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Lake Washington Windows And Doors is a Renton, Washington (Washington State) based replacement window and door installer. The company enjoys a good reputation amongst many of the top review sites and has been in business since 2008.

Are Lake Washington Windows Any Good? LWWAD carries some nice brands, including Andersen, ProVia, Milgard, and Windor. Unfortunately they only sell the Provia door and not their windows. (Check out our ProVia doors reviews here.) All in all, some very good brands, but I do wonder what they offer as their primary vinyl window. The Milgard Trinsic? While certainly not a bad window, the Trinsic is not what I consider a top tier series. ProVia Endure windows, on the other hand, are very very good.

Lake Washington Windows And Doors get a 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 1 review below.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Updated In October, 2023

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Lake Washington Windows And Doors Reviews

Dane, I plan to fill out your window quotes form tomorrow; just getting off work tonight. The window company that also sells Provia is called Lake Washington Windows and Doors. They show Anderson, Milgard, Provia, and other brands, including some that are only doors. They are a large company, have been around for quite a long time, most people seem happy with them, and they tend to be a bit higher in price than some other companies. I went to them because they had a showroom - many of the smaller installers do not, and they suggest you go to a showroom to see the lifesize windows and doors. I don't count this against a smaller company and actually thank them for suggesting this. It costs quite a bit of money to have a showroom.

What I can't figure out is Lake Washington Windows and Doors never mentioned any other window company other than Milgard, and really pushed the Tuscany as the best choice. You seem to like ProVia Windows, but they don't have these.

The second company I visited that had a showroom is Emerald City Energy. They carry Milgard, Simonton Daylite Max, Coeur D'Alene, Anderson, and some other companies for doors, window walls, etc. They are also a larger company, have been around for a while, and most people seem happy with them. Coeur D'Alene Windows Reviews

I am waiting on a quote from Washington Energy Services. Again, a bigger company, no showroom. He is quoting for Milgard products, although the same rep came to my friend's house in early summer and only quoted her for Andersen fiberglass windows. No mention of Milgard.

I also contacted Einer Johanson Window and Door. He is a smaller operator, and installs Milgard, Simonton, and Marvin. He hasn't been out yet. One of my friends got a quote from him in early summer. He was the most expensive, and quoted for Simonton only. I suggested to her to contact him and have him quote for Milgard, too, as many of her other quotes were for Milgard Tuscany or Trinsic.

Also contacted Washington Glass and Service and Stansel Glass. Both are smaller companies. Another one of my friends used Stansel Glass last summer and the summer before (replacing all of her windows, half one year, half the next year). They only use Milgard.

Thanks again, Dane, I will do the form either later tonight or tomorrow. Need to do laundry and get dinner going.

Jerry - Homeowner - from 2023

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