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Champions Windows Lawsuits

Read about various Champions Windows Lawsuits and my summation of the cases and outcomes. When you are as big a company as Champion Windows And Doors, it is almost inevitable that you will be involved in lawsuits over the years. I have found three suits to date, although there could be more that I’m not aware of.

I’m going to sum up each case in a decidedly un-lawyerly way because, well, I am not a lawyer. As such, these are my understanding of the lawsuits themselves, but some of the smaller details might be a bit off — so please be aware of this.

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Champions Windows Lawsuit #1

Back in 2007, a couple with the last name Bailey sued the company branch in the Tri City North Carolina area. They argued that Champion was in breach of contract over a sunroom build that was woefully delayed.

In court, Champion argued that the fault lay with the Baileys; specifically how they handled the project timelines, materials, ordering details, and build specifics. The court eventually sided with the company and said that the couple bore (most of) the responsibility for the project snafus.

Bottom Line: Because the court sided with Champion in the case, I’m certainly not going to fault the company in this first Champion Windows lawsuit.

Champions Windows Lawsuit #2

Three years later, in 2010, the Champion branch in Columbus, Georgia was sued by a man named Ronald Henderson, who worked at Champion as a branch manager. Henderson sued for age discrimination, stating that the company wanted someone younger and more energetic. In addition, Henderson was asked to train his replacement beforehand and, once this was complete, he was terminated. At trial, Henderson and his lawyer entered into evidence an email from one of the Champion higher ups that quite literally stating they wanted someone younger and energetic. Smoking gun.

Bottom Line: Champion was found liable for age discrimination and the company ended up paying Mr. Henderson like $80K. I fault Champion in this second case for obvious reasons. Not cool.

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Champions Windows Lawsuit #3

In 2021, a handful of Champion customers sued the Atlanta branch for breach of contract, claiming that the company took customer deposits, ran into long delays due to COVID supply chain issues, and then refused to refund their deposits. The company argued that once they had measured out the projects and made the orders, they were unable to return the deposits. As far as I know, the case was settled out of court and the details of the deal were never released.

Bottom Line: This was is sort of split for me. I understand the anger by customers at having shelled out money for work that was severely delayed. However, I also understand Champion’s position that they were on the hook for the ordered windows and parts. COVID was an unforeseen event that I can’t really hold anyone responsible for (except those damn bats).

Do you have a Champions Windows lawsuit that I didn’t mention here? If so, send it my way and I’m happy to post it!

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