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Citiquiet Windows Reviews And Prices

Read 7 Citiquiet windows reviews from homeowners and installers on their soundproof window costs and options. There are three main soundproof window companies in New York City; Citiquiet, Cityproof and Soundproof Windows. The positive for consumers is that all three seem to manufacture an effective soundproof window. Citiquiet is often the least expensive of the 3 options, although there are a fair number of consumers who have enough sound issues that price tends to be less important than effectiveness. One place where windows won't help is with through wall A/C and vents, although there are covers that you can buy that should reduce much of this noise at night.

While CitiQuiet tends to be less expensive, their windows may not be quite as effective as the two two companies. We would recommend that consumers get all three to come out and give their bids (feel free to mention this too, as this is a great way to insure that the price they quote you is as competitive as possible). This is one way to easily compare the quality of the products (you will get to actually touch and feel the products), as well as get a sense for their installation practices and who you feel most comfortable with.

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Citiquiet Window Prices

CitiQuiet And Florida Home Improvement Associates

Tim, Thanks so much for the input. Very helpful. One question I have with Vinyl. Knowing everything plastic gets beat up in the Florida sun, these newer vinyls will stand up to the heat for many years?

CitiQuiet also offers a Columbian company called ES Windows. According to the CitiQuiet rep, they are supposed to be excellent, but they take a while because of the importation. Any experience? ES Windows Reviews

Lastly, FHA is Florida Home Improvement Associates. The guy never measured. Never gave an actual quote and when I asked for one for comparison purposes, he said he didn’t have time if so wasn’t willing to commit on the spot. I also called CWS for input and got their Field Rep’s number and left a message. No response.

Is there a PGT model you would recommend in Impact glass?

Storm Tight came back today and gave me the estimate. $113,849.00. That price is good for 1 year. The rebates price for the day was $79,689. The explanation for the ridiculously high price was that the sliders were so expensive. A review of the Texas Storm Tight website revealed that they don’t even manufacture their own doors. They use ProVia of Texas.

Glenn - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Glenn, well made vinyl will hold up in the Florida sun. There is an argument to be made that aluminum will hold up better, but it's not very energy efficient -- so unfortunately you have to balance these two issues.

I've never heard of ES Windows so I can't say. I think I would be hesitant about using a foreign manufacturer unless I could compare the performance data to the PGT and CWS: U-factor, SHGC, Design Pressure, Air Infiltration, and Visible Transmittance.

I looked up FHA and their 46 reviews on yelp seemed to be pretty checkered (this is putting it nicely.) I think you have your answer on this one.

I would look to the PGT WinGuard 5500 series as a good quality impact window option.

$113K? That is a cautionary tale to other homeowners to get multiple bids.

All in all, it sounds like you are getting put through the ringer so far...see if you can get a bid on the PGT and let me know how that one ends up.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Max Guard Windows vs New South

Hi Tim,

We live in Palm Beach County, FL. Love your site and the feedback. We have had all kinds of people at our house. MaxGuard, WindowWorld, NewSouth, Gulfcoast, SIW, CitiQuiet and FHA.

MaxGuard was the highest for Vinyl Cat 5 at $49K
New South was $47K for Vinyl (Cat 5) - read all of out New South Windows Reviews here.
Window World was $41K for Vinyl (Cat 5)
CitiQuiet was $38 for Aluminum (PGT)
SIW was $37 for Aluminum
FHA was “upper 30’s” for CWS Vinyl
- Still waiting on GulfCoast for a PGT price quote.

All of the aluminum quotes are for a two-ply window membrane combo with Low-e. The Vinyl Quotes are for the Argon Triple Pane Windows.

We are inclined to do Custom Window Systems as we get an enhanced warrantee and thermal window through BJs Club, but wanted to get your thoughts.

We have:

3 Sliders:
8’ x 9’ (three moveable panels)
8’ x 8’ (two moveable panels)
8’ x 6’ (two moveable panels)

20 Windows:
6 single hung windows that are 36” x 74”
2 block glass windows with a 36.5” x 13” opening each
4 single hung windows 36” x 54”
2 block glass windows 24” x 32”
3 picture windows 18” x 48”
1 block glass window 48” x 64”
1 arched window 60” x 48” (2 piece)
1 arched window 9’ w x 88” (2 piece with the bottom being 36” high)

Any recommendations to lower our costs? Any other installer or manufacturer we should consider?

