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Find opinions on top rated replacement windows from contractors, installers and homeowners. Discover window replacement costs and prices on most major brands here.

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Top Picks From Holland

Most people think of Okna windows, Sunrise, Softlite, and Himark when they are talking about premium windows, but I think the Polaris Ultraweld is right up there with them. The Energex Elite and all of Gorell's new lines too. If those are out of your budget, Plygem and Simonton, Wincore, and maybe Vista windows are good, their only real problem is that they are mid level windows and often have a top tier price. Their numbers just don't compete.

Holland - Contractor - from 2012

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Elite Windows

Sunrise, HiMark, Polaris, and Softlite are considered to be a kind of elite, status brand. I'm not sure if that means they are really better than the big players like Pella, Andersen, or Marvin. I think a lot depends on the dealer you get then from, since that determines some of your customer service. The dealer here that pushes Simontons is ok, and another one sells a lot of Sunrise windows, which have been around a long time and I have never had a problem with them. They people here who sell Himarks don't have much of a reputation.

Macky - Installer - from 2012

Gorell 5300 And More

The 5100 doesn't look like much, but take a look at the Gorell 5300. It's one of the best windows out there. Definitely one of the 5 best windows, with the Polaris, Sunrise, Okna, and Softlite.

Bill - Installer from Texas - from 2009

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HiMark 800 vs Simonton 5500

My showroom has samples of the Simonton 5500 and the HiMark 800, and when you look at the two together the differences are clear. The 5500 is a good, solid window and it will work fine for most homes. The HiMark, though, is in a class by itself. It's truly a premium window, with a good build and nice look. Windows are expensive, so if it was me I'd buy the best I could afford. They'll last longer and give you fewer problems over the years.

Harry - Window Dealer - from 2012

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