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Loewen Window Prices

Loewen windows prices are at the high end of the price scale for wood clad windows. The company is known for their excellent quality products. They make some of the best wood windows on the market, and most homeowners who are considering Loewens are willing to pay top dollar for a full replacement that works perfectly with the design and materials of their home.

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Loewen Standard Wood Clad Windows

Loewen's main line of windows is a wood clad that comes in several styles: bay and bow, picture, access, specialty, and transom, awning, and the more traditional casements and double hungs. The interior can be either Douglas Fir or mahogany, and the exterior features extruded aluminum cladding and a Kynar finish. They have two separate color lines for the exterior finish, either standard colors or the architectural color collection. A Low-e2 glass package comes standard.

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Loewen StormForce Collection

Loewen's StormForce is not cheap, but if you can afford it and need the durability then it can be a great investment. The interior is very close to the Standard series, but these are designed for coastal areas that face serious weather and need a window that can handle it. The engineering is upgraded to include impact resistant glazing and laminated glass with a DP50 rating, while still offering the style and great looks that Loewen is known for. Read additional storm windows reviews.

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Loewen Cyprium Collection

Loewen created the Cyprium Collection for the high end homeowner that needs a quality window with a distinctive style. Wood clad with a Douglas Fir or mahogany interior like their other lines, it features a custom sash and frame. What makes the Cyprium unique is that it comes in either a copper or bronze cladding in a variety of patinas to select from. In addition to styles such as awning, pictures, and casement, they come in a variety of specialty shapes and styles as well. When purchasing these windows it is important to pay top dollar for a very good contractor.

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