Thanks for taking a look.


Glenn - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

Glenn, I'm not familiar with all the Florida companies that you've listed. Max Guard does seem to get good reviews but $49K seems pretty excessive for your project given the other bids you have.

Citiquiet has always seemed to get quite good reviews and they are offering PGT, which is a very good quality manufacturer.

I don't know what company FHA is, but they are offering the CWS (at a competitive price), which you are indicating is what you would prefer to go with. I would certainly spend some time online investigating FHA's track record since installation of the windows is half the battle.

My gut tells me that one of the companies offering either PGT or CWS is the way to go -- there are obviously some big differences between aluminum and vinyl. I would tend to recommend an impact vinyl window for the coast from either one of these two manufacturers. Just make sure that the actual company doing the installation has a solid customer service and installation track record.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

Citiquiet vs Soundproof Windows

I recently installed a test window from Soundproof Windows, but it wasn't quite as effective as I was hoping for. The bid to do the entire house was roughly $10K, and Citiquiet's bid came in at roughly half of that. So my question is how good is CitiQuiet and what is there STC ratings on their windows. The CitiQuiet installer or person who gave me the bid said our walls were sturdy and didn't think that the issue was with them.

Michael - Homeowner - from 2014

[Contractor Response]

CitiQuiet offers a 3/8" thick glass that is comprised of two 3/16" panes with an insulation layer in between and is a pretty solid solution. The company claims that this window will reduce noise 95% over single pane aluminum windows and this is probably right, especially considering how bad the STC rating usually is on an old single pane window. They offer a variety of glass thickness, laminated or low-e, tints, and other options. They claim their 1/2" laminated window option will provide an STC 38. I really have no knowledge as to whether or not the company is good or not. I've read a few reviews (that all seemed to be decent), but I can't say whether they are the company to go with

Wayne - Contractor - from 2015

Citiquiet vs CitiProof Windows

I've gotten bids from both Citiquiet and Cityproof and really don't know who to go with. Citiquiet was about 25% less expensive, but I don't want to just go with the low cost provider.

Jason - Homeowner - from 2015

[Consumer Response]

I recently hired a sound guy to give me advise on what he thought and he said that CityProof was better than Citiquiet. However, they are also more expensive, so it's unclear to me whether it's worth the higher price. In all likelihood, I'll end up going with the CityProof windows, even at the higher price. Read additional soundproof window reviews.

Dinah - Homeowner - from 2015

Citiquiet Windows Cost vs Indow Inserts

I live in Brooklyn so I wasn't sure whether these were available to me. It turns out they have two resellers here in the area. We did have some direct contact with Indow in Portland and they were awesome.

We live in an old converted wherehouse and the single pane windows have some nice historic value, but they suck at keeping out the cold and noise. Storm windows seemed like a perfect option because we wanted to keep the basic look and feel. These windows are pretty funky because they are arched at the top and certainly not plumb, which was one of the reasons that the window prices so high. Indow suggested that we install a support beam across the middle and then install two smaller windows that would have a better seal for the odd shape.

The quotes from Citiquiet windows and Cityproof were very comparable ($9,700 and $9,900 installed) for our 3 very large window opening, each roughly 4' by 8'. The installed cost for Indow from our local installer was $3,000 and that included everything.

It took 8 weeks to order and ship across country and the installation had some definite hiccups that were the fault of the openings. Indow and our local installer handled everything really well and I was definitely impressed with the level of customer service they offered. We went with the standard inserts, but they have proved very effective at both noise reduction and keeping our old place much warmer. All in all, a great experience and I hope others can find out about this company.

Rachel - Homeowner - from 2014

Citiquiet Review

I'm on a very loud block in the East Village and need some sort of soundproofing option. The two companies that seem to always come up in Google searches are Citiproof and Citiquiet. I would like some real opinions on the quality of the windows they sell and what I can expect to pay. Thanks.

Dennis - Homeowner - from 2012

[Homeowner Reply]

I'm midway through the whole process so I can only tell you what I've found. I met with one of the owners of Citiquiet and he has been very helpful as far as offering solutions for my windows, which are oddly shaped and his general demeanor etc. He wasn't pushy and didn't try to shove anything down our throats, which I appreciated. There is a long lead time on the actual order though, two months, which seems very long to me, but maybe that's normal. I'll give a report on the rest of it when they actually get installed.

Dennis - Homeowner - from 2012

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