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Vista Windows Reviews And Prices

Explore Vista windows reviews from consumers, homeowners and installers on their Panorama window series and learn more on the quality, craftsmanship, as well as pricing.

Vista Windows get a 4.0 out of 5 stars based on 11 consumer reviews below.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: April 1, 2024

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Vista Windows Reviews | Panorama Series

The Vista Panorama window is a very solid second-tier vinyl window that consumers should be very happy with given the right price point. The Panorama comes standard with a composite lock, sloped sill, low-profile tilt latches, an interlocking meeting rail, triple weatherstripping, tilt in on the double-hung, and a constant force balancing system. The Panorama is available as a double hung, garden window, bay or bow, picture, casement, awning, hopper or in a slider. Vista windows offers three grades or levels of window glass including the echo sure, ultra VCL and seal smart options. The upgraded versions will offer improved performance numbers including U-factor, air infiltration and SHGC.

Consumers can opt for a number of upgrades, including an enhanced locking mechanism, foam filled cavities, a composite reinforced sash, a polyfoam wrap that helps to decrease air infiltration into the window, as well as an additional warrantee provision that covers glass breakage.

Dane - Site Editor

Sunrise vs. Vista Panorama

Hello Dane, I've got a lot of useful info from your Website. However, I can't find the exact info I needed so asking this question; sorry if I missed something.

We are going to replace two twin casement windows in a 30 years old house in Central VA. Each window is approximately 58 inch high and each single window is approximately 26.5 inches wide so the pair is approximately 56.5 inches wide including central spacer.

As replacements, we would like to get two white vinyl double-pane double casement windows with screens and without any grilles. One of the windows is for 2nd floor bathroom and should have tempered glass. We don't need high-end Low E coating since it blocks light so asked for "regular" low E.

I got several quotes from local and nearby (Richmond VA) installers:

Vista windows (just Vista, the salesman said but looking at the literature I believe it's Panorama), $1765 total. The installer uses theirs own labor and has glowing reviews;

Sunrise windows ( again salesman said "just Sunrise" but he is sure it's neither Essential nor Vanguard or Restoration), $3631 total. The installer, a small business, uses his own labor and has glowing reviews;

Preservation windows, triple pane, $4140. Salesman said they don't have double pane and was overall sort of pushy. Don't know if they contract labor or not;

ProVia windows, windows themselves $1797 plus installation $1760-$2640 ( they didn't visit us). Installer said they work with ProVia for a long time, are properly trained and have good reviews. So the total for ProVia will be $3557-$4437.

I like Sunrise windows more than others since they has a narrow frame and I'll be losing less glass space than with other replacements. On the other hand, Vista is almost 2 times less expensive. True, it's frame is a bit wider than the Sunrise but it's only like a third of inch.

Could it be that Vista windows are so much inferior that it's reflected in the cost? Or the installer hides something?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Andrei - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Hi Andrei. Vista has only one line of vinyl window, the Panorama. Not a bad bid -- their window is solidly middle-of-the-road.

The Sunrise window is sometimes referred to as the standard or classic model and is quite good. Better than the Vista Panorama, but I have a hard time saying its worth 2x.

The Preservations bid and the ProVia bids are too expensive for the quality of window they are offering.

My advise would be to go back to the Sunrise dealer and tell them that you like their window the best, but it's out of your price range -- especially considering you have a bid from Vista for about half of what he is offering. If he could get the bid to more like $2400, you would be willing to sign the work order today. Then give him a few days and see if he sweetens the deal for you.

I would put my over under at around $2700. If Sunrise can't get the price under that, then I would go with the Vista, which is not as good as the Sunrise, but with solid installation is still a very decent vinyl window.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2018

Panorama vs. Sunrise Ultra U Plus2

I emailed you before about recommendations and ended up getting several more quotes. I’d love any feedback you can give me! I have four windows by the way.

