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Okna Windows Lawsuit

Explore Okna Windows lawsuit information and/or class action lawsuits filed against this window manufacturer. At the outset, let me say this - I have found nothing untoward in terms of lawsuits against Okna that would cause any concern for consumers looking into this company.

Company Information: Okna is based out of Bristol, Pennsylvania and they have been making windows since 1994. The company is considered (by me at least) to be one of the best vinyl window manufacturers in the United States.

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Okna Windows Lawsuit #1

During 2006 to 2009, one of Okna's biggest dealers / distributors named WindoWizards out of New Jersey was sued by customers for false statements in one of their brochures. The claim made was this: the ComfortWeld window series has foam insulation in both the frame and sash. It did not. Subsequently, WindoWizards went out of business. Okna received what amounted to a public slap. Seems pretty minor to me.

Okna Windows Lawsuit #2

In 2019, Okna sued Diversified Structural Composites for breach of contract. Basically, a few years before this, Okna wanted to get into the fiberglass window market. They teamed up with Diversified and spend research and development money (and converted part of their manufacturing space) to create a fiberglass window. They created a double hung and went on to make a casement. Then Diversified's parent company decided to pull out of the project because they didn't feel like it was going to pay off. Okna sued them for breach of contract. It's a bit unclear how this lawsuit was resolved - but it shouldn't impact homeowner opinions on the company as far as I'm concerned.

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