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Miter Brands is the parent company of MI or Metal Industries. (It's the same sort of deal to how META is the parent company of Facebook, although Facebook was the original company.) MI began in 1947 in Florida. In 2004, MI switched its name to MI Windows And Doors. Then, in 2019, they acquired Milgard and the next year they acquired Sunrise Windows. Finally, in 2022, MITER brands was created as the corporate owner of these window and door brands. Scroll down to read our Miter windows reviews.

MITER brands is a relatively big player in the window and door industry, although not nearly as big as PGT Innovations or Cornerstone Building BrandsCornerstone Building Brands Certainly, their acquisition of Milgard and Sunrise will not be their last.

Overall Rating: Miter Brands gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 2 consumer reviews below.

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Below you will find Miter Windows reviews on the various brands that the company owns. These are going to run the gamut, from compliments to window complaints - so do keep that in mind. More on MITER brands.

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