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Brennan Windows Reviews

Read Brennan Windows reviews on their Signature, Traditions, and SolarBear series from this Texas based window manufacturer.

Dane - Site Editor - Updated in January, 2024

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Brennan Traditions Price List

Dane, I'm looking at several bids from contractors in the DFW Area to replace 28 Windows in my single story home. One company who gave me the lowest bid is a 5 star company in Dallas. Statwide Energy Solutions that has their windows made by someone in North Texas but won't say who. Just they have Texas Energy Pro with 366 glass low E and Texas Energy Maxx with 340 low E. Windows come with a lifetime Warranty. But can't find out any info other than what the company talks about and no info on the Web.

I got bids from Clarity Windows and Expo Design in Dallas both handle Anlin Delmar Windows. One gave me a bid for 36k and the other 34k. same exact windows low E 366 glass. Both company's have 5 Stars.

Then Brennan and Lanham Windows both handle NT windows. Brennan has the Brennan Traditions made by NT. Lanham has the Presidential made by NT. Difference in price is $26k vs $23k.

Heard Anlin are very good but out of California while NT is local. Anlin has double lifetime warranty while NT a limited Lifetime. I read NT is a smaller company while Anlin is a larger company but Anlin just got purchased by PGT in Florida, is that good or not? That then becomes a larger company and prices may go up.

So, between Anlin vs NT which is the better window in DFW Texas where its hot. With or without grids is a big issue. I have grids now on my aluminum windows. Or at these prices just go with a leader like Marvin Windows or Anderson. I also had Pella out and wow 68k for my 28 windows


Fred - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Fred, I would say Anlin and NT are both solid operations. No changes that I can see to Anlin with their acquisition. I think I would put the Del Mar slightly over the Presidential and Traditions. I would probably go with whichever operation has the better reviews/ratings/reputation and better pricing. I think those windows are close enough to switch your stance.

No I wouldn’t go with Andersen or Pella or Marvin…unless you really want fiberglass, then Marvin would be the call…

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Brennan Windows

Thank you for your reply! I received an estimate from Brennan which says their windows are comparable or the same as the NT. Do you know if this is true? Also, do you know how the SolarBear compare?

Estimates below are for 18 windows.

Brennan Signature: $13,520

Brennan Traditions: $14,590

Brennan SolarBear: $11,570

Roderick - Homeowner - from 2021

[Site Editor's Answer]

Roderick, I don’t actually know about their windows. However, they get pretty amazing reviews from a lot of people. I definitely like that. I think I would have to trust them with that many great reviews. It looks like they sell NT new construction windows. I would probably stretch and go with their Signature windows if it were me.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2021

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