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Cityproof Window Review

I just couldn't take the noise any more and started calling around. I called Citiquiet, who came out and gave us a bid. Then I had Cityproof and liked them a lot, they did a thorough measure of the three windows I wanted to soundproof and gave them the estimate. It was expensive, $2700 for the windows, which were all around 36" wide by 70" tall.

The options they give are nice to have, but also a little confusing. I wasn't sure if he was upselling me or giving me some viable upgrades (I guess both maybe). The biggest one is the glass - standard was 3/8", then there was 1/2" which add $100 to each window and they also had a laminated glass option that added I believe $150 to the standard glass cost. I went with the 1/2" only because the noise is soooo bad in my apartment. This was what he recommended based on the noise during the day - I work out of my place so I felt like an extra $300 for less noise was worth it.

The lead time on the order was five weeks, which seemed like quite a long time but I have come to learn from talking with other New Yorkers that this isn't excessive. Two guys came in and installed the soundproof windows in a day and the difference is pretty stunning. They are sturdy and work great. They don't match perfectly with the color of my existing frames, but it's not noticeable until I point it out to people. Overall, I'd say it's worth it.

Donna - Consumer - from 2012

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