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Vistamark Windows Reviews

Read 5 Vistamark Windows Reviews from consumers and industry experts alike. Vistamark is a small window manufacturing company in Waxahachie, TX. They were founded in 2014. They sell a vinyl window called the Endura. Beyond this, I know very little of the company in terms of quality or craftsmanship.

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Vistamark Composite Vinyl Window Prices

Price shown on photo is for 20 composite vinyl Vistamark windows, 2 of them are privacy and a couple were tempered. After viewing your website, the quote seems high. My zip code is 78154. $26K or $21K if I pay in cash.

Elizabeth - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Elizabeth, I think paying $1000 for any Vistamark window is crazy. I also love the nearly $5,000 price difference for cash...I never know how companies get away with this on their books, but I digress. I'd keep looking and here are my Texas recommendations: [List Redacted -- contact us directly (Dane or Tim) for our Texas window recommendations.]

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Vistamark Windows Cost Bid

I have met with five different companies and this is what I've got. They all seemed to have different window counts so I've included them here.

Quote 1: Vistamark Windows: 30 windows, $15,350

Quote 1: Earthwise Windows: 28 windows, $17,580

Quote 1: NT Twinsulator Windows: 23 windows, $19,895

Quote 2: NT Traditions: 27 windows, $20,050

Jean - Homeowner - from 2020

Vistamark Single Hung Double Pane Windows

Hi Dane. We are in the process of replacing 30+ year old single pane aluminum windows in our house in the Clear Lake area of Houston. Being new to Houston, we want to make the right decision regarding our window choice.

We first wanted high energy efficiency which led us to look at vinyl but we want the window to be able to withstand this heat. We get the morning and early afternoon sun directly on the back of our home which is pretty much all windows. 2 of them will be large picture windows and have to be tempered glass as they are within 18 inches of the floor. Is vinyl going to be able to hold up to these conditions?

We have approximately 30 windows and have 2 quotes on two different types of windows:

Vistamark single hung/double pane White vinyl windows from-$16,300 (366 cardinal glass/LoE glass filled with Argon gas/All sashes with aluminum reinforcement/surpass Windstorm test/Lifetime warranty)

NT Twinsulator Single hung/double pane Aluminum Windows-$19,000 (any color/lifetime warranty)

We would love to do black (No grids) with the red brick but would not even consider anything other than white for vinyl due to the fact that if you ever had to paint it, the warranty would be void.

Any advice you can give on type of window (aluminum vs vinyl) as well as going with a color in the aluminum version would be most helpful. This is such a task. We were shown a map that we are just outside the “windstorm” zone but close enough that it would be a good idea. I definitely agree with that but it appears either of these windows will fit that bill. HELP!!!! What would you do?!?!

Lou Ann - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Lou Ann, I have to say that I don't know enough about Vistamark to really endorse them. I have been getting quite a few questions about them lately. Basically, they have been in business since 2014, which isn't enough time to say whether their windows hold up over time. If I had a project, I would be reticent to go with an unproven company when there are others out there that have a much longer track record.

The NT Twinsulator is good thermally broken aluminum window. I would probably take the Don Young 8200 series over the Twinsulator, but they are both nice products.

For Houston, I prefer aluminum over vinyl. They won't meet Energy Star guidelines or meet code requirements for most municipalities, but they do provide excellent heat resistance, longevity, and a narrow frame.

The two series I mentioned above are two of my favorite aluminum windows. I would be very careful about a black aluminum window in all that heat. Aluminum is very strong, but check with the companies on whether they even offer or warranty those darker colors.

The other option you may want to look at is a Sunrise vinyl window. They make a very nice vinyl window and the Restorations comes in a nice narrow frame.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2020

VistaMark Endurance Series

Hi Tim, in one of your responses is said you felt the NT window was the better option over a Milgard window. The same company that recommended NT has offered another option. It's the VistaMark Endurance Series, Sun Shield high-performance vinyl with Cool Pane 3. For the same number of windows the quote is $9,455.77. The NT quote was $10,7000. Both are sandstone color. Do you have a preference between these two?

Nancy - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Nancy, I don't know much about Vistamark except that they are a new company. The rule of thumb in the window industry is that newer companies will have some quality issues compared with companies that have been around longer. If this were my call, I would either due my due diligence digging into the quality of Vistamark or take the safer route and go with the NT Presidential series. Probably the latter of the two.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

Vista Mark Windows vs. Zen Nirvana

Hi! Not sure if you have a few minutes but I would appreciate some input. So I received another quote this time for Sunrise and Vista Mark windows. So comparing Sunrise to Zen, which one would you recommend or lean towards? The Sunrise dealer also recommended Vista Mark windows since both Sunrise and Vista Mark utilize Cardinal glass.

The quote for 6 Vista Mark windows is $5000, 6 Sunrise windows would be $6,200, and finally, 6 Zen windows would come in at around $4,300. I find that the more quotes I get, the more information load is happening at this point. Apparently, everyone has the better window :). Thanks!

Agnes - Homeowner - from 2020

[Site Editor's Answer]

Agnes, I've been hearing more about Vistamark windows lately, but I know they've only been manufacturing for 6 years. Without knowing more about them, I can't endorse them. Often, it takes a decade or so to really dial in the manufacturing process.

The Sunrise is the better window over the Zen Nirvana (Soft-Lite Classic). However, I'm not sure it's worth $2K. In fact, I think I'd go with the Zen Nirvana for $4300...if the Zen branch had good online reviews.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2020

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