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Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficienct windows and the features that go into making them should be an important component when you begin shopping around for replacements for your home. They help to lower your monthly bills and they limit the harmful effects on our environment. Over the long term, they can help you save money, while making your home more comfortable and efficient.

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Window glazing is one of the most important elements in ensuring a window is energy efficient. Glazing helps to ensure a proper thermal barrier, which reduces the loss of heat from your home during the winter, but also helps reduce the heat coming into the home during summer. This usually means double or triple paned windows with proper spacing between each pane for better energy efficiency While the energy efficiency goes up based on the number of panes, so too does the cost. Most homeowners can enjoy a comfortable temperature and proper energy efficiency with a double quality double pane glass.


Adding fills between the glass panes will also increase the energy efficiency. Argon gass fills are the most popular, but krypton and other gas fills are also available. Gas fills ensure that heat doesn't transfer from the outer pane to the inner, thus minimizing the loss of heat in the winter and less heat becoming trapped inside in the summer.

Window Pane Coating

Low-e coating is a word you will hear regularly when shopping for windows. Glass coating is a clear coating added to the exterior glass, allowing light to flow through the pane without allowing the warm inside air to escape. Coating is usually designed according to your local climate to ensure you receive the maximum benefit. A knowledgeable contractor should be able to suggest the correct low-e coating for your local climate. One note: the higher the low-e option, you go with, the more tinting a glass can have. Most homeowners can go with a standard low-e coating to provide good energy efficiency without making your windows too dark.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is a welcome addition to new windows when you live in a very sunny area. These windows assist with energy efficiency. These days tinting isn't very noticeable, unlike years ago when they were dark windows, which means you can include them on your home and they will look the same as the other windows in the area, just offering more of an energy advantage.


Spacers between the window panes help to reduce the amount of heat transfer. The aluminum spaces that were used previously held the glass apart, but were not an ideal material as they conduct both heat and cold. These days' windows use insulated (or non metallic) spacers. These include silicone foam, vinyl, rubber and steel.

Final Thoughts

Replacing your old windows for new more energy efficient windows can be a good investment. There are a wide selection of choices available to suit the climate you live in and, most important, your budget. Prices are determined by the size of the windows you need, as well as the materials and the location and the climate you live in. Once you have replaced your windows for more energy efficient one, you should notice slight reductions in your energy bill and your home will feel more comfortable. No unwelcome drafts or heat escaping.

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