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Gorell Window Prices And Consumer Cost Quotes

Gorell window prices fall in the mid to upper end of the vinyl window market. Gorell has been well regarded for many years, and since Soft-Lite bought the company in 2012, industry insiders have been confident that the quality of product and service will remain high. They are one of the better vinyl manufacturers in the business.

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Gorell 5000 (Vinyl)

Gorell's base model window is pretty decent for a low-end product. The 5050 is a single hung, comparable to the Simonton 5050. Most installers consider the 5100 or 5300 a slightly better option and they are close in price.

The 5000 series is also comparable to the Polaris ValuSmart Series.

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Gorell 5100 (Vinyl)

The 5100 might be Gorell's best value window. Its quite nice looking and holds up well. It has window ratings close to the 5300 but costs a little bit less. The frame is thinner than other models, which allows for more glass and better light. That has a lot of appeal for homeowners looking for windows for a smaller opening. The workmanship is great, like all Gorell products.

The 5100 series is comparable to the Amerimax Craftsman Portrait

Gorell 5100 Windows Costs

I live in Eastern Pennsylvania and was quoted on the Ideal 5000 series window at $400 fully installed. The other bid was the Gorell 5100 window that was $572 fully installed. Ideal carries a 20 year warranty, while Gorell carries a 50 year warranty.

Lewis - Homeowner - from 2009

[Site Editor's Response]

The Gorell is the better window for sure, but obviously they are alot more expensive as well. Ideal windows should come with a limited lifetime warranty on all the vinyl parts, btw. The Ideal 5000 window is just okay, but it's probably worth $400 per window installed.

Dan - Contractor - from 2009

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Gorell 5300 (Vinyl)

Probably Gorell's number one window, the 5300 is a more expensive than the 5100, although some contractors and homeowners dislike the bulkier frame (but it will offer better performance numbers, particluarly the DP and AI numbers). There are 6 different glass packages, with a U-value ranging from 0.29 to 0.18. Fiberglass reinforced sash and foam insulated frames can improve efficiency even more.

The 5300 is comparable to the Okna 500 Series.

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Gorell 5400 (Vinyl)

Mainly seen in coastal areas, the 5400 storm window is designed to withstand hurricane force winds. The frame is quite bulky, giving it a DP50 rating that means it can stand up to strong winds.

The 5400 series is comparable to the PGT 2800 series - more on PGT windows cost.

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