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Read 3 Northstar windows reviews to find out what homeowners and contractors think of their products and models. Discover pricing and cost on most models and series.

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Northstar Windows vs. Pella 250 Series

Hi Dane, I came across your site as we are looking to replace our old rotting wood windows. I can't believe the current prices! I have received two quotes (casement windows, 2 sliding doors) I have a few more lined up.

Northstar - $47k
Pella 250 series - $65K
Paradigm - TBD
Sunrise -TBD

Any other companies I should check out, we are located in Michigan. We were hoping to stay in the $40k range, but plan to stay here for some time so want to make sure we are getting decent windows.

Thank you!

Kristy - Homeowner - from 2022

[Website Editor Reply]

Kristy, I would rank them Sunrise, Paradigm, then Pella. I don't know Northstar enough to make a fair assessment. Wait until you get the other two bids in and then send them my way. Yes, prices are out of control in my opinion...

Here is my list of good and great windows in case you wanted to expand your bids.

Dane - Website Editor - from 2022

Northstar vs Sunrise

For replacement windows, is NorthStar or Sunrise Restorations a better option? The prices are pretty close, but the NorthStar is a full frame replacement, down to studs, and the Sunrise is just an insert. Also, the NorthStar has a spiral mechanism and the Sunrise is block and tackle.

Tia - Homeowner - from 2009

[Contractor Response]

Sunrise makes good windows, and you'll never regret anything from them. NorthStar isn't terrible, but they don't have great ratings. Their best offering with triple pane and Krypton gas is only rated 0.21, which isn't that good. For the same money you can probably find something in the high or low teens.

Wayne - Contractor - from 2009

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