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Republic Windows Reviews

Read Republic windows reviews from this now defunct vinyl window manufacturer. While we don't have an reviews to speak of, we will try to explain the rather dramatic events surrounding the closure of Republic Windows.

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Republic Windows and Doors

Republic Windows and Doors was an Illinois based vinyl window manufacturer that started back in 1965 and ended up declaring bankruptcy at the end of 2008. There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the closing of their plant due to several pieces of large machinery that were removed a couple of months before the plant closed. A number of union plant workers surmised that this development meant the company was closing the plant, a notion that the management and owners denied.

A month later, executives at Republic told workers that they were indeed shutting down the factory. Not only that, when the employees went to pick up their final paycheck, they learned that they wouldn't be compensated for their accrued vacation and sick days. The worker's union then sued the company for these lost wages.

The plot further thickened when public records revealed that the owners of Republic Windows And Doors purchased another window company, Echo Windows and Doors (out of Iowa), very shortly before Republic Windows went into bankruptcy. The union workers began a sit down strike, which was successful and allowed them to recover their lost wages, health benefits, etc.

Two months after the closure of Republic Windows, the assets were purchased by Serious Windows, which was a Sunnyvale, California company that would focus on manufacturing environmentally friendly windows and building materials.

In the fall of 2009, just 7 months after Republic closed its factory doors, prosecutors charged Republic Window CEO Richard Gillman with a number of charges, including theft of plant machinery. In late 2013, Gillman was sentenced to 4 years in prison for his role in the stealing large amounts of factory equipment and taking it to their new company Echo Windows and Doors.

Echo Windows and Doors ended up declaring bankruptcy a few years after opening its doors.

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