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Explore Gentek Window prices and costs on many of their most popular replacement windows and sliding doors.

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Gentek Berkshire Elite Cost

I love your website. It has been very insightful to look at your reviews. I am in the process of replacing 12 windows on a 2001 built house. I've gotten three quotes so far. Hoping to get your feedback.

They are as follows:

Gentek Berkshire elite - $13,029

Alside revelation elite triple pane (similar to Ultramax) - $11,499

Zen nirvana - $12,310

Window world for their 5000 slim line series. $8615

Window sizes:
Dining room - DS 72x60
bedroom one - DS 48x48
Bedroom two - DS 60x48
Kitchen - DH 24x60
Kitchen - DH 36x60 (x3)
Family room - DS 60x60
Master bedroom - DS 72x60
Master bedroom - DH 30x60 (x2)
Master bath -DH 24x48 (located in a separate room but within 6 foot of the shower)

Shelli - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Shelli, for me I would put the Zen nirvana quote in front, followed by the Alside revelation elite triple pane quote. The Berkshire Elite is overpriced and the 5000 slimline is not a quality window in my opinion...unless you are staying in your home for say 7 years or less and then I might actually consider the WW quote.

I know you have 4 bids, but I will throw two more options out for your consideration.

Anlin has a presence in Colorado and makes a very good window in the Del Mar or Catalina models.

Amerimax is Colorado based and their mid range and premium series are quite good.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

Gentek Signature Elite Costs

Tim, I need 30 replacement windows and have a single quote. It's the Gentek Signature Elite series. The quote was $450, totally installed.

I live in Houston.

Bobby - Homeowner - from 2020

Gentek Signature Elite Price Quote

I'm replacing 6 windows and I've got a quote for 6 gentek signature elite windows (57x44,57x44,69x44,57x44,45x44,45x44). The price quote was $5730.00. was that over priced for windows and installed.

William - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

William, that would be at the very top of what I think you should pay for a mid range vinyl replacement window. If I were you, I'd get a few more bids to see what other brands and prices are out there. Check out our top replacement windows page under the mid range options and see if there are any companies in your area who carry the brands or models we recommend.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Gentek Signature Elite vs. Wincore 7700

Hi there. I'm replacing 12 original Anderson windows and am down to the Wincore 7700, Atrium 8700, and the Gentek Signature Elite. The bids are all really close to one another -- within $500 of each other. So what would your recommendation be? Thanks!

Nora - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Nora, my picks would be in order from best to least desirable: Wincore 7700, Gentek Signature Elite and Atrium 8700. Of course, the company doing the work and standing behind their work would be a big consideration as well. Good luck!

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

Gentek Signature Elite Price

I need to replace 28 windows and have four bids so far. I was hoping you would help me decide which of these bids offers the best value.

Soft Lite Imperial LS Model: $16240

Harvey Classics Model: $13440

Simonton 5500 Reflections Model: $13100

Gentek Signature Elite 3000 Model: $9600

Wayne - Homeowner - from 2019

[Site Editor's Answer]

Wayne, the prices you've received are very fair for all four. I think you need to decide how much you feel comfortable spending.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2019

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