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Hurricane Windows

Hurricane windows are strong and sturdy replacement units that are built to withstand even the toughest storms. This strength comes at a price with impact window costs as much as $1500 per window fully installed.

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Hurricane Window Basics

At the core of a hurricane window is the laminated glass that is often used, which is much stronger and more impact resistant than a normal low E glass. Laminated glass is considerably more expensive, but can withstand some fairly strong impact from debris, wind, rain etc. Even if the laminate glass does crack from a strong impact, it does not shatter and can continue to protect the home. In addition to the strong glass, an impact window typically uses excellent glazing techniques, seals, corner welds, hardware, spacer systems, and argon gas in order create a strong and sturdy window.

Hurricane Window Pricing

Hurricane window costs are not cheap, they can be as low as $500 or as pricey as $1500 plus fully installed. One of the reasons for this high cost is the expensive certification and testing that must go on in order for the window to be considered an official hurricane window. Some manufacturers forgo the certification and instead offer a replacement window with several upgrades that may include laminate glass and a sill reinforcement in order to create a hurricane window, without the expensive cost of the certification.

-- Price Range: $500 to $1500 installed --

Recommended Manufacturers

Simonton Windows and Doors offers to affordable hurricane window options, including the 9800 Series with two additional upgrades, as well as the Storm Breaker Series. PGT sells their 400 Series which is a vinyl hurricane window, as well as their WinGuard Series, which comes in either a vinyl or an aluminum frame. The Winguard is more expensive, but is generally considered a more robust window than the 400 Series. Stanek Windows offers there Ultra Extreme Series which is quite a robust and affordable impact window. Finally, at the premium level is the Loewen StormForce Collection, which is both a very expensive and very well-made and beautiful hurricane window option.

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