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Quaker Windows Lawsuit

Read about Quaker Windows Lawsuit information, as well as any class action lawsuits filed against this window manufacturer. I will do my best to summarize the cases and to provide a layman's explanation of what was on the table and how it was resolved.

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Class Action Lawsuits

To the best of my knowledge, no class action lawsuits have been filed against Quaker. We will certainly update this page if any information comes to light on this subject.

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Quaker Windows Lawsuit #1

In 2020, Lumbermens Merchandising Corp. sued Quaker Window for trademark infringement over the use of the ModernVu window series.

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Quaker Windows Lawsuit #2

The big issue for a company like Quaker is always going to be centered around their wood windows. ( Wood Window Prices ) Because these products often fail in the second decade of their lifetime, consumers/homeowners are often angered and feel that the products were defective. Unfortunately, wood windows often only carry a 20 year lifetime (or less). This warranty period ought to inform consumers who are interested in wood-clad how long the manufacturers expect their products to last. My advice: buy one of the best vinyl windows on the market and upgrade to vinyl windows that look like wood. This is the best of both world in my opinion (as long as you like the look of the window from the outside.)

Dane - Site Editor

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