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FHA vs. CitiQuiet and Storm Tight

Tim, Thanks so much for the input. Very helpful. One question I have with Vinyl. Knowing everything plastic gets beat up in the Florida sun, these newer vinyls will stand up to the heat for many years?

CitiQuiet also offers a Columbian company called ES Windows. According to the CitiQuiet rep, they are supposed to be excellent, but they take a while because of the importation. Any experience?

Lastly, FHA is Florida Home Improvement Associates. The guy never measured. Never gave an actual quote and when I asked for one for comparison purposes, he said he didn’t have time if so wasn’t willing to commit on the spot. I also called CWS for input and got their Field Rep’s number and left a message. No response.

Is there a PGT model you would recommend in Impact glass?

Storm Tight came back today and gave me the estimate. $113,849.00. That price is good for 1 year. The rebates price for the day was $79,689. The explanation for the ridiculously high price was that the sliders were so expensive. A review of the Texas Storm Tight website revealed that they don’t even manufacture their own doors. They use ProVia of Texas.

Glenn - Homeowner - from 2018

[Site Editor's Answer]

Glenn, well made vinyl will hold up in the Florida sun. There is an argument to be made that aluminum will hold up better, but it's not very energy efficient -- so unfortunately you have to balance these two issues.

I've never heard of ES Windows so I can't say. I think I would be hesitant about using a foreign manufacturer unless I could compare the performance data to the PGT and CWS: U-factor, SHGC, Design Pressure, Air Infiltration, and Visible Transmittance.

I looked up FHA and their 46 reviews on yelp seemed to be pretty checkered (this is putting it nicely.) I think you have your answer on this one.

I would look to the PGT WinGuard 5500 series as a good quality impact window option.

$113K? That is a cautionary tale to other homeowners to get multiple bids.

All in all, it sounds like you are getting put through the ringer so far...see if you can get a bid on the PGT and let me know how that one ends up.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

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