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Burris Windows Prices

Explore 2024 Burris Windows prices on their TectView Ex, TectView CA, and TectView AC windows.

Company Information: Burris is headquartered in Carrollton, TX and makes vinyl window series that use quality parts, including Cardinal glass, a Tru Seal Spacer, and veka extrusions. I'd say Burris is a solid second-tier vinyl window maker and a decent option in Texas if you live in an area that lacks many of the higher end brands.

Burris Windows Reviews

Dane - Site Editor - Updated In 2024

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Burris vs Window World

I've gotten bids from Window World and someone for Burris. The Burris are single hung and Window World double hung, a total of 18 windows. Double Hung vs Single Hung

Window World 12,700

Burris 11,500

Which is the better window for Dallas TX?


Suzanne - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Suzanne, it really depends on the series that you received a bid on. If were are talking the WW 4000, their mid range series and the Burris Tectview AC series, I would give the nod to Burris as a general rule of thumb. For me it would come down to what the reviews were on the particular WW branch and the Burris installation company. This, for me, is where the rubber hits the road.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Burris Windows Prices

Hi Dane. So far I have 2 quotes for 16 single hungs (14 rectangle and 2 sliding) in the DFW area.

WOW windows with MI 1620. $17K MI Windows Cost

Burris with cardinal 366 glass $9.2K.

The Tectview AC has a slightly larger frame but both companies have similar warranty and both have good reviews locally. Glass and windows have similar energy ratings. The MI glass is slightly better but has a significant green tint.

Any thoughts on the Burris Windows prices or other brands I should get quoted?

Thank you!

Dennis - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Dennis, that is a HUGE price discrepancy. Honestly, I would rather have Burris over the MI 1620, so that's good news. You might to ask about a Burris glass upgrade, but make sure to mention that the green tint bugs you. Sunrise, Anlin and NT are the other options in your area. I would rate all three above Burris to be honest. Might be worth another bid or two just to compare prices. Your Burris quote is very good though. Sunrise Windows Cost

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

Burris Windows Prices Tectview AC

Hello, background on the project: 1997 built home (Irving (Dallas area), Texas) with 29 original aluminum double pane, with grids. They have draughts in the cold winter nights and lots of condensation occurs when it freezes outside as well.

Here's what I have so far:

American Window System EnergyCore

Window World 4000 Series

Tectview AC

Pella 250 Series

Window Universe Revere Berkshire Elite

Simonton 6200

Window Source Series 6000 (More Window Source reviews)
As you can see the quotes are all over the place. I really want to go with a Black/Bronze exterior and white interior (obviously with cost in mind). My question to you is, which one do you recommend?

Is the lowest U-factor and SHGC the best? What are your thoughts on metal/metallic spacers?


Vivak - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Answers]

I think the Tectview AC in black for $23K might be your best bet. I like the NT Traditions better, but not for an extra $7K. I would say if the company who reps the Burris has good to great reviews, then this is the option I would go with personally.

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Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

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