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Polybau Windows Reviews

Read 2 Polybau windows reviews from industry insiders and homeowners.

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Polybau vs Atrium

Atrium makes good windows, but there are others that are just as good and a lot cheaper. Polybau and LBL make good windows which are a lot cheaper than Atrium. You're paying a premium price for a well-known name.

David - Installer - from 2008

Polybau vs Anlin

Polybau and Anlin both make really good windows. I think they're way better than Simonton or anything sold at HD (Home Depot). They offer a slightly larger extrusion and a better spacer too. Their air leakage is way better than Simontons.

They are both good windows. I like Anlins a lot, they really are a good window. They can be pricey, but if you're smart you can get a good deal. Salespeople are always talking special offers and phony discounts, but if you find an installer with some good references you can usually get a reasonable price. Make sure to get quotes from several people before signing with anyone.

Barry - Industry Insider - from 2006

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