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Ameristar Window Reviews

Explore Ameristar windows reviews from homeowners and past consumers who have used their vinyl windows. Ameristar Windows is a Riverside, California based company that manufactures their own vinyl windows.

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Ameristar Windows vs Anlin

I have heard a lot of issues with Milgard, but you guys rate it pretty high for the west coast. I live in Temecula, CA. I need 12 windows replaced (using Vinyl retrofit) and am taking my time shopping around.

So far I have received a quote from Sears for $15,000.

Marvin windows didn’t even come out cause I thought $15k was way too much and he would match that for Marvin, the rep definitely gave me a ton of info for future but did offer a vinyl that wasn’t Marvin but used the same glass, he did not like vinyl and told me plenty of times. Anyway he offered $500-$600 a window using the Marvin glass, argon gas and all the goodies just with the vinyl instead of the fiberglass.

Then I had a third contractor come out and offer $7,100 for Anlin Catalina windows with a slider and will install a wall mount dog door too. Great guy, but from your website you said Catalina is the low end of Anlin, the rep was saying Catalina was the top of the line. So I am a little confused. I went to the Anlin website, they didn’t really rate their windows, but had styles for certain areas/looks. Maybe Catalina is top of the line for my area? That price included the argon gas, e-coatings and easy wash coating. Just wondering your thoughts and the difference of opinion on top of the line vs. entry level.

Oh I am also having a company come out that install Ameristar Windows, not Amerimax didn’t see anything on your site, they are out of San Bernardino/Riverside area. Wondering if you heard anything about them.

Kirk - Homeowner - from 2017

[Site Editor's Answer]

Kirk, I just looked on the site and you're right I did put down entry level, then I checked the Anlin site and it looks like the Catalina is their top of the line. They structure their series a bit different. I will amend the page to better reflect how the company designs and markets their window series. I originally spoke with a contractor who was my Anlin go-to so maybe his verbiage was off or he was just being lazy :) probably the latter.

I haven't heard of Ameristar so I can't vouch for them -- it looks like they have their own factory so its tough to say how good or bad their windows are.

That $7.1K is a good price for the 12 windows, although I would definitely work to see how much lower you can get the Anlin rep to go. That may be one place where the Ameristar quote can come in handy if it's lower than the Anlin. Tell the Anlin rep you have a quote at $6000 etc and that if there is a way he can come close to that price you are ready to sign with him. If he says its his best price, then say you will have to take a few days to think about it, that he's a little out of your budget...he'll probably come down...

- Site Editor - from 2017

[Kirk's Response]

Thank you, I wound up going with Ameristar, they have been around since 1999. The rep quoted me $9,400, I told him about Anlin price of $7,100, he matched it sliding glass door and all. He had nothing bad to say about Anlin and the Catalina windows, he said his windows are very similar, the metal inside the vinyl frame for strength like all higher end vinyl windows, the e coating, the lifetime warranty and he uses the same raw materials Anlin and Anderson do for their windows.

My sister and her husband went with these guys (Ameristar) a couple years ago, and never had issues with their product. My dad was there during the install and said they did a good job. The big plus was Ameristar windows have a smaller boarder/frame so we get more glass when compared to Anlin (though that was the rep's words) we are replacing some small windows so this was a big deal for us.

Thanks for your feedback, I'm probably too trusting of people and could have haggled him down lower, but having to do financing until next tax return season, instead of cash I didn't have many chips on the table. If you're interested in the company, I can keep you posted on installation with photos and what not.

Kirk - Homeowner - from 2017

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