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Larson get a 4.1 out of 5 stars based on 9 Larson Windows reviews below.

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Larson Gold Storm Windows

I finished replacing 25 storm window in a bungalow style home with the Larson Gold series storm windows. They cost more than their other storms, but I felt they were worth it. The frames are much stronger and the bottom locks so it's hard to get them open from the outside (probably not an issue, but worth noting). The install was not that complicated, probably a local handyman would do just fine. The bungalow used to leak air like a sieve and the place was always draft. The storm window keep out the rain, wind and cold very well and they seem to work well with lowering noise, which is an unintended but very helpful bonus. I can't really speak to energy savings, but it certainly won't hurt!

Frank - Homeowner - from 2012

Noise Windows

My house has their original double hungs and they to go. We live on a noisy street with a freeway pretty close so noise control is a must. I'm reading about how important air gaps and laminated glass are for noise attentuation. However, we're doing windows in the nursery but putting in laminate glass and storms over it has got to be a fire hazard and an egress issue. We received a bid from a local company and he suggested a sash replacement using a lo-e-6 window from Weathershield. He thought the frame was a good shape. So my question in is this a good idea and if so is Weathershield a solid choice.

Brian - Homeowner - from 2010

[Contractor Response

I really can't comment on the code requirements in terms of the nursery etc, but I think you're best best financially speaking would be to do the sash replacements, but I wouldn't use Weathershield. I would do the tilt pac from Marvin, which is one of the best sash replacement options out there in my opinion. Then do a storm window that will create the large gap you need for noise attentuation

The storms also add to the R value and will lower the air infiltration numbers. Larson makes a very good storm window that is quite reasonable in terms of price. At the end of the da, this combination should outperform the option your contractor suggested. On a somewhat related issue, Larsen recently rolled out storm doors that have laminated glass. These would certainly help dampen sound and are excellent for increased security.

Andy - Installer - from 2010

Customer Satisfaction

I used the Larson gold storms on our front and I'm very happy with them. I'm planning on doing the rest of the house in the spring. They aren't insulating as far as I can tell, but do a great job keeping window and moisture out. The other thing is they are nice looking, unlike a lot of the storm windows I saw. The ones we bought were 38" by 60" I believe and went for $120 per storm.

Gerry - Homeowner - from 2009

Marvin, Larson And ProVia

I received a quote for $10,200 on 6 standard sized Marvin Ultimate double hungs, which I believe is their best window. The quote is also for two fiberglass door and two storm doors. I'm trying to figure out if this is reasonable or not, it does include the cost of painting and is a full frame replacement.

Don - Homeowner - from 2011

[Contractor Response]

That certainly doesn't sound out of line, especially since it includes two doors, which can be very expensive. You may want to get a bid from Larsen and ProVia, both of whom make very good entry and storm doors. They should be less expensive than the Marvin, but equal quality for the most part.

Melvin - Contractor - from 2011

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Larson Interior Storms

We starting looking at windows and so far have received several bids. The Alside Sheffield price is $410 per window installed, the Sunrise is $650 per window installed and the Soft-Lite prices are $700 per window installed. We might try to get a few of the Sunrise or the Soft-Lite and just see how they work and then go from there (although the companies don't seem to like this). I just don't see how the windows can be 100s of dollars more for what looks like the same thing. We are also considering doing Larson interior storms that run around $100 per window.

Bennie - Homeowner - from 2012

[Contractor Response]

I hear this sort of thing all the time, that these vinyl windows look the same so they must work basically the same. The Alside Sheffield is a poorly made window, from design to the glazing to the components. This might mean you have to replace them in 10 years. The Sunrise option and Soft-Lite (granted I don't know what models you are looking at) windows are well made and designed and you might have to replace them after 20 years. If we are looking only at economics of it all, the Sunrise and Soft-Lite is actually a better buy. Plus it's a pain to have your windows redone. Do it right the first time and get the long term value. Just my two cents.

Holland - Contractor - from 2012

Storms Or Sash Kit

I have an old house but the sills and frames are actually still in decent shape, which I would like to keep for the historic look and feel. The wood is quite nice so I'm thinking I have one of two choices; a sash replacement kit or complete full frame replacements and I just don't know what the best option is. I'd love some advice on brands and window series that you recommend.

Daryll - Homeowner - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

Not all sash kits are made equally, Marvin makes quite a nice one, but it won't be cheap. There is a third option that you could also consider, which is an interior storm window. I like Larson aluminum storms, a good middle of the road option. Definitely hire someone who has experience with storm windows because there are some things that have to be done correctly. ProVia also makes good storms.

Jonathon - Contractor - from 2009

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