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Vinyl Windows That Look Like Wood | Faux Wood Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows That Look Like Wood

Explore vinyl windows that look like wood, which mimics the look of real wood grain on the inside of a window. In the past, this faux wood finish looked pretty "cheesy" and were easy to spot. More precisely, they looked cheap and unprofessional. But those days are long gone.

"Today's faux wood vinyl windows are in a whole new league. In fact, I can no longer tell whether the window is real wood or faux wood until I get within two feet on the window itself. The wood grain of the laminate has become very realistic."

While vinyl windows with wood laminates will add $75 to $150 to the per window cost, they offer some pretty incredible advantages in my opinion. Essentially, they gives you the look of real wood windows and couple it with the considerable advantages of vinyl windows.

Let's take a deep dive into the costs, their many advantages, and give you some real world examples.

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Vinyl Windows Laminate Costs

Prices are a bit tricky because each manufacturer marks up this upgrade different;y. But as a rule of thumb, a faux wood vinyl window should run $100 to $250 above the normal sticker price. The cost range here is affected by the brand, size, and wood species you select. (More on window replacement cost.)

-- An Additional $100 to $250 per window --

The Look of Real Wood

Wood clad windows are stunning to look at. They add so much beauty to a home over the look of vinyl -- unless you have a home with a modern style. This is more or less what you are getting with this upgrade. The new faux wood vinyl windows are very nice looking and I sometimes have a problem telling the difference between real wood and faux wood windows until I'm right up close.

Zero Maintenance

Unlike wood clad, which requires quite a bit of maintenance over the years to keep them functioning well, vinyl requires zero maintenance. This goes for an interior laminate on vinyl windows as well. Again, it's like getting the best of both worlds -- although your capital outlay will be more than if you simply purchased vinyl replacements.

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Long Lasting

The typical wood clad window warranty is 20 to 25 years. This is more or less how long the manufacturer believes their product ought to last. Most vinyl windows warranties are lifetime -- that's how long they think their products ought to last. Laminate wood vinyl windows carry that same lifetime warranty on the frame, sash, and components.

Energy Efficient

Wood is an organic material and will break down over time. The energy efficiency numbers of wood clad windows is pretty meh to just kind of bad. High end vinyl replacements get some of the very best energy efficiency numbers in the business. The Okna 800, as an example, which can be ordered in a faux wood finish, has an air infiltration of 0.01. It simply can't be beat.

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