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Indow Windows Reviews

Read 6 Indow windows reviews from our editors, consumers and homeowners on their most popular storm window inserts. For additonal information on this company, see our page on Indow windows cost and get product reviews and breakdowns.

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Editor's Indow Window Review

Indow has certainly come up with a unique approach to storm inserts - read our storm window review page to compare brands and get opinions etc. The biggest issue with inserts has always been how they look visually in the home, assuming an interior install. While many of the top companies do offer custom sizing, there are all sorts of issues with how well the insert will actually fit (mainly because older homes may not have perfectly square openings due to the home settling and shifting over time). Indow says they've solved this issue by having the local company or rep laser measure each opening to account for any variation in the shape or sizing of the opening.

Indow Customer Service

From what we can find, the company offers great customer service (which, to be honest, most window companies are pretty bad at, they don't want to be bothered by actual consumers). The product seems to offer a nice alternative to replacement windows, especially for homeowners who live in older homes and want to keep the more historic look of the windows. We still aren't quite sure how homeowners can take the inserts off to open the actual window and get a breeze going in the hot months, but once we do we will be sure to update this page.

Indow Windows Prices

Indow window costs should run $20 to $35 per square foot for the insert itself and say $25 to $50 per window for the installation. They are a Portland, Oregan based company and they are expanding quickly into additional states, but there are still lots of areas that they don't service, which obviously doesn't help all consumers. We would suggest calling up the company and asking if they do service your area if you are interested in getting a cost quote.

Indow Window Warranty

The warranty lasts for 5 years and covers material and workmanship defects. This includes sun damage to the compression tubing and changes in light transmission to the acrylic glazing. A 5 year warranty isn't all that impressive, but the windows are made to be taken on and off so our notion is that by limiting the amount of times you are pulling the inserts in and out, they should last for a good 10 to 15 years.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2015

Have a question on window quotes, prices, or reviews? Send our site editor Dane your questions, and get personalized answers that can save you thousands of dollars on your project!

Indow Windows vs Simonton Daylight Max

Good morning, my wood-sided 'ranch' house was built in the 80's and I have black aluminum framed windows. Some of the glass panes have become 'foggy'. Also, some of the frames don't glide smoothly anymore. My husband wants to have the windows replaced with the Milgard Tuscany retrofit windows. Is it better to use the retrofit windows or do a complete replacement although they are much more expensive? (I don't like how wide the frames are with retrofit windows -at least on the houses I've seen that have been 'retrofitted'. Thank you for your assistance.

- Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

Lynne, this is certainly the trade off with retrofit windows, this loss of glass area. The full replacement windows can be expensive, especially depending on what material is on the outside of your home. A cheap option is to go with something like Indow windows, which are interior inserts, and are much cheaper than replacement windows. They aren't for everyone, but they are an option if you can find a dealer. Google "Indow windows in Texas" and see if anything comes up.

The other option if you want to keep the cost low and go retrofit is to find a more narrow frame. The downside here is the energy efficiency that the window will produce. A mid range product with a narrow frame is the Simonton Daylight Max and a high end vinyl window option is the Sunrise Restorations. The one nice option on the Sunrise is an interior laminate that looks very close to wood, but is actually a vinyl and doesn't require the same maintenance and care as wood.

Beyond this, I'm not quite sure what to tell you. Ultimately, you have to go with one or the other. I can't quite understand why the industry doesn't come up with a solution that makes it easier and cheaper to "swap" out windows, but they don't.

- Site Editor - from 2016

Blackout Window Suggestions

I REALLY need blinds between the glass sliding doors or french doors. I'm a day sleeper and external window coverings are destroyed within months. I don't want wood. I really need the blinds to be almost blackout. Ads are confusing and dealers tend not to know this type of product. Suggestions appreciated.

Sharon - Homeowner - from 2015

[Editor's Response]

What about Indow inserts -- I'm not sure if they would work, but they are a pretty cool option and you can call up the company and ask them if they would work and they actually pick up their phone and talk to homeowners -- amazing right? :) They have a blackout option and they are reasonably priced...

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Indow Window Review

I live in Brooklyn so I wasn't sure whether these were available to me. It turns out they have two resellers here in the area. We did have some direct contact with Indow in Portland, Oregon and they were awesome.

We live in an old converted wherehouse and the single pane windows have some nice historic value, but they suck at keeping out the cold and noise. Storm windows seemed like a perfect option because we wanted to keep the basic look and feel. These windows are pretty funky because they are arched at the top and certainly not plumb, which was one of the reasons that the costs were so high. Indow suggested that we install a support beam across the middle and then install two smaller windows that would have a better seal for the odd shape.

The quotes from Cityquiet windows and Cityproof were very comparable ($9,700 and $9,900 installed) for our 3 very large window opening, each roughly 4' by 8'. The installed cost from our local installer was $3,000 and that included everything.

It took 8 weeks to order and ship across country and the installation had some definite hiccups that were the fault of the openings. Indow and our local installer handled everything really well and I was definitely impressed with the level of customer service they offered. We went with the standard inserts, but they have proved very effective at both noise reduction and keeping our old place much warmer. All in all, a great experience and I hope others can find out about this company.

Rachel - Homeowner - from 2014

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Indow Inserts Reviews

I bought Indow Windows in 2010, just about the time they started selling their storms. We bought an old home that needed storm windows or replacements and we looked at Larson storms, but ended up going with the Indow inserts. They seemed like a very interesting concept and I was impressed with how well the company handled everything.

The installer who came out was very professional. He measured everything and put the bid together and it was more than the Larsen storms, but I felt like they were a better overall concept and visually they didn't make a big impact, which was key because we wanted to keep the look of the windows.

The installation was very easy, it took three hours do the whole house. Pretty much stopped drafts from coming in and also condensation into the house. The next year we purchased more, which was nice because we could do it piecemeal and didn't have to do it in one fell swoop.

Daniel - Homeowner - from 2012

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