For an idea of my climate and what I’m looking for: I live in Southwest Michigan and winters get very cold and summers get very hot. I’ve gotten a lot of window bids. Here’s what I’ve gotten with brands, NFRC ratings, and cost. This is my first time buying windows and I want a good deal along with a decent window. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Vista Panorama (through Jack’s Wholesale Windows):
Quote: $2,945
U-factor .21
SHGC .16
VT 34%
AI .06

Alside Mezzo
Quote: $2,766
U-factor .23
SHGC .24
VT 39%
AI .04

Pella 250 (They did not give me any NFRC ratings which is worrisome to me)
Quote: $2,489
U-factor unknown
SHGC unknown
VT unknown
AI unknown

Radiance Plus (upgrade with Super Spacer and triple pane low-e and argon)
Quote: $2,447.15
U-factor .20
SHGC .27
VT 44%
AI unknown

Polar Seal
Quote: $2,551
U-factor .28
SHGC .43
VT unknown
AI unknown

Preservation Model 9001
Quote: $5,700
U-factor .17
SHGC .17
VT 41%
AI unknown

Plygem triple pane (did not give NFRC ratings either)
Quote: $4,200
U-factor unknown
SHGC unknown
VT unknown
AI unknown

Polaris EN PS (the windows have the AAMA Gold rating and this quote includes a “free” whole house energy efficiency upgrade where they find leaks and fill them with insulation, insulated outlet backings, caulking, furnace efficiency test and recalibration, etc.)
Quote: $5,300
U-factor .18
SHGC unknown
VT unknown
AI .01

Sunrise Ultra U Plus2
Quote: $3,045.06
U-factor .25
SHGC .28
VT unknown
AI unknown

Sunrise AR 90
Quote: $3,458.86
U-factor .23
SHGC .22
VT unknown
AI unknown

Thanks, in advance, for all your guidance!!

Tim - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Tim, man that's a lot of estimates, good for you. I would throw out the Preservation and Pella bids to start out, as well as the Radiance Plus and Polar Seal (never heard of these last two and why go with a window that has that little visibility...)

The Vista bids and the Alside bid are both solid. The Polaris is stellar and I like the energy efficiency upgrade—if that upgrade is worth the extra money then you should consider this one for sure. The Sunrise is a great window and you can find the NFRC info on their website. The double hung has a .04 AI and the casement has a .01 AI.

The AR90 option is a glass package, correct? I would talk with the salesperson to determine whether that upgrade is worth it or not. I do think I would end up going with the Sunrise myself. They make a great window and they are a very reputable manufacturer.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2017

Vista Windows Reviews

I was hoping to find Vista Panorama on the list for comparison, but I have read a bit about Vista on your site and I have seen that you indicate it is a mid range "pretty decent" window. I have a quote for $920 installed for 2 double hungs and one picture window with Low E argon, .29 double hung to .26 picture.

Considering adding more double hung windows and the quote installed was $288. I'm getting calls in now for more quotes (from your site), but the other quote I already have is Window World 4000 series with solar zone glass and foam filled frame for $1,364 (same 3 windows).

I'm pretty sure the Vista quote is a great deal, but I know I get what I pay for. Didn't see them listed on your attachment. I think the contractor is giving me a great deal and not sure if I'll come close on price anywhere else, but wanted to make sure you truly thought it was "decent". If not and I could spend a little more to get something that is truly better, I'd be open to suggestions. I'm in central VA by the way.

I do have some rental properties and has Vista Panorama put in a rental 18 months ago by same contractor. My tenants there love the windows and feel no draft at all. House is nice and cozy. One thing they did mention which I checked out was that if you open a window and then go to push the bottom sash down, the top sash comes down just a little.

You twist the lock and may think it's locked if you don't check it. It is quite necessary to push the top sash up while pushing the bottom sash down to get the lock latch to engage to lock it. Regarding materials, I did notice that the twist lock handle is plastic or vinyl and not metal. I looked closer at a window cut-out bought by the contractor and even the inside part that twists around to lock the window also is not metal, but plastic or vinyl. I think it would take a lot of force regardless for it not to be secure, but I'd prefer it be metal. Any thoughts on having to push up the top sash to lock these windows?

Angela - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

The Vista Panorama is loads better than the WW 4000, which is probably one of the worst windows out there.

The price quote you received does sound very solid. I like the fact that you have a contractor who has installed the window before, because he (hopefully) knows all the little tricks that may come into play with the installation.

In terms of the top sash falling when trying to close the bottom sash, this is something that happens on a number of windows as they age and the problem will usually worsen over time. It is one of those “you get what you pay for” annoyances.

This isn’t a deal breaker though and if you like the Vista Panorama, then go for it. I would suggest having your contractor talk to the Vista rep when he is ordering your windows and see if you can have him address the issue with the sashes. The rep will be more likely to help out if he thinks he is getting an order (I know that sounds sad, but it’s often the case.) See what he says about the sash before you order and perhaps you can get some satisfaction.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista Panorama vs. Earthwise Eclipse

How would you compare Vista Panorama with Earthwise Eclipse with a price quote coming out about the same at $300 installed per double hung window? Is one better than the other and why? The guy who quoted Earthwise has top notch ratings on Angie's List and Home Advisor as far as the install goes. Thanks.

