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Rehau 700 Series vs. Brennan Traditions

Also have and estimate from a company called Energy Windows Solutions for Rehau 700 series, triple pane for 14500.

How would you rate the rehau 700 series vs NT presidential vs Brennan Traditions?

Roderick - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Roderick, I know Rehau is a German company that made vinyl extrusions for windows. This is the first I'm hearing of residential applications inside the U.S. I know they make good products, but unfortunately I can't tell you how they stack up to the NT or Brennan options. If you could get the air infiltration and U-value on the Rehau 700 triple pane double hung, that would tell me quite a bit. I'm inclined to say the window is probably pretty damn good, but that's only based on what I know of their extrusions.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

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