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Explore Sierra Pacific window prices and costs on their windows and doors, including their 8500 repalcement window, 8000 series new construction window, H3 fusion, all wood and aluminum clad series.

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Sierra Pacific 8500 Windows Prices

The Sierra Pacific 8500 is the company's replacement vinyl window. Although not known for their vinyl windows, Sierra Pacific has gotten into the vinyl game. I don't know enough about this one to say much. I will be updating as I get more information.

Tim - Site Editor

Sierra Pacific 8500 Series Windows Cost

Thanks for all of the info. I have received multiple bids and would love your input. We have 15 windows to replace. One is a picture window - it is about 20 years old and a Traco window and has condensation between the glass. The others are double hung wood from the early 70s.

I want 4 of them replaced with the grids on the outside (simulated divided lite grill) for cosmetic reasons. These are the bids I have received:

Windows on Washington - Okna 800 series on the 4 sdl and 500 series on the rest -- $12,713

Sunbrite windows - Sierra Pacific 8500 series on the 4 with the sdl and Simonton 5500 on the rest - $10,517

Pella - 250 series - they don't have the sdl and their sills have no slope, so I'm really not considering these unless you give me a great reason - $15,042

Window Universe - Gentek Berkshire Elite - $10,299 - I'm not really sure about this company. They are the window dog people and they can't show me a sample of their sdl windows???

I think right now in the DC metro area (where I live) there is an abundance of business for replacement windows because the Marvin and the Vytex sellers never gave me an estimate. I visited both places and they said they had one (the Vytex was Window Nation, who had a huge advertising presence in this area, and he gave me a verbal estimate in the $14,000 range but never sent the email after multiple requests).

Thanks for any feedback you can give.

Maureen - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Maureen, the best value in the bunch is the Okna 800/500 series. It's not inexpensive, but based on the other bid prices, it seems to be a pretty reasonable quote. Windows on Washington is never cheap, but they are good.

It's $2.5K more than the Gentek Berkshire Elite, which I would say is an okay mid range window. The Okna 800/500 is just such a better window.

This is how I usually pitch it to people. If you are going to be in your home say 10 years or less, you can go with a window like the Gentek Berkshire Elite (an Alside Mezzo, made by the same company, identical window) and be just fine.

If you are looking for long term value and are staying in your home longer than 10 years, better to make the investment and not think about it for 25 another years.

In terms of consumer demand for home improvement work, it's really high right now. It's a tricky time to get a great deal because so many homeowners are trying to get their projects done.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

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