Kile - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kile, I can’t find a ton of information specific to the Earthwise Eclipse and have never personally used the window. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of data or features on this particular window online. My notion, based on other’s opinions but not first hand knowledge, is that the window is considered an average vinyl window.

I would therefore rate the Vista Panorama above average, but certainly not in the top tier of vinyl windows. However, most homeowners can buy a decent vinyl window, and with competent installation, can expect their windows to perform well over the years.

If it were me, I might lean towards the Vista, but if I felt the installation and/or future customer service was going to better with the Earthwise, then I might be persuaded to go this direction.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista Patio Door Complaint

I just had a triple sliding pation door installed...but the middle door will not shut ...I have to really push it so I can close and look the moves smoothly once opened...of course this is a vista this the install or defect in product?? Great vista windows reviews.

Michael - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

I couldn't say which…have the installer come back out and fix it — if it's a product defect they will tell you. If they don't tell you its the product, then its the install. If it just went in, they should provided some sort of warranty on their work — do it sooner rather than later!

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista Panorama vs. Midway EnviroSealed

We are replacing all 19 of the vinyl windows in our house. Two windows are large half-rounds.

I contacted three companies for quotes. I've received two but the third company uses the same vinyl window brand as one of the other two so I feel my questions are regarding two types of windows - Vista Panorama and Midway EnviroSealed.

I've found lots of information on your site about Vista Panorama and it sounds like a decent window, but I haven't found much about Midway or its EnviroSealed window. I've been told that the Midway window is basically a "souped up" Alliance Hawthorne. Rep said he chose this window for value (we plan to move in a year or two) and metal support in sash because we have a few wide windows.

I've also read about the Alliance window "conglomerate" but the company offering the Midway windows says that Midway is a better window than the Alliance reputation. They just are in this alliance that has some not so great other windows.

Can you tell me anything else about Midway EnviroSealed window?

Also...the estimates are Vista Panorama $10,800 and Midway $12,500. Both have Low E-argon gas but the Vista estimate comes with a free upgrade (?) of super spacers between the glass.

Both companies were recommended on Angies List and seem to have good reviews. Midway company has been around 50 years. Vista company 10 years.

Julia - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Answer]

Vista makes a pretty decent window, although the Panorama has a .20 air infiltration, which is much higher than I'd like to see. I like to see a .08 and lower, but you are getting what you pay for. All in all, I would rate the Panorama as a middle of the road vinyl window.

I don't hear much about Midway, but what I do hear from them tends to be pretty good. The numbers on the EnviroSealed look good, although I couldn't find the air infiltration, which is (one of) the numbers that I really like to look at to compare window brands and models. I'm assuming it's better, maybe in the .12 to .08 range, but this is my conjecture – I would definitely ask for the DP, VT, CR and AI numbers on this window and have the salesman explain each one.

The spacer is always something they taut, but honestly it's worth like $20 max on an upgrade. My gut tells me that the Midway is worth the extra money, but I think you need a second opinion from someone who knows these brands a bit better.

The EnviroSealed website provides very little information on the specific features of the window and I don't know much more. From the little I saw and know, I would say it's a better window than the Panorama, but how much I can't say with any assuredness.

Feel free to send me any additional bids and I can give you my two cents I feel like that's about all that I provided here ☹.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista Panorama Windows vs Okna 500 Series

Hi, trying to decide beaten Okna 500 series and Vista panorama. Any thoughts. Each would have interior grid. Does a grid inside the window affect energy efficiency! I live in Wisc and U factor is important to me.

Susan - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Susan, these are both excellent windows, although I would definitely say the Okna 500 is the better window of the two. If you go with the Okna 500 window with an argon gas, a foam fill insulation, and a low-e glass, you should be able to expect a .25 U-value, Design Pressure of 50, a .30 SHGC, a .54 Visible Transmittance, and a .02 air infiltration. All extremely good numbers. If you upgrade to their Deluxe package, you can actually get the U-value down to like .18.

The Vista Panorama offers a similar U-factor of .26, along with a .25 SHGC, .43 Visible Transmittance and 63 condensation resistance. Although I don't have the air infiltration numbers for the Panorama, this is where I would imagine the Okna will beat out the Vista model. I like both windows, but I do think the Okna 500 is the better of the two.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista Panorama At Home Depot


Jim - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Jim, Vista makes a very decent vinyl window in the Panorama model. The numbers are pretty solid and it includes some nice features. Check out our Vista window pricing page for additional details on the window. I always offer caution to homeowners who buy through the big box stores.

