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Indow Windows Prices

Indow Windows prices range from $20 to $35 per square foot for the window itself. Indow manufactures interior window inserts, also called storm windows. The price point on the Indow inserts tends to be more expensive than other storm window manufactures such as Larsen or ProVia, but the product itself offers a more versatile and flexible solution to these more traditional storm inserts.

The Portland, Oregon based company is quite new to the market, having launched in 2010. So far, Indow windows reviews have been quite positive, although it will take some more reviews to get a more comprehensive view of the company and their products.

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Indow Window Inserts

Indow window inserts are custom sized to fit each opening and are made from compression tubing that is pressed into the existing frame to create a tight seal. The glass area is acrylic glazing, which has some bend to it, but is virtually undetectable once installed. The compression tubing is available in three color options (black, brown and soft white) and Indow offers 7 product grades to choose from - all of the window insert options are visually identical.

Indow Windows Cost

Indow windows prices start at $20 per square foot, not including the dealer cost to ship, measure and install the inserts. As an example, an opening that measures 36" by 48" (which is decent sized opening) will run $240 for the standard insert itself and then whatever the dealer charges for the shipping, measuring and installation. (We don't have enough consumer information to provide a reasonable price estimate for consumers.) The other product inserts, such as the Acoustic and Blackout grades will be more expensive.

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Indow Acoustic Inserts

The Indow Acoustic insert uses a slightly thicker panel and will reduce exterior noise to a greater extent than the Standard insert. According to Indow, the Acoustic model will achieve a 70% noise reduction (18.9 dBA), and would be the option for consumers who need to reduce the exterior noise, without having to go with an expensive soundcontrol window replacement.

Privacy Grade Cost: $25 psf

Indow Shade Inserts

The Indow Shade model blocks out heat and increases the overall energy efficiency of the windows. The Shade grade blocks out over half of the heat and is ideal for hot and sunny locations.

Shade Grade Cost: $25 psf

Indow Blackout Inserts

The Blackout grade inserts are ideal for consumers who want to blackout the light and block out the noise. These are ideal for daytime sleepers because they really do block out all of the light trying to enter through the window.

Blackout Grade Cost: $30 psf

Indow Privacy Inserts

These Privacy windows use a translucent white acrylic to provide homeowners privacy in a room. They are ideal for bathrooms because they allow in light but no prying eyes.

Privacy Grade Cost: $30 psf

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Museum Inserts

The Indow Museum Insert filters 98% of UV rays and is ideal for protecting valuable art, carpet, furniture etc from the deleterious sunlight that can cause valuables to fade over time.

Museum Grade Cost: $35 psf

Commercial Inserts

Indow Commercial inserts have an extra coating over the acrylic that protects vs. scratching and other abrasions. These are the strongest of the Indow product line.

Commercial Grade Cost: $35 psf

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