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Peachtree Windows Reviews

Read 7 Peachtree windows reviews from both consumers and industry experts alike to make the best evaluation whether these are a good window for your home.

Peachtree Windows Reviews

Is Peachtree better than Hurd? I have 38 windows total. Marvins seemed like the best but the price was out of reach by far. I need to stay within budget, and it looks like I'm choosing between Hurd and Peachtree.

Sawyer - Homeowner - from 2010

Online Information

I like Peachtree, but we had trouble finding info. The windows is the same as Weathershield, and there is a lot more info online under that name. I don't know why they don't make it easier to find things out, no one buys without looking online first these days.

Harry - Wisconsin - from 2010

Complaint From A Builder

I'm a builder so I should know better, but when I built my own house I put in Peachtrees. It's only 7 years old and we have moisture between the panes, drafts and horizontal sliders that don't slide smoothly. We had to jump through hoops with repeated calls and emails with no response before the company finally decided to honor their replacement warranty. Use anything but Peachtree. I knew I'd have to replace them eventually, but only 7 years?

Dan - Builder - from 2009

Peachtree vs Andersen

Has anyone here used Peachtree aluminums? I had a quote from Andersen around $20k installed, Peachtree is cheaper but is it enough money saved to be worth the lower quality?

Donnie - Homeowner - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

It's hard to say without knowing how many windows you're talking and the Peachtree estimate. Figure out what material and style you need, look at features and different ratings, and narrow it down from there. Then make sure you're comparing similar windows.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2009

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Peachtree vs Pella Windows

I need 12 replacement windows, probably vinyl. I'm in upstate NY, cold winters, humid summers, 1700 sq foot ranch home. The Peachtrees don't look good at all, they look poorly made and cheap. Pellas seem better, but they were way too expensive. My house is only worth 200k, I won't do $20k windows.

Mitchell - Homeowner in New York - from 2008

Peachtree Windows Complaint

We built our house and it's only 6 months old. We had the Peachtree 300 series windows put in, and they've been nothing but trouble. We're already working on our 3rd set of replacement sashes. Some of them won't even lock because the fit is so bad. I'd pay the extra money and get Andersens instead.

Jan - Consumer - from 2004

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