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Stanek Window Prices

Stanek window prices fall in the mid range for vinyl and impact windows. Stanek is more of a regional manufacturer (based in Cleveland Ohio), although they have expanded outwards since being bought by a larger company and can be pretty aggressive in the marketing and approach. In general, the company enjoys a good reputation for making a solid vinyl and hurricane window. They are not a true manufacturer per se, but instead buy all of the parts for the window and then assemble them in the factory. Check out all of our Stanek windows reviews here.

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Stanek Replacement Windows

Most credible contractors would say the Stanek makes a good vinyl window, but not necessarily a great one. They use a block and tackle balance system that is a considered a nice feature. However, they also use a pocket sill, which can trap water and debris inside the frame and lead the potential issues down the road. Besides the pocket sill, the window is a solid offering that is a good buy assuming a competititve price point and installation. Their warranty is pretty standard, although it doesn't cover glass breakage and is not transferrable.

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Stanek Woodgrain Windows

Stanek offers a wood veneer interior, although not available on their hurricane window series. The window is a bit misleading though at first glance because on their website its actually listed as a wood window. In actuality, it's a vinyl or uPVC interior veneer that does look quite woodlike. They offer the window in 4 interior wood grain options, light or medium oak, cherry and a walnut.

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Stanek UltraExtreme Hurricane Windows

The UltraExtreme impact window offers DP70 ratings, which is pretty impressive, as well as a .21 U-factor. The window has laminate glass, nice corner welds and exterior screen. Again, the warranty doesn't cover glass breakage and is not transferrable. Stanek requires that you use their installers (a similar model to Renewal By Andersen & Champion) - this will add to the final price, but if there is an issue down the road you know who to blame.

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