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Explore Statewide Energy Solutions Reviews from consumers and industry insiders on this Texas window company.

Dane - Site Editor - Page Last Updated: March 29, 2023

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Statewide Energy Solutions vs. Sunrise

Gentlemen, I used your site and got several quotes from the contractors that contacted me. I like the two noted below but would like your opinion. Which window is better, etc.?

I got a quote previously on the Sunrise Restoration series (not through your site), loved the window but not the price that was quoted. I like the reviews you gave on the restoration and like it a lot.

I can’t seem to locate any info for the Texas Energy Maxx, Texas Energy Pro SH window other than what the contractor provided.

Quote 1 – American Replacement Window

Sunrise 2100a w/Omega 12 w/Cardinal Low E3 366 glass, Double Hung – white with no grilles
11 double hung, 1 – 2 light slider to replacing 2 bedroom windows
U Factor - .28 SHGC - .21

I asked what the difference was between the Restoration and 2100a and the salesman said he called his Sunrise rep and said he was told the locks are the only difference in the two. Is that true?
Cost for 12 = $6998.00

Quote 2 – Statewide Energy Solutions

Texas Energy Maxx, Texas Energy Pro SH Windows – white with no grilles
(11) Single hung to include screens, night latches, and tilt into clean feature. (1) Three lite slider to include screens.
U Factor - .29 SHGC - .18
Nice looking window, appeared to be well built.
Cost for 12 = $6770.00 w/30% off Angie's list promotion applied if I sign up.

I would like to make a choice early this week and value your opinion. Thank you for your Statewide Energy Solutions reviews!

David - Homeowner - from 2018

[Website Editor Reply]

David, the Sunrise Restorations series uses the same frame as the standard Sunrise, but with these differences: a reinforced meeting rail and vertical sash, foam filled chambers, tilt sash mechanism, and a high transparency screen. Yes, it is a nicer window, but the standard Sunrise is a very good unit in and of itself. You can add any of these upgrades to the Sunrise for a per unit cost. ( Sunrise Windows Reviews )

I took a look at the Statewide Energy Solutions website and was impressed with the list of features and components on the Texas Energy Maxx window. However, since I've never heard of them, I certainly can't recommend them. If it were me, I would spend some time going over their online reviews. It looks like they have a number of them and they appear to be decent enough.

It sounds like you have two viable options but I would personally go with tried and true in the Sunrise option -- unless I did enough research to convince myself that the Texas Energy Maxx was the better window and Statewide Energy Solutions was going to do the better install.

Tim - Site Editor - from 2018

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