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Lincoln Windows Class Action Lawsuit

Read Lincoln Windows Class Action Lawsuit information on this wood window manufacturer. Most of the lawsuits against the company have centered around the quality of their wood windows, which is what the company is best known for. The overarching issue with wood windows is their longevity. Over time, wood windows tend to breakdown much more quickly than other frame materials. The result is that in their second decade of use, they can rot or warp and / or have issues functioning properly. A more serious result is if water and moisture enter the walls, which can lead to costly repairs.

Company Information: Lincoln Windows is Wisconsin based and has been manufacturing doors and windows since the 1940s. Lincoln specializes in wood clad windows, although they now sell a vinyl window series called Timeline Vinyl Products. Nonetheless, the class action lawsuit focused exclusively on their wood windows.

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Lincoln Windows Class Action Lawsuit

In 2016, there was a Lincoln Windows Class Action Lawsuit between the company and a group of South Carolina based homeowners. (Schussel vs Lincoln Wood products.) The suit centered on how poorly Lincoln Windows had glazed their windows between the years of 1999 and 2007. The result, according to the plaintiffs, was rotting and/or failed windows, as well as property damage.

Outcome: My understanding is that Lincoln ended up settling the case for an undisclosed amount.

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