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Double Pane Windows

Nearly all replacement windows sold today are double paned windows. They come in a wide variety of materials (vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, composite and wood clad frames) and offer far superior energy efficiency compared with the single pane series of old. Let's go through the basics, costs and energy efficienct qualities of double paned windows.

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The Basics

Double pane windows consist of two panes of glass within the IGU or insulated glass unit (as opposed to the single pane of glass from several decades ago). The advantage of having two panes of glass has to do with reducing the amount of heat and/or cold that is transfered from one pane to the other. By reducing this energy transfer, these windows keep the home warmer in the winter by trapping the heat inside and not allowing the cold air from outside from entering. Conversely, they help keep the home cooler in the summer by trapping the air conditioning inside and reducing the amount of heat from entering from the outside.


Double pane windows are certainly more expensive than the single panes of yesterday, but they offer much better long term value for the consumer. They can cost anywhere from $200 to $1200 per window fully installed, depending on the frame material, the style of window, the glass package, the upgrades, the hardware and the type of installation you require. (Explore double pane window prices in more detail here.) The main reason that double panes offer better long term value is the cost savings to homeowners each month on their energy bills. While the savings may seem small on a month-to-month basis, they can add up to pretty significant cost savings over 20 years.

-- Price Range: $200 - $1,200 Installed --

Energy Efficiency

One of the big pushes towards energy efficiency windows came with the Federal Government's Energy Star Program that required more efficient household products and appliances. Today, many of the top replacement windows have the Energy Star sticker that lets consumer know that the window meet certain energy efficient benchmarks.

The double paned glass is an important part of these energy efficienct windows, but not the whole story. Today's window manufacturers use advanced glazing and sealing techniques, improved spacer systems and better gas fills to help reduce the heat and/or cold transfer from one pane to the other. Low-e windows that use a reflective tinting also help to make modern residential window series far better than the home windows of old.

Double vs Triple Pane Windows

Hi Dane. Thank you for your help. I only need to replace 2 windows that are about 69 in wide by 56 inches height. I am in NY and am trying to decide and learn about the pros and cons of a double vs triple pane windows glass as well as the Starmark evo casement vs the Okna I think they only have 1 which is the 700 or 750 casement. Efficiency is very important to me. My upstairs room in particular suffers from being the coldest room in my townhouse. It also gets more hot in the summer. Okna Windows Reviews

That being said, which low e glass version and how many panes would benefit me the most? If I choose a triple pane, how much would that affect the amount of light coming in? What is a good balance for the NY climate? Is the Starmark Evo worth the extra price? Would you know what the price range for my size for casements would be? I can't find prices anywhere for this . Thanks again for your help.

Jose - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Jose, a new Okna double pane window should be more than effective at temperature regulation in the room. The number of panes will not affect light, but the type of low-e glass you select will affect the "tint" or color of the glass. I think the Okna 700 would be the call (one of the best casements out there) -- and I think it's a toss up whether triple pane is required, but on only two windows you might as well make the upgrade to TPW. Triple Pane Windows Cost

Cost is pretty tricky to guess -- probably around $1K each though -- NY tends to be an expensive market in general.

You could also try to get a bid from an Ideal Windows dealer -- they make excellent series and are often less expensive...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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