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Max Guard Window Prices

Max Guard Windows vs New South

Hi Tim,

We live in Palm Beach County, FL. Love your site and the feedback. We have had all kinds of people at our house. MaxGuard, WindowWorld, NewSouth, Gulfcoast, SIW, CitiQuiet and FHA.

MaxGuard was the highest for Vinyl Cat 5 at $49K
New South was $47K for Vinyl (Cat 5)
WindowWorld was $41K for Vinyl (Cat 5)
CitiQuiet was $38 for Aluminum (PGT)
SIW was $37 for Aluminum
FHA was “upper 30’s” for CWS Vinyl
- Still waiting on GulfCoast for a PGT Quote

All of the aluminum quotes are for a two-ply window membrane combo with Low-e. The Vinyl Quotes are for the Argon Triple Pane Windows.

We are inclined to do CWS as we get an enhanced warrantee and thermal window through BJs Club, but wanted to get your thoughts.

We have:

3 Sliders:
8’ x 9’ (three moveable panels)
8’ x 8’ (two moveable panels)
8’ x 6’ (two moveable panels)

20 Windows:
6 single hung windows that are 36” x 74”
2 block glass windows with a 36.5” x 13” opening each
4 single hung windows 36” x 54”
2 block glass windows 24” x 32”
3 picture windows 18” x 48”
1 block glass window 48” x 64”
1 arched window 60” x 48” (2 piece)
1 arched window 9’ w x 88” (2 piece with the bottom being 36” high)

Any recommendations to lower our costs? Any other installer or manufacturer we should consider?

Thanks for taking a look.


Glenn - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Glenn, I'm not familiar with all the Florida companies that you've listed. Max Guard does seem to get good reviews but $49K seems pretty excessive for your project given the other bids you have.

Citiquiet has always seemed to get quite good reviews and they are offering PGT, which is a very good quality manufacturer.

I don't know what company FHA is, but they are offering the CWS (at a competitive price), which you are indicating is what you would prefer to go with. I would certainly spend some time online investigating FHA's track record since installation of the windows is half the battle.

My gut tells me that one of the companies offering either PGT or CWS is the way to go -- there are obviously some big differences between aluminum and vinyl. I would tend to recommend an impact vinyl window for the coast from either one of these two manufacturers. Just make sure that the actual company doing the installation has a solid customer service and installation track record.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

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