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Replacement Windows Sales Pitch And Tactics

Explore replacement windows sales pitches, tactics and scams from our site editors.

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Promotional Pricing

Promotional pricing is a pretty old sales technique. Essentially, a company throws out a bid for your project. Then they say the bid price is a promotional price and is only good for a few days. Once the promotion is up, the price increases a certain percentage, usually pretty significantly.

So most quality companies don't use this tactic. They don't have to because they have lots of business that is built on a reputation for quality work and product. There are cases where a promotional price might actually be legit, but in 98% of cases, this is just a cheesy sales tactics that is meant to scare you into signing a work order.

Bottom Line: If a company uses this tactic on me as a consumer, I would move on to another bid/company. The only caveat would be if the price quote was lower than my other bids. Then I would have to check the quality of the product and, if it passed muster, then, I would consider the bid as a viable option.

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