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Best Soundproof Windows

Explore the best soundproof windows, including product details, costs and bids, as well as homeowner questions and answers.

A Word On Selection Choosing soundproofing windows isn't always the most straight forward of processes. They can be very expensive and sometimes the best option is simply to buy a top tier vinyl window (which can go quite a ways toward attenuating exterior noises.)

Having said that, there are a handful of excellent replacement window series that span the price spectrum. We have listed our picks for best soundproof windows from least expensive to most expensive. Enjoy the read and be sure to shoot me an email with any questions you may have.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated In January, 2024

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Indow Acoustic Windows

Indow window inserts are custom sized to fit each opening and are made from compression tubing that is pressed into the existing frame to create a tight seal. The glass area is acrylic glazing, which has some bend to it, but is virtually indetectable once installed. The compression tubing is available in three color options. The Indow Acoustic insert reduces exterior noise by 75% over a standard single pane window. These inserts are by far the least expensive option, but there are some downsides that consumers should explore before purchasing.

» Indow Windows Prices

Amsco Serenity Series

The Serenity gets the best reviews out of all Amsco windows, which to be honest don't get very good reviews. However, contractors seem to like this "low end" option for soundproofing your windows from Amsco and for the price we can see why. A box style spacer, double seal, and insulated glazing improve the performance. It has a unique design that doesn't include the more typical PVB interlayer. It doesn't have a durometer seal, and the glazing bead isn't as sturdy as some contractors would like. Sound control windows can be quite costly (just look at the Milgard window option below), and this is a good lower budget option that is as much as $1000 cheaper than some of its competitors.

» Amsco Serenity Costs

Harvey Acoustic Series

The Harvey Acoustic window will deliver an STC window rating of 44 for the double hung and picture windows, while the casement will deliver an STC window rating of 40. Both of these are pretty solid numbers, not the top-of-the-heap in terms of soundproofing or noise attentuation, but definitely a good option to consider if you are looking for reasonable sound control option at a fair price.

Similar to the other Harvey models, their soundproof window includes several nice features that includes a tilt in sash on the single and double hungs, a block and tackle balance, and several exterior frame color options. The Harvey Acoustic model, with low-e glass, argon fills and grids, should deliver a .26 U-factor, .42 VT, .25 SHGC and a 3.85 R-value.

» Harvey Acoustic Cost

Milgard Quiet Line Series

Milgard Quiet Line costs are much higher than their other sound attentuation windows, but they are specially designed to eliminate noise. With an STC rating of 46 to 49, the window is similar in noise reduction quality to glass used in recording studios, which are usually around 50 - 55 STC. The frame is thick and bulky to support the thicker glass. This is a pricey option, but there are many installers and contractors that rate this as the top soundproofing option out there (impressive...).

» Milgard Quiet Line Price

Homeowner Questions And Answers Forum

Below, you will find homeowner questions and answers to many issues related to soundproofing windows/options. Enjoy the read and let us know if you have any questions we can help out with.

Dane - Site Editor

Soundproof Windows Cost

Dane, here are a few more estimates for all: 3 single hung, 6 sliding, 1 special (small hexagonal). Prices inclusive of labor, permits are additional.

Vendor #1
Simonton Daylight Max with E3 Glass, 2 tempered windows, 4 windows with sound insulation $13640
Milgard Trinsic SuncoatMAX, 2 tempered, 4 with sound insulation $14938

Vendor #2
Milgard Trinsic, SuncoatMAX, 2 tempered, 4 with sound insulation $15,829

Vendor #3
Anlin Del Mar E includes sound insulation for all windows, 1 tempered window, Infinite-E glass $14,798

Vendor #4
Simonton Daylight Max + 1 tempered window (will get a rev. quote with the 2nd tempered window), 4 windows with sound insulation $13,137

My impression after these visits, preference for vendors #2 and #4, both family owned window companies near us with excellent reviews. Have recommendations from others who have used them as well. If the Milgard quote is substantially less, will try to get vendor #2 to lower their bid.

Thank you so much!

( Milgard Windows Reviews )

Leta - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Leta, I prefer the Anlin Del Mar E over the Trinsic and the Daylight Max myself. I just think it's the better window of the three. But of course the installation company plays a big role as well. I think the cost difference between all of these bids is more or less negligible -- I'd go with the best combo of window and installation company.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

Best Soundproof Windows List


Barbara - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

Barbara, my picks for sound control windows and doors include the Milgard Quiet Line, Amsco Serenity, CitiQuiet and Cityproof are certainly worth a look but their availability is limited. Indow Soundproof Inserts are also an option.

You might want to have a home assessment test done as well to see whether your walls are well insulated etc. No window in the world will help the noise if your insulation is poor.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

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