company that comes out -- after four bids, you should have a clear idea of what the best option is for the two spaces.

There is also the possibility that you will be even more confused than before :) but I seriously doubt that. Make sure to get pricing on all of it. You can send me the pricing and I can certainly give you my opinion on that.

I'd go slow, collect my bids, make sure I am good with the product(s) and the company performing the work -- and then pull the trigger.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

[Bob's Response]

Dane thanks for your response but all I was asking is which product of these two choices was of better quality. We are looking at two acceptable bids but will make our decision on product quality. Alside Promenade versus Vinylmax Highpointe.

Bob - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Bob, I didn't realize that the title of the email contained the two products you wanted me to compare. I might give the nod to the Vinylmax Highpointe, but Alside is the bigger company. There will be very little discernible difference between the quality of these two patio doors from what I know about them. I'd say both are mid range products.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

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Vinylmax Sherwood Reviews

The Sherwood series is no longer sold by the company.

Dane - Website Editor

Vinylmax Sherwood Review

Any opinions on the Vinylmax Sherwood? It's supposed to be some kind of vinyl/wood hybrid? I was originally looking at the Simonton 5500 and the Sunrise (not sure which model Verde maybe?), but then someone suggested these and I'm not sure what to do.

Anna - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

I don't like the Sherwood model, it looks to me like they made a cheap vinyl window and glued wood to it. It's also bulky, which means a lot less glass to let light in. Look at the Andersen Woodwright, it has similar vinyl exterior and wood interior but much higher quality. Marvin makes a composite, too. For that matter, there are tons of all vinyl windows that offer wood-look interior.

Todd - Contractor - from 2011

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Vinylmax Easton Series

The Easton series is no longer sold by the company.

Dane - Website Editor

Vinylmax Easton Windows Reviews

I like the Vinylmax Easton, I'd compare it to a Simonton 5500, but the Easton has a triple pane option that is great for noise reduction. They aren't as well known as a lot of brands, but they are a small family run business and I've had really good experiences with them. They are a lot like Simonton a few years ago, before the big corporate takeover left them with customer service issues.

Peter - Window Installer - from 2011

Easton Series Take 2

I was looking for a mid-grade window and found the Vinylmax Easton. I like it but I can't find a ton of info on the company.

Allen - Homeowner in Virgina - from 2010

[Contractor Response]

I've never worked with them but their performance ratings aren't that great. The Easton model has an AI of .17, and I personally wouldn't buy a window like that when I can get an Okna vinyl window with a rating of .01 -.02.

William - Contractor in Illinois - from 2010

Vinylmax Easton vs Soft-Lite

Soft-Lite and Okna have windows with an AI of .01, while the Vinylmax Easton is .17. The same two have U-factors of .26, while the Eastons is .30. They have better DPs, too. The Vinylmax looks decent on its own, but when you compare it to the others you see how bad it is. You'll pay more for a better window, but to get the same numbers in an Easton you'd need tons of add-ons and packages and upgrades. I'd pay a little more and get a much better product.

Jim - Window Contractor - from 2010

Vinylmax Windows vs Wincore

So I have bids so far for the Sheffield from Alside, Wincore 5400 and Vinylmax Easton Window. I can't find much on Wincore in general and would love to get some U and R values to compare them with the others. I'm in South Carolina and am not sure if there are other window manufacturers that I should be looking at. I want a good middle of the road window that will do the job, but not break the bank.

Harold - Homeowner - 2010

[Contractor Response]

Between the Vinylmax, Wincore and Alside window, I would go with the Wincore, it's a nice window, same price as Simonton...assuming you are getting a good replacement window price on the 5400. These three are not in the top 5 vinyl manufacturers, but the Wincore is a good middle of the road window.

Wayne - Contractor - 2010

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Vinylmax Window Recommendation

Hi Tim, I’m a contractor and need to replace a Vinylmax window for my client. They have used Vinylmax before and we would like to install the same brand. It’s a kitchen window 48x39. It could be a double hung, twin casement or a awning type. Currently they have a double hung window, but they are flexible about the new type of window. Thank you!

Matt - Contractor - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Matt, we aren't a Vinylmax rep, but I will say that I like their windows. The Franklin is a good mid range window with some nice features and options. It's available in a double hung, which is my preferred option, along with the casement. I'm not quite sure if they do a double casement or not. I'd recommend called up Vinylmax headquarters and seeing who the local rep is for your area. That's the person you should be talking to. Good luck!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Vinylmax Windows vs Milgard

Hi Dane, I'm replacing old wood windows vinyl windows in a 1910 brick bungalow which is a rental property. So far I've had bids for Milgard and Vinylmax Windows with a combination of double hung, sliders and fixed units, depending on the room. Are they comparable products? Are they reasonably good quality or do you have brands you prefer? Both carry good warranties. Prices are fairly close, with Milgard being slightly more expensive

Andrea - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Andrea, I would say that Milgard would be considered a bit better, but only just. Of course, each company offers a number of different window series or models and these will offer better or worse energy efficiency, quality, overall construction, etc. Having said that, all of what you wrote looks correct -- generally similar products and prices. I would probably go with the Milgard Tuscany over everything that Vinylmax sells except for their Newton model.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Customer Price Comparison

I need 21 windows for our Kansas City home, one a large picture window. We plan on staying in the house, so we want something that looks good, will last a long time, and have decent energy efficiency. So far, I have estimates for Window World Series 6000 at $9250, Easton Vinylmax $11,300, Softlite Imperial LS for $12,850, and Simonton 5500 for $12,530.

Brenda Homeowner - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

The SoftLite is the best of those, in my opinion. Simontons would be my second choice. The Window Worlds are low quality, I wouldn't even bother. The Vinylmax might be okay, but it's a smaller company without a proven track record. I wouldn't spend that much on a company with so little info available.

Brad - Contractor - from 2009

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