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Double Pane Windows Prices

Double pane window prices range anywhere from $200 to $1,400 fully installed for a normal sized window with standard installation requirements. The reason for this massive price range is that almost every window manufactured today is a double paned insulated glazed unit (with the exception of say storm windows or very cheaply made single pane vinyl frames). So our range of costs includes anything from lower end vinyl windows to premium wood clad windows.

The move to the dual pane window over the past two decades has greatly increased the energy efficiency of residential windows. The two panes of glass, along with improved seals, glazing techniquea, gas fills and non metallic spacers, greatly reduces the amount of heat and/or cold that is allowed to transfer from one pane to the other. This means that less AC is lost in the summer and less heat is able to enter from outside during these hot months. The same is true in winter, less heat is lost from inside and less cold is able to enter during these chilly months.

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Entry Level Double Pane Window Pricing

Entry level pricing ranges from $200 to $500 fully installed. Typically this price point is the low to mid range of vinyl frames, with some lower end composites and fiberglass windows just edging into that $500 mark. The $400 to $450 mark should get you a nice mid range vinyl window from a solid company like Milgard or Okna. They won't have all the upgrades and add ons of the premium vinyl models, but they will provide great value if the installation is done properly.

-- Price Range: $200 to $500 Installed --

Examples At This Price Point

Sunrise Vinyl Window
Gorell 5100 Vinyl Windows
Polaris ThermalWeld Vinyl
Simonton 9800 Vinyl Series

Mid Range Double Pane Pricing

Mid range pricing ranges from $500 to $800 fully installed and opens up tons of possibilities in terms of frame material, features, upgrades, add ons etc. At the mid range price point, homeowners should expect a quality window and very thorough installation. Vinyl windows top out around $750 installed and this price point encompasses the majority of fiberglass and aluminum frames, as well as the low to mid range wood windows.

-- Price Range: $500 to $800 Installed --

Examples At This Price Point

Okna Starmark Composite
Inline Fiberglass
HiMark 800 Vinyl Window
Great Lakes EcoSmart Series

High End Double Pane Pricing

High end pricing ranges from $800 to $1,400 fully installed. Even at the low end of this range, it is still quite alot to pay for a window and installation. Most of the high end aluminum, fiberglass and even wood clad windows are clumped towards the $800 to $1000 end of the scale. Over and above this you are getting into some of the really high end wood clad windows like the Andersen A Series or Loewen Collections. These very expensive double pane windows will typically be pretty stunning inside with the beautiful wood species and an aluminum or fiberglass exterior for protection and longevity.

-- Price Range: $800 to $1,400 Installed --

Examples At This Price Point

Marvin Ultimate Wood Clad
Pella Architect Wood Window
Renewal By Andersen Composite
Andersen 400 Wood Clad

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