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Kolbe And Kolbe Windows Lawsuit

Read about Kolbe And Kolbe Windows lawsuits and my summation of the cases and outcomes. I will attempt to sum up each lawsuit (in as plain a language as I can muster). Please note: I am not a lawyer and these are my interpretations of what occurred, so some of the language and/or details could be a bit off — so you've been forewarned.

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"The main issue with Kolbe Windows And Doors over the years has been wood rot. Once wood rot occurs happens, the window doesn't properly function."

The Issues: The main issue for Kolbe over the years has typically been wood rot on their wood and wood clad windows. Once rot begins, the window doesn't properly function. Unfortunately, (almost) every single wood window manufacturers on the planet has had this issue at one time or the other (faulty design, a bad batch of windows, etc.). Unless homeowners take special care and maintenance of their wood windows, exposed wood will begin to breakdown over time. It is one of the reasons we suggest homeowners consider as an alternative vinyl windows with a wood grain look. Good quality vinyl windows simply don't have the issues that wood-clad series do. The wood grain look mimics the look well - but not perfect.

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Kolbe Windows Lawsuit # 1

In 1998, a customer purchased a custom Kolbe window with a lifetime warranty from an approved local dealer. The window was a dual crank-out casement with the inside wood edge carved in a circular arc. The customer seeks the most suitable product and is informed that the top-rated windows company offers an excellent solution. Within a year, the wood began to crack on the joints. Nevertheless, the company replaced that part; however, the same issue recurred. The windows cracked again, leaving the customer with no alternative but to keep the faulty sideboard in place, as the cracks are substantial enough to allow water to seep in rapidly.

Bottom Line:Kolbe refused to pay compensation for the damaged windows. In this case, it was the company's fault as they had designed the windows poorly.

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Kolbe Windows Lawsuit #2

In 2000, a customer purchased windows and doors from Kolbe. A few years later, the customer started painting the sashes and replacing the weatherstripping on the casement windows. The customer observed wood rot on a minimum of eight sashes. The contractor, addressing the issue, informed the customer that the moisture, trapped due to poor design, had deteriorated the bottom wood of the window.

Bottom Line:Kolbe did provide the replacement, but again, the cracks appeared in the windows. However, the company didn’t offer any compensation.

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Kolbe Windows Lawsuit # 3

In 2014, a class action lawsuit was filed against Kolbe, claiming that the company's windows were defective and, as a result, allowed water and moisture into the walls (thereby causing considerable damage to the home). Kolbe referred the case to two insurance companies. From there, the case got too confusing legally for me to understand. I'm going to go back and read the case again and see if I can make heads or tails of it.

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