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Single Hung Windows Reviews

Discover single hung windows reviews from homeowners and contractors alike. For pricing details, refer to the window cost calculator page.

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Amsco Single Hung Windows

We put single hung Amsco windows in our home, the back of the house one year and the front the next. The ones in the back are starting to get some condensation when it rains, but that isn't a big deal because we don't get a lot of rain in New Mexico. If we lived in a rainier place, it might be a problem. One of the locks broke but they replaced it with no hassles. They sometimes come off their slide rails, too, if you aren't careful when you open and close them.

They aren't all bad, the installer always comes and fixes them when they derail and I think they look nice. I won't get Amsco windows again, but if you really need to save money they aren't all bad.

Jerrod - Homeowner - from 2006

Cascade Single Hungs

I've had two bids for 15 single hung Cascade windows plus a picture window without grids, one at $4600 and one for $4000. Another contractor bid $5000 to put in Milgard Tuscanys. I've heard that they are much better than Cascades, but how much better? Money is tight and $1000 is a lot of money. To me, a window needs to open and close, lock, and hopefully be reasonably energy efficient. Is the difference worth that much?

Anne - Homeowner in California - from 2006

[Response From Contractor]

Milgards are worth it. They are a better product and they offer better service.

Will - Contractor - from 2006

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