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New South Windows Complaints

Explore New South Windows complaints from homeowners who have been dissatisfied with their installation and services.

Nature Of The Complaints: Like all (big) companies, NewSouth has its share of complaints. The company has been growing quite rapidly in the past decade, and you are always going to get customers who are dissatisfied with the windows themselves, or the installation quality. Below, we have assembles legitimate consumer complaints about NewSouth. Please note just because there are complaints about a company doesn’t mean they lack in product quality or installation proficiency.

Instead, take these consumer gripes with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, judgements on this (or any other) company ought to be based on price, quality, and installation quality. In general, NewSouth seems to enjoy a relatively good reputation in the industry. This isn’t to say that they don’t have their share of quality control issues. As we fill out this page, we hope to get a better gauge of what homeowners and consumers think of this up and coming installation company.

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New South Windows Reviews

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New South Windows Complaints

We had NSWs put in four years ago, and I have to say they are not holding up that well. We initially had some installation problems with ordering the right sizes. The company handled it well so I can’t fault them on that front. But I feel like during bigger storms, there is air coming in from the sides of the window edge. I’ve called a number of times, but they don’t seem very responsive. I’m really not very happy with how they’ve handled our issue.

I feel like as soon as they installed the job, they were onto the next customer and they left us swaying in the wind. I really just need them to come out and make a few adjustments to several of the north and west facing windows, but so far my pleas have fallen on death ears. Not super happy with how this job has gone down.

Mavin - Homeowner - from 2023

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