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Marvin vs Pella vs Andersen

Marvin vs Pella vs Andersen

How do Marvin vs Pella vs Andersen stack up against each other? Let's take a closer look. These are the big three in the replacement window industry, although I would say Renewal By Andersen is deserving of a spot in here as well. That’s always a bit of an issue with this particular search term because it’s always unclear whether someone is talking about Renewal By Anderson or about Anderson Windows And Doors.

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Marvin vs Pella vs Andersen

Company Information

Marvin is a much less known brand than either Anderson or Pella, although the company retains quite a good reputation for its fiberglass windows by most industry insiders. Like Anderson and Pella, Marvin windows has a nationwide presence mostly through window dealers. I’m actually not sure how many employees the company has But it’s quite a bit smaller than either of the other two companies.

Pella is the second largest window company in the United States and employees some 10,000 employees. The company is headquartered in Pella, Iowa, and enjoy quite a good reputation as a high end with Clyde window manufacturer.

Anderson is the largest of all window companies or brands in the United States. The company is based in Minnesota and employs some 12,000 individuals and its offices, admin, and manufacturing plants. In terms of its overall reputation in the industry, Anderson enjoys quite a good reputation and deservedly so.

Renewal by Andersen is a franchise of the Anderson corporation, therefore, it’s owned by Anderson itself, however, each of the branches is individually owned by an individual. The way this works is that each branch gives part of its profit to Andersen Windows and they buy exclusively the Anderson renewal window and all materials and upgrades from the company. This is a pretty standard structure for most franchises.

What They Sell

Marvin sells the elevate, essentials Collection, as well as their infinity and integrity series through local window companies across the nation. Marvin, unlike these other two companies, does not sell direct to retail through these big box stores.

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Pella sells it’s vinyl windows through many of the big box stores, like Lowe’s, as well as through local window companies. Their impervious, fiberglass window is sold through their dealer net work, as is the case with their wood cloud, windows, such as the designer and architect series.

Anderson windows&doors sell a handful of well respected series. They’re 100 composite is a bit of an outlier and that it is sold through the big box stores as well as through certain distributors and contractors. The 200 and 400, as well as the E series in a series are sold almost exclusively through local window dealers Located across all 50 states.

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Renewal by Andersen sells a single, composite fiber racks window, unlike these other three companies, renewal is solely a direct consumer company that sells its single window to homeowners in the city or area where the specific branch is located.

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How They Market

Marvin differs from Pella and Andersen in that they only sell their windows&doors through an exclusive dealer network (local companies in many cities and towns across the states that sell Marvin windows to their customers).

Pella sells through dealers, as well as contractors and local builders. However, they also sell their windows through Lowes, which has hundreds of stores across the United States.

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Anderson markets their windows in different ways. Their 100 composite series is sold specifically through.

Renewal By Andersen is unique from these three in that they are what's known as a direct-to-consumer company. They sell directly to consumers by sending out mailers and flyers advertising their windows and special installation and window cost cuts as incentives. They do a brisk business in this way (supported by the well known and well respected name Anderson) and its one of the reasons they can charge what they do. However, it is also the reason for the many Renewal By Andersen complaints out there.

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Cost Comparison

In terms of cost, all three of these companies are at the very top of the price spectrum. Let’s talk about Marvin first. Marvin windows cost are relatively equal to what Pelle sells the impervious series for. However, the Marvin elevate and essential collections are superior windows to the impervious. So if you’re looking for a fiberglass window, that is expensive, but worth it, I would focus on the Marvin Line of windows over the Pella series

Pella windows cost are equally expensive in terms of their high-end wood, clad windows, specifically the designer and architect series. Their fiberglass window, the Pella impervious, is one of the more expensive fiberglass windows as well. In terms of their final windows, the 150, 250, and 350 bingo windows are in the upper mid range vinyl window cost range.

Anderson windows prices and doors are some of the most expensive wood clad windows available. They also sell the 100 composite series, which is priced more in the mid range, composite windows cost price spectrum. They’re E-series and they’re a series or super high-end wood cloud windows that are some of the most expensive on the market.

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Marvin vs Pella vs Andersen

Hey, I was curious to get your thoughts on how Pella, Anderson and Marvin compare for wood clad windows? I have a bid from Pella on their Architect series and on the Anderson 400 series. The prices are very similar. I’m wondering if I should get a bid on the Marvin ultimate in order to make a better decision and possibly get a cheaper quote. Thanks in advance and I love the site.

Fred - Homeowner - from 2023

[Site Editor's Answer]

Fred, I think that makes sense that the Pella Architect and the Anderson 400 would be roughly similar in price. I would assume that the Marvin Ultimate would be close in price as well. However, price quotes always surprise me. I always advise consumers to get as many bids as they can stomach in order to perhaps find a bid that is reasonable on a quality window from a quality company.

And you never know if you’re going to get one that is fantastic until you collect multiple quotes. I think the Marvin Ultimate is very similar quality to the Anderson 400 and the Pella Architect they’re all great windows and they’re all pretty pricey. I think what I would do is find the company that’s doing the install that has the best online reviews and ratings and go with that. This is going to be the difference maker over which of these three great wood windows you opt for.

Dane - Site Editor - from 2023

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