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Window Glass Replacement Cost

When it comes to home window glass replacement cost, there are two basic types of materials available, clear and low-e glass. We will explore both of these types of glass used for replacement and new construction windows and then explore the pricing and costs for each.

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Low-E Glass

Low-e glass (low emission) is a very popular choice when it comes to replacement windows. This glass includes a thin layer of metal on one side - the metal is oxidized, which adds insulation properties to the glass. While the glass allows light and heat into the room, the sheen stops it from leaking back out again. This results in a more energy efficient window that can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters (low-e 2 lets in less light than low-e and low-e 3 lets in the least amount of light). The thin layer remains transparent, you cannot see the film. There are two ways the oxidized metal is added to the glass; either they add it as soon as it is removed from the tin bath or they apply it afterwards using a method called cathode sputtering.

Cost Low-E Glass

Upgrade From Clear To Low-e

$30 per window

Upgrade To Low-e2 (or e3)

$50 per window

Upgrade To Triple Pane Glass

Triple pane windows are typically very energy efficient, but they are quite expensive to buy and most homeowners should be good with a well made double pane window option. -- Price Range: $150 per window --

Types Of Low-E Glass

Low-glass is available in a number of different varieties; the best one for your home is determined by both the climate in which you live and your project requirements. Here are the four main types.

Any Climate and Season Glass

This option maximizes temperatures set by you by air conditioning or heating within the home. This glass allows light to flow into the home, but reduces the risk of extreme heat escaping or entering the property.

Solar Control Glass

This option is designed for maximum insulation against the sun's harmful rays. This glass also assists in keeping the area cool when using air conditioning. The glass isn't tinted and looks like normal glass.

Glare Control Glass

This option has some tinting, but not too much. It absorbs the suns light, enabling a gentle glow to enter the property. You often find this glass is warmer to touch, but is not at all dangerous.

Winter Climate Glass

This option is a protective glass against the colder air. This glass allows for sunlight and warm air to enter the property, but stops the warm air from escaping.

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Clear Or Float Glass

Clear glass is less expensive and allows in more light - however it allows allows in more heat and is therefore less energy efficient. Float or clear glass is a lower grade glass than the low-e glass - although it typically allows more light in due to the absence of any tinting film. Float glass uses a process that creates flat, clear and smooth glass. The glass is poured into a molten tin tank (in a 100% nitrogen atmosphere). Glass is denser than the tin and therefore it floats to the top, creating a glossy and smooth surface with an even thickness. This is also a more economical way of creating this type of glass.

Once the glass has been placed in the tin tank, it is cooled at a slow rate before being put on rollers to cool. Rushing this process could lead to imperfections and cracks. The 100% nitrogen atmosphere is essential in ensuring the glass doesn't oxidize. Some of the tin is absorbed, but this can only be seen if you put an ultraviolet light against the sheet of glass.

Before float glass, the process of making flat glass was quite a detailed process which was done by blowing a crown or bottled shaped piece of glass. They would then cut the glass as flat as possible before it had time to harden. Using a machine that looks like a potter's wheel, they would spin the glass before cutting a window and allowing it to harden. The problem with this method is the number of imperfections you could see in the glass.

Consumer Window Glass Questions

Question on Bronze or Black Frames

Thank you I really appreciate it. I really want black/bronze windows but I am told they cost hundreds more per window. Do you think it’s worth it and do you think they will be standard one day? I have to decide my pool cage color based on windows if I want it to match lol


Mylène - Homeowner - from 2022

[Site Editor's Answer]

Mylène, I sort of doubt those darker colors will be standard anytime soon because the companies are worried about the extra heat that those colors generate (long term warping issues), and about color fading over time. They open themselves up to all sorts of warranty claims -- that's my take, but I'm not sure it that's correct. I know it's a huge consumer trend though -- I think it's worth the cost if every time you look at your home you love the darker color. I just wouldn't do it if I lived in a super hot climate.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2022

How Much Do Triple Pane Windows Reduce Noise

In terms of noise reduction, how much of a difference does triple pane windows versus double pane windows really make?

I live at the beach, not far from the boardwalk. Crowds on the boardwalk can be rather loud. But I am also concerned about visibility. Will triple pane obscure the oceanview?

I'm thinking about Okna and Joyce windows. Also have supply-chain issues affected window prices? If so, how much?

Ellen - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Ellen, high quality triple pane windows such as Okna or Joyce will do a ton to reduce down those exterior noises. You can order them with differing thicknesses which also helps to tune out different frequencies…or with tempered glass.

Triple pane should not affect the ocean view. Maybe by a tiny bit, but I’ve never noticed the difference myself. Double check with the Zen dealer (I’m assuming Zen Windows based on the two brands you mentioned…), but I’ve never heard of a consumer complain about this…

COVID, demand and supply chain has DEFINITELY affected prices. I might have to say 30% on average, but it’s really all over the board for the individual consumer. I’ve seen normal prices and crazy expensive pricing.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

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