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Mister Window Reviews And Prices

Mister Window Reviews

Mister Window is a Palmetto Florida based company that specializes in impact windows and door installation. The company was started back in 1977 and today has three locations, including Palmetto, St. Petersburg and Tampa. Check out all of our Mister Window reviews below.

The company installs a number of quality window and door brands, including Origin, PGT, Viwinco Windows, Weather Shield and WinDoor.

Overall Rating: Mister Window gets a 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 2 consumer reviews below.

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Mister Window Windows

Mister Window sells and installs some very good window brands, which includes WinDoor, Origin, Weather Shield, PGT, and Viwinco. PGT specializes in both vinyl and aluminum impact windows and patio doors, while WinDoor is solely aluminum. Weather Shield is more known for wood clad window and door series, while Viwinco is a pretty traditional vinyl manufacturer. Click on the links for more in depth information on each of these manufacturers.

"Mister Window offers some very good brands to choose from and their warranty is strong when compared to many installation companies in the area."

Mister Window Warranty

The company offers a lifetime warranty on every installation, but the manufacturers' terms are going to depend on the brand you buy. And because they sell so many brands, I would advise reading up on the window warranty that is specific to the product you are purchasing. In terms of the labor portion of the warranty, these are the two claims that Mister Window makes. One, that they will assist with any customer service needs after the installation. Two, that any pieces or parts (under the manufacturer's warranty) that are installed are covered free of charge.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: April 13, 2024

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Softlite Barcelona vs CWS Windpact

Dane, here are the 3 quotes I’m considering. The casement (4) and single hung (1) windows are all 36x49, the sliders (2) are all one light 68x49, and the door (1) is 32x80.

1. Mister Window - Viwinco Oceanview impact. $15,500 for the black frames ($13,860 for white). 4 casement, 1 single hung, 2 sliding windows, 1 Plastpro door (dimensions are all below). The price reflected on the quote is for white windows, but I’m leaning towards black windows with white interiors if I can swing it financially.

2. Zager Windows - CWS Winpact 8000, $16,458 total: $2238 for each slider, $2211 for each casement, and $2894 for a door. This quote is for white so it will undoubtedly go up several thousand for white, plus it is missing a single hung window.

3. A1 Windows And Doors - Softlite Barcelona Impact Level C. $18,456 for the black frames, $15,596.90. This is for all 8 openings. The A1 quote for Softlite Barcelona includes a bathroom window that will not be in the final scope of work. These are the Impact Level C windows. I’m in Pinellas County, Florida, which is coastal, but my home is in the middle of the county, nowhere near the water. The salesman advised that because of that, Impact Level D would be overkill, not to mention exorbitantly expensive.

I’d love your thoughts. Thank you.

Tanya - Homeowner - from 2024

[Site Editor's Answer]

Tanya, I like the general price consistency, it tells me these price quotes are probably close to the fair market price. I like all of the brands as well - Viwinco, CWS, and Soft-Lite are all quality options. The price spreads on each one is about what I would expect as well - Soft-Lite is the best, CWS, then ViWinco. Not to say that ViWinco is poor quality at all.

So how to choose? Well, I think the time you plan to stay in the home is important. If it's your forever home then the soft-Lite makes sense. If it's 8 to 10 years, I'd go with the ViWinco. What concerns me is that I did a search for A1 Windows And Doors reviews, and I didn't love the aggregated reviews on A1. This would give me pause unless I got a great feeling from them and they assured me that their best install team was on the job - satisfaction guaranteed!

The other two companies get great reviews, especially Mister Window, so I would have no hesitancy there...

Dane - Site Editor - from 2024

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