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Hurd Windows is no longer in business - they were acquired in 2014 by Sierra Pacific Industries. However, Sierra Pacific purchased the assets, meaning that they are not responsible for Hurd warranty claims. If you purchased Hurd windows and needs some advice, we've got you covered - contact us and we will see what we can do.

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Aluminum Clad Windows Question

Hi, hope you might direct me in the right direction for restoring my Hurd windows aluminum cladding that has faded in the NM western sun. They were new in 1989:-) At some point I read about a product that’s used primarily on Airstreams, but can’t find that information now. So, if this info is handy, could you share it with me? Thanks so much!

Amanda - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Amanda, I really don't have a good answer for you. Hurd went out of business and Sierra Pacific acquired their assets (meaning they don't have to legally service any warranty issues). You might want to look for local window repair services that could offer you some advice. You could also contact local window companies and say you're looking for replacement windows - but then just get their opinions on how to handle your situation - kind of sneaky, but perhaps effective???

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

Hurd vs Marvin & Kolbe

I can't believe people are comparing Hurd to Marvin, Eagle, and Kolbe. The Hurds don't even compare. Other brands have much better designs and materials that will last a lot longer and give you fewer problems. Hurd is a lower quality window - nothing wrong if that's what you want, but lower quality.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2012

Hurd Windows Complaints

I won't use Hurds again. My house has 17 of them now, and I can't wait to replace them. The sills are cheap and flimsy, the outside sills are rotting. I was repairing them as they fell apart, then I realized I was wasting my time. I have Andersens on the other part of the house that are 60 years old and they are still in great shape. Hurds just aren't made to last like some brands are.

Marty - Homeowner - from 2011

Windows For A Historic House

We're restoring a historic home in Cleveland, and our options are limited. We're required to use materials and designs that are authentic to the time period, which makes it pretty hard to find windows and other fixtures. We can use clad aluminum, thankfully, but a lot of manufacturers are only making vinyl now. We also can't have low-E or other glazing, no fiberglass either. Hurd makes a wood-clad aluminum that looks right and meets all the requirements, so we were finally able to get windows. I think if you dig into our Hurd Windows reviews page, you'll find lots of consumer info.

Bill - Contractor - 2010

Hurd vs Peachtree

Is Peachtree better than Hurd? I have 38 windows total. Marvins seemed like the best but the price was out of reach by far. I need to stay within budget, and it looks like I'm choosing between Hurd and Peachtree.

Sawyer - Homeowner - from 2010

Hurd Windows vs Renewal

I'm replacing 26 double casements on my home. I first went to RBA but the price was way out of my reach. I've gotten two other estimates, one contractor will put in Andersens and another Aluminum clad Hurds. Both are right around $30,000. I'm not sure which to go through. I've heard some bad stuff about Hurd, but I know this contractor and trust him, and he says he really likes them. Any input?

Curt - Homeowner - from 2009"

[Contractor Response]

The new Hurds are pretty good, some might say they're better than Andersens. In the 80s they changed the wood preservatives and for a few years there were some windows really prone to rot, but the newer ones don't have that problem. A few years ago Hurd hired Andersens head engineer out from under them and ever since they've been the better product.

Scott - Contractor in Kentucky - from 2009

Hurd vs. Jeld Wen

Jeld-Wen Pozzi. Hurds are decent but not as good as Pozzi. Hurd actually has a better warranty, but in 2008 they were bought by another company, who decided not to honor the warranty. A great warranty is meaningless if no one wants to honor it. That made a lot of contractors and dealers mad, and they stopped working with Hurd altogether. I'd go with the Pozzis.

Trevor - Industry Insider - from 2009

Consumer Complaints

I wouldn't put a Hurd on my house if it was free. They've been in so many windows lawsuits over the years because of cheap materials and poor construction. They aren't honoring older warranties, and no dealer wants to have to tell a customer that their warranty they paid for is worthless. The company isn't going to be around much longer anyway with all the lawsuits.

Steven - Contractor in Virginia - from 2009

Heat Mirror System

I put the Heat Mirror windows and doors into my Colorado log home 9 years ago. Before the first year was up, we were having failed seals. They replaced them under the warranty, but the sliding glass door replacement was showing a wrinkling film almost right away. thanks for your hurd windows reviews - great stuff for sure.

Now it's only been 9 years and almost all the windows need to be replaced. Seals are failing, they have dirt and dust between the panes, and they aren't honoring the warranty anymore. I'm going to have to replace them, and I'll be looking at something that won't fall apart in a few months.

Bob - Homeowner in Colorado - from 2009

Hurd & Weathershield

Both Hurd and Weathershield make a "premium" or top aluminum clad wood window, I'm not quite sure what Hurd calls theirs, but Weather Shield markets theirs as the Legacy Series. I would put the Weather Shield above the Legacy in terms of overall quality, but I'm not sure how they would compare price-wise - my notion is they would be similarly priced. In the early 2000s, these two companies kind of battled it out with Hurd claiming that their Heat Mirror glazing was going to drive the field out of business.

They also made some claims about the ultra energy efficiency of this glazing technique, although that hasn't panned out either. Then Hurd dropped the Heat Mirror system altogether and went with low-e (just like everyone else). Both of these companies make very nice looking wood windows, but I just don't think either one is necessarily a top tier company.

Weather Shield Windows Reviews

Roger - Contractor in Wisconsin - from 2006

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