While HD often offers great pricing on the actual products, they do tend to subcontract out the installation, which can result in less than ideal installation results. Make sure that whoever is doing the installation has lots of experience installing the Vista window you are buying and has a good reputation in general for the quality of their work. If they don't have a stellar reputation, I would find a good local company to do the work, you don't want to get stuck with a good window and bad installation, it will cost you a lot more in the long run if you have to have someone rip out the windows in five years and reinstall them.

Good Luck!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista vs Great Lakes

We've gotten several window estimates for whole house replacement windows. Most of our current windows are low quality, builders grade aluminum. We're looking at low-E, argon, double pane windows and are deciding between 2 companies. One uses Vista Window Co and the other uses Great Lakes Windows. I see mixed reviews on both, and the price for the Vista windows is much less, so I'm wondering is it a good deal, or should we pay more fore Great Lakes? Any advice appreciated.

Sunny - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Sunny, on the face of it, Vista and Great Lakes have roughly the same reputation in the industry. To be honest, both are known as good middle of the road vinyl window manufacturers. Neither is considered top tier, but they are both quite solid, which is a good thing for you. Vista carries one principal vinyl window, which they call the Panorama, while Great Lakes carries 4 different grades of vinyl windows. So my first question would be, which Great Lakes window did you get the quote for? I would say the Panorama from Vista is comparable to either the Lifestyles or Uniframe model from Great Lakes - the Uniframe is GL's premium series, while the Lifestyles is their step down. I would say the Bayshore and the Seabrooke from Great Lakes are both a step below the Panorama and I would not recommend these models over the Vista.

You said the price for the Panorama is lower, so I would start here. Assuming that the company offering the Vista windows is professional, competent, and is going to offer thorough installation from a team of installers that has lots of experience with the Panorama and has a reputation for quality work, I would go this route. If, however, you have any concerns about the installers and/or company, then perhaps a bit more leg work is involved. First, find out which Great Lakes window model you have gotten the quote on and get the U-factor, AI, SHGC and DP ratings for the window and compare this to the Panorama ratings (the person who gave you the quote should have these numbers readily available). Then figure out if the company offering the GL is going to offer better installation, do they provide a labor warranty, do they have references, and a long track record of excellence in the community?

If you don't feel comfortable with either company, then I would say get two more quotes and see if this sheds some light on the issue. Let us know what you come up with!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Vista Windows vs Soft-Lite

I got a quote for Soft-Lite Classic windows. The Great Lakes windows are the Seabrook (?) model, which the dealer calls the 6000. The Vista windows are not the Panorama, but are the the lowest level either. The Soft-Lite quote is between the other two, but I've been reading better reviews for Soft-Lite. Vista is about $15,000, Soft-Lite $18,000 and Great Lakes $22,000 for 36 windows. Thoughts? Thanks!

Sunny - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Sunny, I think the answer is very clear in this case. I would go with the Soft-Lite bid, certainly over the more expensive Great Lakes bid. I think it's a no-brainer to go with the Soft-Lite over the Vista panorama at that price, let alone their mid range vinyl window.

The only question left is whether you feel that the installation from the Soft-Lite dealer is going to be of good quality. If so, I think you've definitely got your winner. Soft-Lite has one of the best reputations in the industry and I think you will be happy for years to come.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

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Vista Windows Reviews | Energy Xtreme Series

Vista Energy Xtreme vs. Stanek Comfort Guard

Hi Guys, I need to make a decision between the Vista Energy Xtreme 270 Select series to the Stanek Comfort Guard Extreme Windows. The job covers 14 casement and 2 double hung windows. Both have good reputations in the area and both have quality installers. I had a chance to look at the Stanek windows in great depth and was impressed with the hardware and overall finish. Since the Vista rep didn't bring any sample windows I have no idea how well designed/built their hardware is or what the finish looks like.

The Vista Energy Xtreme boasts a rainex type of "Repel" coating while Stanek has no offering but the Stanek U values are better at .19 as opposed to .22. I also read about that the pocket sill Stanek uses may be problematic over time so I'd like to know if the Vista Energy Xtreme Select series utilizes the same pocket sill or something else?

I'd love an answer ASAP to help me decide. Thank you.

M - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

M, both of the windows you have quotes on are solid mid range windows, probably in the upper end of the mid range vinyl window spectrum. As to the better window, it's tough for me to say without going back and looking at these specific models side-by-side. I think I would agree with you on the strength of the features and options on the Stanek. They make a good window, with the exception of the pocket sill, which is a design flaw, but the structural rating on the window is good enough that I think you can consider overlooking it.

Assuming the company and installers are completely equal in terms of quality workmanship, I would lean towards the Stank, but not by a whole lot. I would certainly try and leverage the bid against the other to see if you can get the company to drop their bid price at least a bit.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Vista Energy Xtreme vs Soft-Lite Pro Windows

I have been given quotes for both vista-energy xtreme triple pane windows and softlite pro double pane windows - all double hung windows. They are about equal in cost (around $500 a window) and both are installed by reputable companies by in-house installers. I am trying to decide which one to choose. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hali - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Hi Hali, both of these windows are quite good. I like the Soft-Lite Pro a bit better over the Vista Energy Xtreme. That's a good price you got and I LOVE the fact that you are getting solid installation, this is an important part of the process.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista Panorama vs Soft-Lite Elements

Thanks for a terrific website! I have learned a lot by reviewing the information you have posted. Selecting replacement window manufacturers and dealers is much more complicated than I ever imagined and I appreciate the straight forward honest advice that your site offers.

We are looking for replacement windows and would appreciate your input. We are looking at a configuration that would include 11 casements, 3 2-Lite sliders, 1 3-Lite slider, 1 awning, and 2 picture windows (18 total). We live in northeast Wisconsin. The quotes we have zeroed in are for Soft-Lite elements, which I understand to be a top-rated model, and Vista Panorama, which I understand to be mid-grade. The quotes are both for a triple pane configuration and feature lifetime warranties. The best price for the Vista Panorama is $13,240 and the best price for the Soft-Lite Elements is $15,933. Both installers have good BBB ratings. The Vista dealer contracts installation labor while the Soft-Lite dealer employs the installers.

What advice do you have for us? Is the Soft-Lite performance worth the premium or should we go with the less expensive Vista Panorama? Are there any other dealers or brands that we should explore in northeast Wisconsin to compare to? Any advice is appreciated.

Matt - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Matt, thanks for the nice words, glad you find the site helpful. So I think your take on both windows is spot on, the problem I have is that price breakdown makes it a toss up in my mind. $735 for the Vista Panorama or $885 - either way it's not cheap. The one thing that concerns me about the Vista is the contract labor, while the Soft-Lite uses their own labor, which means that the installers work with the same windows each time and know all the little tips and tricks that can trip up the installation teams. Also for ordering purposes, everything is in house and it lowers the chances of something going wrong and then the blame game starts. But I'm still a bit on the fence...

I think you need a couple more bids to complicate things :) and then hopefully give you a clear answer. Does Okna, Sunrise, HiMark, Polaris, Kensington have reps or companies in your area? It should be pretty easy to check and I'm hoping that 1 or 2 more bids will give you more options or perhaps help steer you one way or the other.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista Panorama Window Review

The Vista Panorama Series is a nice mid range vinyl window. I actually use it as my drop window, or the one I recommend to customers on a tight budget but who still want a decent product. Over the past several years, I've installed loads of them and had relatively few issues. The company is very good at addressing any problems and they have a quick turn around time. Now and again I'll get an order with sloppy welds. They don't stand up to the higher end vinyl windows like a Soft-Lite or Sunrise that use better sills, screens, glass, coves and glazing beads, but then again you get what you pay for. I would recommend both the Panorama double hung and the 2-lite slider. I'd say the window is right between the 5050 and 5500 series from Simonton.

Michael - Contractor - from 2010

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General Vista Windows Reviews And Prices

Vista Vinyl vs. Pella 350

Hi Tim, I am in the St. Louis MO area and looking for 16 double hung windows and 1 slider window. We are looking at Polaris UltraWeld, Pella 350, and Vista vinyl windows.

A. are these 3 good?
B. do you have average costs on these windows.
C. Would you choose a different manufacturer?

Mike - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Hi Mike. The Polaris Ultraweld is a very good vinyl window. The Vista is a decent vinyl window and the Pella 350 is a middle of the road vinyl window. That's how I would rank them, but honestly I would advise you to go with the Polaris Ultraweld as it will provide the best long term value for your money.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2017

Vista Windows And Window Mart

I have a bid from a guy who works for Crown Window, and he recommended "Window Mart" for double hung windows, and said they'd be about $400 each installed, which sounds a little low. Not that I don't like a bargain, but I don't want to short-sheet ourselves on quality either. He also recommended a company called Vista for our 3 slider style windows.

