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Soundproof Windows Reviews

Read 5 soundproof windows reviews from homeowners, installers and contractors on top brands, models, techniques and methods used for soundproofing home windows.

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Soundproof Window Options

I am looking for a window that will block as much outside noise as possible. Any recommendations? I live near the ocean so perhaps the vinyl window is the best option?

William - Homeowner - from 2016

[Site Editor's Response]

William, I would go with a vinyl window for sure since you are so close to the ocean. Take a look at these two pages, which list some good options for both soundproof and impact or hurricane windows. While these windows are built a bit different, they share some of the same characteristics.

It sounds like you are trying to soundproof your windows for the ocean noise, instead of urban noise, which is the most common reason that consumers go with this option. I would say that a good dual pane vinyl window with a glass offset between the panes (one pane is 5/8", the other "3/8" for instance) should be adequate for your purposes.

I say get a few bids from some local companies that carry the brands listed in the pages below and really take some time to get their opinions on what the best option is…they might suggest a tempered glass as a way to get added strength in case of storms and the soundproofing qualities you are looking for.

Sound Window Costs

Best Hurricane Windows

Dane - Site Editor - from 2016

Indow Window Review

I live in Brooklyn so I wasn't sure whether these were available to me. It turns out they have two resellers here in the area. We did have some direct contact with Indow in Oregon and they were awesome.

We live in an old converted wherehouse and the single pane windows have some nice historic value, but they suck at keeping out the cold and noise. Storm windows seemed like a perfect option because we wanted to keep the basic look and feel. These windows are pretty funky because they are arched at the top and certainly not plumb, which was one of the reasons that the costs were so high. Indow suggested that we install a support beam across the middle and then install two smaller windows that would have a better seal for the odd shape.

The quotes from Cityquiet and Cityproof were very comparable ($9,700 and $9,900 installed) for our 3 very large window opening, each roughly 4' by 8'. The installed cost from our local installer was $3,000 and that included everything.

It took 8 weeks to order and ship across country and the installation had some definite hiccups that were the fault of the openings. Indow and their local installers handled everything really well and I was definitely impressed with the level of customer service they offered. We went with the standard inserts, but they have proved very effective at both noise reduction and keeping our old place much warmer. All in all, a great experience and I hope others can find out about this company.

Rachel - Homeowner - from 2014

Milgard Soundproof Windows

The Quiet Line is a specialty soundproofing window made by Milgard that is considered the best soundproof window in the business (and the most expensive!). The price is much higher than their other windows, but they are specially designed to eliminate noise pollution. With an STC rating of 46, it is similar in noise reduction quality to glass used in recording studios, which are usually around 50-55 STC. The frame is thick and bulky to support the thicker glass. It's too expensive for a lot of homeowners, but if you have noise problems and can afford them, they can really make a difference. Other soundproof windows to consider include the Simonton 9800 series with laminated glass.

Cityproof Soundproof Windows

I just couldn't take the noise any more and started calling around. I called Citiquiet, who came out and gave us a bid. Then I had Cityproof and liked them a lot, they did a thorough measure of the three windows I wanted to soundproof and gave them the estimate. It was expensive, $2700 for the windows, which were all around 36" wide by 70" tall.

The options they give are nice to have, but also a little confusing. I wasn't sure if he was upselling me or giving me some viable upgrades (I guess both maybe). The biggest one is the glass - standard was 3/8", then there was 1/2" which add $100 to each window and they also had a laminated option that added I believe $150 to the standard glass cost. I went with the 1/2" only because the noise is soooo bad in my apartment. This was what he recommended based on the noise during the day - I work out of my place so I felt like an extra $300 for less noise was worth it.

The lead time on the order was five weeks, which seemed like quite a long time but I have come to learn from talking with other New Yorkers that this isn't excessive. Two guys came in and installed the soundproof windows in a day and the difference is pretty stunning. They are sturdy and work great. They don't match perfectly with the color of my existing frames, but it's not noticeable until I point it out to people. Overall, I'd say it's worth it.

Donna - Consumer - from 2012

Soundproof Window Review

I have a large opening with three 70" by 30" windows. That wall faces a busy road and I wanted something that would cut down on noise. Loewen gave me a quote for $3000 to fill the opening with two casements, tranquility glazing, and it has an STC of 40. On their website they have another much cheaper one that looks similar but has an STC of 33. Is it worth paying more for 7 points difference?

Michael - Homeowner - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

Spend the extra money. The difference between 33 and 40 is a lot more than you'd think. It will definitely be worth the money in the long run.

Wayne - Contractor from 2009

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