Are these windows that you're familiar with, and if so are they any good? "Window Mart" doesn't sound very promising to me, but I don't know a lot about windows, so they could be fine. Thanks again.

Hans - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

So, I don't know much about Window Mart. I took a look at their numbers on the website and the performance looks decent. They have 4 different double hung windows so the model you choose is certainly going to affect the quality you're getting. Do you know which of the 4 models you were quoted for the $400? What kind of a warranty do they offer? Can you get a couple of references from past customers (preferably customers who have had their windows in for at least 4 or 5 years to see how well they are holding up?)

I took a look at their website and the specs on the windows look decent as well. This doesn't tell me much about their reputation in the industry though - how well their windows are made, how reliable their batch production, how they sell and distribute, how well the products hold up over time, etc. These are questions that you should know before spending you're hard earned dollars.

I like Vista windows, they are generally a well made vinyl window. Was the choice between Vista and Window Mart, because I'd have to go with the Vista just because its a known company with a decent track record.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista Windows vs Zen Windows

I originally thought that I was going to do replacement windows. But the Sunrise window with the full frame I was looking at I would have to take my trim off on the inside. If that's the case I didn't know if there was a better window to go with as far as new construction. I always thought Anderson was one of the better windows for new construction do you recommend any other window at a fair price for a good product

Chris - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Andersen Windows is an expensive window and they are best known for their wood clad windows (which are expensive, but very nice.) For most homeowners, I recommend staying with a quality vinyl window - they offer better value, performance and overall durability.

Did you see if Vista Windows or Zen Windows (these are essentially Soft-Lite windows) services your area? You are in Missouri, correct? I think at this point you need to get a few bids from some more companies to get a consensus on whether you need to go with a replacement or new construction installation.

You may get some variation in opinions, but by the third or fourth bid it should be clear what the best course of action is. You will also get a better sense of pricing with a few bids and get to see and feel the different windows out there.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2016

Vista Windows Reviews

I live in Missouri and we recently bought a 15 year old home and the current windows do not fit well or close tight. I am looking for a good vinyl replacement window that also will help with the street noise as our house backs up to a two lane road with a fair amount of traffic. What would you suggest? Thanks

Donna - Homeowner - from 2015

[Site Editor's Response]

Donna, I'm not an expert on all replacement window brands available in your state, but I know of 4 quality options and brands that are sold through local companies in Missouri.

Sunrise has local reps and their vinyl windows are excellent. Avoid the Sunrise Essentials and go with the standard Sunrise or any of the upgraded models.

Zen windows is a franchised Soft-Lite , also one of the better vinyl windows out there. Again, avoid the lower end Karma model and go with either the Nirvana or Lotus models instead.

Vista makes a good vinyl window called the Panorama that is well built and might be the most affordable of the bunch.

A few programming notes: Prices can be all over the board because certain companies may sell lots of one window and get good pricing on it. Get a few bids to really compare how the window and installation costs stack up.

The other really important issue is installation, make sure you find a company with a good local reputation and one that stands behind their work. You want installation teams that have worked together for a while and have experience with the particular window you are buying. Proper installation will play a big role in how long your windows last and how effectively they insulate your home.

Good luck!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2015

Pricing Options

We live in Chicago and just got bid for Vista windows - they looked nice and were reasonably priced, but not cheap by any means. I haven't heard of these before so I'm a bit confused as to their quality.

Daniel - Homeowner - from 2014

[Contractor Response]

Vista windows are an average window, perhaps a good one, but not in the premier vinyl class. I'd say they are on par or perhaps a little under a Simonton. The best ones IMO are Okna windows and Sunrise. You should get a few more bids from some of the top brands just to see how the prices compare - the Okna 400 and 500 series and the Sunrise standard frame might be in your price range and they are excellent options.

Rich - Contractor - from 2014

Vista Vinyl Window Extrusions

In response to your questions, Veka is not a window manufacturer, they extrude vinyl and sell it to manufacturers - I believe Vista windows uses Veka extrusions. Guardian glass does make a very nice product. I don't know enough about Alco to say anything good or bad, but I would be wary of any company that you haven't heard much of. It's difficult for someone to look at two different windows and see a difference, but there are all sorts of ways that manufacturers can cut corners to keep their costs down. You will see the difference after 5 years and the seals don't hold up or the shoddy glazing begins to deteriorate the ability of the window to work efficiently. I would recommend manufacturers that get great reviews all around.

Matt - Contractor - from 2009

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